Sara and Audrey’s new mother/daughter inspirational book released last month-Sara Booker and her daughter, Audrey Sheehan, collaborated on a new book, QUOTES about Boats, Lakes, Seas & Shore, which was released last month. Sara grew up on Put-in-
Bay, and she has a summer cottage by Oak Point, with her husband, Trey, daughters, Audrey and Josie, and son, Griffin.Picture of Put-in-Bay Book

The photographs in the book were taken throughout Audrey’s high school years and a semester at sea. The images range from the East to West coast and several from Europe. Of course, being from this area and growing up sailing on Lake Erie, there are also many photos from the Bass Islands! The idea for the book came several years ago when Sara started creating digital books from events and vacations and giving them as family gifts for the holidays and then hearing the feedback about how creatively they were done from family, but also from friends who would view them while visiting.

The digital books were an outlet and opportunity to express creative writing and merge the writing with photographs. Audrey has such a great eye and Sara wanted to share her images other than on social media. This project took about eight months from start to finish! Sara has always loved quotes, songs, phrases, poems and expressions about the water and started saving favorites years ago in a file (and now it’s so easy with a smartphone). This book is a great combination of all the above. From Mother Theresa to Billy Joel and all types of authors and entertainers in between. She also has a few little quotes of her own included as well as some of her photography from Hawaii and Ireland.

Being an artist and working with color and design, the creative aspect in designing this book was like therapy to Sara. She’s always been a highly creative person but never had any formal art training. Sara says her artistic style would be a “simplistic folk art design.” Over the past 25 years, her work has been sold on T-shirt designs, prints and painted wood at Put-in-Bay. The store, Local Color, will have the book for sale this season on the island, in addition to an “Island Series” of quotes on printed canvas, Sara designed this winter.

This book was put together because Sara had never seen a book like this before. People love small inspirational books. This book will truly target people of all ages. Sara included Bobby Darrin and Jack Johnson song lyrics, quotes from Shakespeare, Martin Luther King Jr., Jacque Cousteau, Gilda Radner, and Sponge Bob… She thinks that covers a few generations. Both of her teenage daughters, Audrey and Josie had a lot of input. Sara and Audrey’s new mother/daughter inspirational book released last month

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