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Beer Barrel Saloon

The Beer Barrel Saloon Particulars

From April to October, the Beer Barrel is known for hosting live entertainment.

It is open from 11 am – 1 am daily’ Their live music entertainment schedule begins on weekends in May and expands to daily shows from June through mid-September. In the late fall, entertainers perform Friday thru Sunday.

Some of the best bands and musicians in the USA perform at the Beer Barrel.

It’s not unusual to see Kenny Kid, Mustang Sally, Dan Stewart, Captain Sweet Shoes, and local artists like That Girl Allie and Bob Gatewood performing. On peak season days, there can be as many as three different performers doing shows in a single day!

The outside patio is a perfect place to enjoy the island breezes and sunshine and watch the tourists pass by.

A nice view of the Put-in-Bay waterfront, docks & marinas compliments the outside bar area. Food is served from the kitchen located in the back of the Beer Barrel Saloon, featuring pizza, chicken wings, and other bar food favorites.

Next door Tipper’s Steak And Seafood Restaurant serves mouthwatering buffets all day long, from prime rib to seafood on weekends in an all-you-care-to-eat format.

Beer Barrel Saloon Bar – The Worlds Longest!

If you stood the serpentine bar on its end at the Beer Barrel Saloon, it would tower over 50 feet higher than Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument. It’s really that tall!

Measuring 405 feet, 10 inches, the bar is lined with 56 beer taps,  160 bar stools, 56 beer taps, and a capacity to seat over 1,200 people!

On busy nights the bar is staffed by over 20 bartenders, and two extra bars on the side and back of the building are opened to handle the massive crowd.

Aside from the Beer Barrel Saloon being a popular spot, it is also the largest bar at Put-in-Bay and all of Lake Erie.

History of the Beer Barrel Saloon

On the early afternoon of May 27, 1988, a devastating fire ripped through the prized Colonial Building. In less than 45 minutes, the historical Colonial building was reduced to ashes. It was said the smoke from the massive fire could be seen from over 50 miles away. The Colonial Building was home to many different types of businesses throughout her years, including a skating rink, bowling alley, and dance hall.

The first two buildings to be constructed at this site also burned down prior to the Colonial event in the ’80s. The Put-in-Bay House burned to the ground in 1878 due to the lack of a fire station located on the island, was rebuilt, and then burned again in 1907.

Valentine Doller then built The Colonial House, which thrived for many years. The Lonz family of the famed Lonz Winery on Middle Bass Island, purchased the building after the depression years. The stunning Victorian structure was managed and owned by a variety of Put-in-Bay entrepreneurs until that terrible day in 1988.

The Beer Barrel Saloon memorializes the many great memories of the Colonial in the beautiful atmosphere and energetic music that plays throughout the summers.

The Beer Barrel Saloon Neighborhood

The Jet Express Ferry is a popular way to get to the island. It is the only ferry that arrives and departs in the downtown Put-in-Bay area. When you arrive, the Beer Barrel Saloon is just a short walk across the park. You can grab a quick bite to eat at several great Put-in-Bay Restaurants in the area before enjoying the great live entertainment at the Beer Barrel Saloon.

Pasquale Cafe has a pleasing menu with something for everyone and serves beer & wine. Hooligans Irish Pub pleases the masses with authentic Irish Food & a large selection of Irish Whiskey choices. The Put-in-Bay Pizza Co with delivers island-wide, and their pizza is simply amazing; the sandwiches set the bar!

Lesters Taco Shop offers authentic Latin American cuisine served late into the night (their breakfast is pretty excellent too). The Put-in-Bay Brewery and Distillery make some mighty fine craft beer along with an extensive and delicious menu.

The summertime fun at Put-in-Bay never ends, and the memories will last a lifetime. The Beer Barrel Saloon is certainly a must-visit to enjoy the summertime fun and excitement on the island.

324 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Gerald N.

