Put-in-Bay Village Council met in July and discussed the following issues:

New Village Administrator

A new Put-in-Bay Ohio Village Administrator has not been hired, but resumes from about a half dozen applicants have been received. Officials will be reviewing them and a recommendation from the mayor will be voted on by Council in the coming weeks.

No Tipping at Put-in-Bay Village Docks

What has been standard practice for decades came to an end this past month when Village officials were told there would be no more tipping of public employees working on its public docks and park restrooms. According to Ohio law, public employees cannot take tips. Over the years, these seasonal employees have depended on tips to supplement their incomes.

Special Meeting

A Special Meeting of the Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay has been called by Mayor Bernard McCann for
Monday, July 3rd at 9 a.m. in the Town Hall for the purpose of discussing progress in temporary and permanent water
Ozone treatment plans for the Village’s water treatment facility.

Former Put-in-Bay police officer suesVillage Council Court Cases Korossy Mugshot Photo

Former Put-in-Bay Ohio police officer Steve Korossy filed a lawsuit in May against current and former Put-in-Bay Village officials alleging his civil rights were violated when he was fired in 2014. Korossy, who filed the lawsuit without an attorney, named several defendants, Mayor Bernard “Mack” McCann, former Mayor Margaret “Ruth” Scarpelli, former police chiefs Robert “Ric” Lampela and Michael Frank, current member of Put-in-Bay Village Council Jeff Koehler and former Put-in-Bay Village Council members Lee Krendl, Terry Bodenbender and Melinda McCann were included.

Korossy alleges in the lawsuit filed in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court that Put-in-Bay Village Council officials inflicted emotional distress, destroyed his reputation by making false statements to investigators and the media and failed to properly train or fund the police department. The Put-in-Bay police department has a history of being called into court. The following is a glimpse of some of the legal action taken against the island police department in recent years.

Case finally settled

A settlement in Toledo Federal Court did not bode well for the Village of Put-in-Bay. On Thursday, June 22nd, a settlement was reached between the employees of Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center and insurance carriers for the Village of Put-in-Bay. The suit came after Put-in-Bay police officers came into the hotel lobby in September 2013 and arrested clerks Rikki Singstock, Lisa Cooper and Eric Haines for hampering an investigation. When the three went to trial, the jury found all of them not guilty after debating for about 30 minutes. The group sued for false arrest and won a settlement of $305, 000. If we are not mistaken, the Put-in-Bay Village Council approved paying $60,000 of the settlement, with the remainder covered by insurance.