Put-in-Bay Garden Club News July 2014

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Garden Club News- The Put in Bay Garden Club’s second program of the season was held at the Yacht Club on June 17th when Susan Hildebrandt presented a slide show and lecture on “Low Maintenance Gardening” to a group of more than thirty enthusiastic gardeners. Pictures of the event and the gardening handout can be viewed [...]

Put-in-Bay News Stories July 2014

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Put-in-Bay News Stories for July of 2014- Put-in-Bay News Stories include Fireworks over harbor July 4th at dusk! There will be fireworks at Put-in-Bay on Friday, July 4th at dusk. There is great viewing from pretty much everywhere around the Bay. There may be delays with traffic going past the Monument during the fireworks due to a [...]

Put-in-Bay Docks

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Put-in-Bay Docks project running behind schedule. but it will get done! Despite delays caused by the long, cold winter and the logistics and undertaking of a construction project on a small island; Put-in-Bay Mayor Ruth Scarpelli the new Put-in-Bay Docks in the village’s downtown municipal marina will be open by Memorial Day Weekend. “We’re going to [...]

Put-in-Bay Basketball Wins

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When it comes to the rivalry between Ohio and Michigan sports teams, Put-in-Bay is not to be left out. In early December, Put-in-Bay’s co-ed Panther Basketball team headed to an island in northern Lake Michigan to play the Beaver Island Community School’s Islanders basketball team. Beaver Island has an enrollment of 69 students, a few less [...]

Put-in-Bay Softball

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It was a beautiful, bright and sunshiny June 11th day perfect for a Put-in-Bay Softball game at Kelly's Island.. Be it by happenstance, dumb luck, or just good old good timing, the 20-something “Mostly Annual Put-in-Bay Softball Trip to Kelleys Island” landed on the 46th anniversary of Scotty Jackson being born. One hundred and eighty-two people [...]

Put-in-Bay News July 2013

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Put-in-Bay News Reports the Put-in-Bay Restaurants Goat vs. Fishbowl Soup & Wine Contest On Wednesday, July 10th at 8 p.m., you will have the opportunity to choose which island restaurant, The Goat Soup, and Whiskey or The Fishbowl, has the best soup. For $12 you will be able to sample ten different soups and six wines [...]

Battle of Lake Erie Celebration

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The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is upon us. Most islanders are aware of the history of the Battle of Lake Erie and the famous Commodore who commanded his soldier/sailors who, for the first time in history, defeated a British fleet. Not surprisingly, many people have no idea what the Battle of Lake Erie fought out [...]

Village Council Notes March 2013

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Village Council Notes-The Put-in-Bay Village Council met twice in February, first for an informal workshop and two weeks later for its official monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 20th. Former Put-in-Bay mayor Judy Berry resigned her seat on Council in early February. Jake Market was appointed to fill her seat until next fall’s election. Jake’s grandfather, Bill [...]

Put-in-Bay Residents Serve In War

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Islanders Serve In War-It is no secret the Lake Erie Islands have a rich and vibrant past. The folks who settled the islands were in every sense pioneers cutting out small communities upon the rocky shores. Some of these individuals played important roles and we have many to thank for what the Lake Erie islands have [...]

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