Top Ten Ohio Guided Tours

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Ohio offers some really great guided tours that appeal to all ages! Informative, delicious, educational, fact-filled & historical, there are guided tours that will captivate your interest and are a great way to spend a day with family and friends. From the northernmost Put-in-Bay to our Southernmost guided tours in Cincinnati, here are our top ten! Harry London [...]

Aquatic Center

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PUT-IN-BAY- Aquatic Center Open For Summer Tourists Summer tourists at Put-in-Bay can swing out to the west side of town to drop a line in Lake Erie, and get a close-up view of Lake Erie’s fishes and interactive exhibits at The Ohio State University’s Aquatic Center. Located a mile west of downtown Put-in-Bay, the Aquatic Visitors [...]

Put in Bay Police Blotter

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With the cold of the winter months, we had time to peruse the police records and the following are just a few of the items found on the Put in Bay Police blotter here on the island last June. The Put in Bay Police blotter is public record and available for anyone to see. There are [...]

School News December

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School News December 2017 The Harvest Dinner on November 3rd was a huge success. Over 290 dinners were served, with the proceeds going to the Gustav Heineman Scholarship. This amounted to $2,279 this year! We want to thank the many businesses who donated food and the Niese family for allowing us to use Tipper’s Lounge. We [...]

Put-in-Bay International Students

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Put-in-Bay International Students from around the globe arrive at Put-in-Bay to work and learn about American culture. To help these international students make the transition, St. Paul’s Church will host a Welcome Fair on Thursday, June 6th, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., in the church undercroft (enter through the Food Pantry). Put-in-Bay residents will be on [...]

Put-in-Bay Airport Improvements

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Island Air Taxi has completed all the upgrades to the Put-in-Bay Airport Hangar. This hangar was originally built to house the Ford Trimotor and was in desperate need of some refurbishing. It had a hard-packed dirt floor, minimal lighting, and an open to the elements entrance. The Put-in-Bay Port Authority put some new siding on the [...]

Put-in-Bay Book Release

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Sara and Audrey’s new mother/daughter inspirational book released last month-Sara Booker and her daughter, Audrey Sheehan, collaborated on a new book, QUOTES about Boats, Lakes, Seas & Shore, which was released last month. Sara grew up on Put-in- Bay, and she has a summer cottage by Oak Point, with her husband, Trey, daughters, Audrey and Josie, [...]

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