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Put-in-Bay Village Council Members Resign At Meeting

The Put-in-Bay Village Council changed dramatically in January as two Village Council Members Resign. Lee Krendl and Terry Bodenbender, submitted resignation letters. In his December letter, Krendl cited issues with his taking up permanent residence in Florida and the conflict of serving in public office in Ohio.

Bodenbender, a vocal member regarding police department issues, had his letter of resignation on the Council table at the January 12th meeting. Bodenbender wrote that he decided to resign due to “increasing health issues along with the fear of retaliation/bullying of decisions I make regarding the Put-in-Bay Police Department.”

Village Council accepted Krendl’s resignation at the meeting on the 12th. It immediately filled the vacated position with Michael McCann, owner of the Round House and a Put-in-Bay Hotel, among other businesses in the village. Bodenbender’s resignation was effective February 1st, and it was decided to accept his resignation at the February meeting. This gives the Council additional time to find a replacement. Council members have 30 days from the acceptance of the concession to find a replacement. After that time, if no new member is found, it will be up to the mayor to find a replacement to fill Bodenbender’s seat.

In other Village Council business, Council approved slightly amended Council Rules for 2015, voted for Melinda Meyers as President Pro Temp of Council, approved Clerk Joy Cooper as the Public Records designee, and approved a $500 appropriation for the Tree Commission and approved the appointment of Lisa Brohl on that committee.

The Village Council also approved a new salary and the 2015 budget/appropriation ordinance. It also OK’d a performance audit recommending ways village operations might be improved. Among other discussion topics was islanders’ concern about the number of coyotes on Put-in-Bay island. There have been several sightings, plus a report of five new pups. Residents have also reported many pets disappearing. Police officer housing was also discussed. Council would like to start planning a new facility away from the current location at the rear of the parking lot behind the Town Hall.

Village Administrator Doug Knauer reported 28 trees were trimmed in the Village portion of the park.


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