A Put-in-Bay Village Council committee met in March to discuss paid Put-in-Bay parking on the streets and in its public parking areas. Parking has long been a hotly contested issue in many of the Put-in-Bay Planning commission meetings with many business owners of the opinion that the business should determine how much parking is needed. Currently, Put-in-Bay Hotels are required to have one parking spot for every 400 square feet of floor space. According to Put-in-Bay Resort owner Mark Mathys, rarely if ever is all of the required parking ever used and the area taken up by all of this parking could be better utilized to serve his guests.Put-in-Bay Parking Photo

Parking on all Put-in-Bay Village streets and the parking lot behind town hall along with parking on the property at 248 Erie could generate much-needed funds for the island. Members had information from various vendors for metered parking which included kiosks and ticket stations.

There was also discussion of Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals and other businesses selling parking stickers and retaining part of the cost of selling the stickers. The police department would need to hire and staff a “meter maid”. Seasonal parking stickers, tags or hangers along with employee vs. residential rates for Put-in-Bay parking passes were also mentioned. There were concerns about tickets or other items which may be stolen out of one vehicle and used in another is an issue.

Other issues of concern included collections, tracking, additional staffing, ticketing, the appearance of parking meters, design, costs, the value of parking spots, convenience and the technology needed for this program to work. The Put-in-Bay Parking committee also agreed to look into drafting an ordinance for angled parking closest to the DeRivera Park downtown Put-in-Bay and one-way traffic down Delaware Avenue from Catawba to Toledo. Let your Put-in-Bay Village Councilperson or the mayor know how you feel about paid parking downtown.