It was a beautiful, bright and sunshiny June 11th day perfect for a Put-in-Bay Softball game at Kelly’s Island.. Be it by happenstance,
dumb luck, or just good old good timing, the 20-something “Mostly Annual Put-in-Bay Softball Trip to Kelleys Island” landed on the 46th anniversary of Scotty Jackson being born. One hundred and eighty-two people boarded the Put-in-Bay Ferry heading over to Kelleys Island. The boat was set to leave at 4:45 p.m., but thanks to the normally-punctual Put-in-Bay Ferry crew who know islanders better than they know themselves, room for miscalculation by the hordes of stragglers and Put-in-Bay Softball players running on island time was factored in. The boat full of islanders left the dock at a respectable 4:53 p.m., arriving sometime between then and 6 p.m.

Agendas were planned, changed, and forgotten by many, but the most important itinerary was executed by the magnificent Goat staff
and company. The heart of their agenda focused on celebrating their fearless leader, Scotty’s, 46th annual carouse of being put on Earth. Reportedly, the agenda never strayed from the task. Poor planning left some scavengers to drink all of the birthday boy’s beer on the boat, thankfully sharing is caring and more beer was to flow like water later. Although one would think the birthday boy’s right-hand man, someone who was surrounded by beer all day at work would have planned better, but that wasn’t the case.

The Casino was the first stop for many. Sitting on the shady and sunny patio, sipping on Corona Lights was a good look. The Village Pump was next for World famous homemade Brandy Alexanders and fresh Lake Erie Walleye and Perch for dinner. The kind hosts of The Pump put up with vociferous celebrations in honor of the birthday boy. Although on island time, and the only thing that was truly important to be on time for was getting on and off the ferry, some people had to learn the hard way not to wander off and be left behind. Doing so may result in a lonely drunken stupor and that is when tartar sauce could be mistaken for a pudding shot. Fortunately, that mistake was easily fixable by washing it down with a Brandy Alexander.

The next stop for many was Bag the Moon, which was originally scheduled to be closed on this very prime day. Thanks go to genius bartenders like Scott of Bag The Moon who made the executive decision to open up for business. All that was lost was a day off. Strawberry shots were divvied out and once again some people had to learn the hard way not to wander off, because if a strawberry shot was missed, another round must be ordered, a delicious lesson. However, sometimes the new round of strawberries turns into a game of 151 rum roulette, which, depending on personal taste and agenda, could end up being a win-win. Reportedly being asked to smell the strawberry shot results in a nostril full of whipped cream.

A special thanks to the Put-in-Bay Ferry Crew and to all the industry workers on Kelleys. Reports suggest no one has missed the boat, which was scheduled to leave at 9:45 p.m., but left nearly ten minutes late, patiently waiting for all the Brecky’s to mosey on down to their ticket home. Nine freeloaders boarded the boat, leaving with 193 people, the more the merrier. Some ended the night gazing at the stars. No one ended the night gazing off the side of the boat into the dark water feeding the fish, another win.

Allegedly the original purpose of the trip was for Put-in-Bay softball games, and reportedly, there actually were multiple softball games being won and lost. Congratulations and condolences to all teams, The Brew Crew, Roundhouse, Boardwalk, and Kelleys. Good game!? Some say it’s not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game. It’s safe to say, we win.