This is a gigantic bar! Beer Barrel Saloon truly does live up to its moniker, or at the very least, the world's largest bar. It's vast, and open and has a ton of floor space, and the bar isn't one long bar but rather a winding bar that twists and turns through the front end. An outdoor deck is also fenced in next to the strip sidewalk. It makes for a fantastic social area to easily walk from the inside and outside. There's a wonderful floor and wide open space for dancing and observing live bands, which gets the atmosphere going. The staff is pleasant and entertaining. Good drinks, well priced. I'd suggest the jello shots in a syringe, I don't know how many I had of those, but they taste fantastic. Restrooms are large, multiple, and never a wait. Food choices come from a restaurant window in the back of the bar. Ordering from the window was fast and easy, and take it to your seat. we ordered a pizza. It was hot, fresh, and tasted great. Due to sheer size, this place seems slow during the day even when it might not be, and we would wobble in for quick drinks and food, but at night time, once the bands start and the crowds come out, it turns into one of the better places to end up on the strip. Recommend and will visit again.

Shelia S.

We were in Put-in-Bay for two evenings. They were during the week. It was a relaxed time. The first evening we walked by the Beer Barrel Saloon had a man on the patio singing, so we stopped in and had a few beers. The second evening they were the only place around with entertainment, so we stopped in again. The band "7th Heaven" was playing. They were outstanding. This bar is Massive! I can only imagine how crowded it would get during busier periods. Nate and Teddy were two of the bartenders that evening. They were extremely pleasant and sociable. We would go up to the bar to get our drinks because our waitress for the tables was usually away, but we didn't really mind. We had a fine time both nights and will return if we're in the area.

Fred C.

We arrived here at one of our stops during a bachelorette bash. We tested the jello shots and strawberry shots, and they were delicious!! This is notable for the longest bar in the world. Must-see location. Beer Barrel Saloon was a fun place!

Kraig B.

The best part about going to the Beer Barrel Saloon is if you want to sit in at the bar, this is the place. I believe they promote the fact that it is the longest bar in the world. It is not just one long bar. It is like a snake-like bar with more than a hundred chairs. The scene is excellent, with video screens on each side, pizza and burgers, and just tons of tables and seats. Fine fun bands and party individuals. The place is enormous. The best part is that smokers can sit outdoors at a bar or tables with umbrellas and smoke. Just one of many bars at Put in Bay!

Norman G.

Excellent live music that plays cover tunes. Great dancing floor. Great beverages on tap. Small bar menu. We had nachos and popcorn shrimp, which were suitable for bar food. Had a fantastic time. Very crowded, with everyone appreciating the live band. I gave it five stars, but a larger menu would have been excellent, but their late-night menu served our purpose ultimately. Small gift shop. A must-go in Put-In-Bay.

Lou V.

Beer Barrel Saloon is a unique bar. There is an abundance of space at the bar. I went around labor day, and this place was lively. There was live music on the stage, and spirits were flowing. They have numerous flavors of frozen alcoholic beverages and plenty to drink on the spigot. The other thing to get is the jello shots. They have a medley of tastes, and you can take home the souvenir syringe. The bar area seemed fairly empty this Saturday night, but it could be due to the other bars having live music.

Elbert C.

A long bar! Great live music yesterday, I think it was Mustang Sally. The drink special was terrific also. Our Beer Barrel Saloon bartender was thoughtful and offered up suggestions on what to visit next and who to ask for so that we got excellent service.

Marylin F.

A perfect time with A great companion seeing Mustang Sally!! Songs for everyone. The longest bar in the world! It has a place to dance up by the stage. The Beer Barrel Saloon smoking area is outside with a bar & lots of areas to sit with tables & umbrellas.

Jessica D

Beer Barrel Saloon Worlds longest bar! And it is very long. Excellent live music all day. Grub and a gift shop with lots of Beer Barrel clothing and very goofy hats. The jello shots are silliness as they are in syringes but is there ever alcohol in those? We ordered a shot that appeared to be more than a shot.I stuck to drinking beer here for the most part

Phyliss L.

Beer Barrel Saloon is a Great place. The drinks were tasty, and since it was slow, we got to know the bartenders! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and very pleasant! The beer barrel menu was ample. Can't wait for the new mustang sally put-in-bay schedule