Put-in-Bay Ice Fishing

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Here’s proof there was ice around the islands this winter in January. This photo was taken on Friday, January 20th. It shows ice in Put-in-Bay’s harbor. Just four days later, the ice was gone, completely blown out by stiff winds and the help of 50-degree temperatures Ice Fishing Report- With forecasts of un-winter-like temperatures [...]

News January 2019

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Put-in-Bay News January 2019 Jer-Bear & Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament News January 2019 -  For those who love Put-in-Bay Fishing for walleye, mark the first weekend in February down for the Jer-Bear & Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament. Register at Topsey Turvey’s on Friday evening February 1st, and fish on the ice (thickness permitting) and enjoy the [...]

Fishing Season Tragedy

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2014 spring Put-in-Bay fishing season marred by accident- Four people fishing reportedly from a small bass boat near Green and Rattlesnake Islands on Wednesday, April 16th, were reported missing shortly after midnight the next day when they failed to return to the launch ramp at Turtle Point Marina at Locust Point on the mainland west of [...]

Ice Fishing Best In Years

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Ice Fishing Best In Years In spite of the frigid temperatures, ice fishermen here at Put-in-Bay were having the most extraordinary Put-in-Bay ice fishing in years. The ice has remained solid; no freeze and thaw or ice in and out like in recent years. Once it came in, it stayed, and the fish were definitely hungry. [...]

Island News February 2013

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With the proliferation of the Internet, Island News and social media, there is no wonder Put-in-Bay is becoming better known, but when we saw our little island as one of 2013’s top travel destinations along with the likes of Sri Lanka, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro, we were pleasantly surprised. Check out this Youtube video from [...]

Island Diary January 2013

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Island Diary-Tues., Jan. 1st - Happy New Year! Put-in-Bay’s seniors enjoyed a free pork and sauerkraut dinner at Tipper’s. Island Diary-Wed., Jan. 2nd - There’s an ever-so-thin cover of ice on the bay. As the water moves so does the ice. Island Diary -Thurs., Jan. 3rd - There’s a lot of floating ice all around the [...]

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