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Put-in-Bay Village Council February 2017 What You Missed!

The Put-in-Bay Village Council met in January on the 9th and the 16th, one week later than usual due to New Year’s Day falling on the first Monday of the month. Council also met on Saturday, January 21st. The Village now owns the Frederick property on Erie St. between the bank and John and Paula Ladd’s house. Plans for the property include housing for Village employees and public parking. The EMS and the school might purchase portions of the property. Both butt up to the Frederick property.

Speaking of parking, Mayor McCann is pushing for “paid parking” in the downtown area. He has also asked Council to revisit the current noise ordinance. Village employees renting the townhouses behind the post office will see a $100 monthly rent increase. There was also discussion about raising the nightly rental rate for police officers using the bunkhouses behind the Put-in-Bay Town Hall.

Some Village employees are concerned about losing their jobs. An ordinance in December that would have laid off three workers failed to garner enough votes. At the January meeting, Councilman Kelly Faris introduced legislation that would keep employment levels at the same level they were at the end of December. A final vote is likely in February. Council voted for a 3% cost of living increase for most Village employees.

There were a few other raises, but nothing substantial. Faris also introduced legislation requiring the police chief and village administrator to be two different people. Currently, the Village Administrator Steve Riddle, is interim chief, but some members of the Council seem uncomfortable with one per person holding both jobs. The Village has received several applications for the chief of police position vacated by Chief Michael Frank at the end of last September.

Village Council voted to increase dockage at the public docks to $2.50 per foot. That’s more than a 25% increase. There was a discussion about issuing a business license to Dr. Mike Stretanski, a doctor who owns a unit at Banyan Cove and wants to make house calls on the island. Plans call for him to be on the island most summer weekends and at least weekly for the rest of the year. No decision was made.

The was a discussion by the Village Council February 2017 about the request from Crew’s Nest to excuse utility finance charges on their water bill of $1,151.35. There are conflicting issues with the matter. No decision was made.

Kelly Faris was re-appointed to the tree commission for a term of 3 years. Council appropriated $500 for the island Arbor Day Celebration this coming April 28th. Councilman Joe Cerny traveled to Bowling Green on January 19th to meet with Poggemeyer Design Group engineers to discuss water system issues. The EPA wants the Put-in-Bay Utility Dept. to treat its water with ozone when algae blooms are bad.

Joe has been trying to get officials to look at a waterline from the mainland. He says his projections show the cost of water would be much less in years to come if the Village got out of the water treatment business. Council voted to have Poggemeyer come up with a proposal to study the possibility. At the January 21st meeting,

The mayor asked Council to take action on the Victory Ave. waterline project, extending an 8-inch line to the bend on Victory Ave. The Council approved the project, which would be done in-house rather than the typical installation with all the red tape and added costs. Council approved the mayor’s request.


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