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Ferry Service To Put-in-Bay Ohio, South Bass Island

Photo of the Put-in-Bay Ferry Service Jet Express
Photo of Ferry Service To Put-in-Bay On The Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry Service To Put-in-Bay

Ferry Service To Put-in-Bay – Where The Journey Getting There Is As Much Fun As The Destination!

While many visitors to Put-in-Bay focus on island attractions, ferry rides to and from the island can be an unforgettable part of the vacation experience. For families with children, the ferry ride can be a unique opportunity to travel by water and appreciate the beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Children can marvel at the mist spray from the sides of the ferry and observe seagulls trailing in the wake. Despite the many attractions on the island, the ferry ride remains a highlight of the Put-in-Bay experience.

The Miller Ferry operates daily from around 7 AM to 8 PM (later on some dates) during the summer. If you need to travel later, you can take the Jet Express passenger ferry, which operates later than other ferries on any given day.

Be sure to check the schedules of both ferry services on their respective websites before visiting Put-in-Bay. Additionally, downloading a Put-in-Bay Island Guide can be helpful during your visit.

What You Need To Know About Ferry Service To Put-in-Bay

While planning a trip to Put-in-Bay, many people overlook the ferry rides. However, the journey to and from the island can be just as memorable as the destination itself. For families with kids, the round-trip ferry boat rides to and from Put-in-Bay can be exhilarating.

The children can marvel at the beautiful views, feel the mist spray out from the sides of the ferry, and watch seagulls flocking in the wake. Even with all the incredible attractions on the island, the ferry ride remains one of the favorite things about Put-in-Bay.

Two ferry services are available to travel to Put-in-Bay: the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express. The Jet Express is the pricier option, costing just under $30 per person each way, while the Miller Ferry charges $8.50 per person each way, with varying rates for automobiles based on size. The Jet Express cannot transport vehicles, but it runs later than the Miller Ferry, with late-night boats available.

If you take the Miller Ferry, you will arrive on the opposite side of the island and will need to take a bus or taxi into town. The expense of this brings the cost of the two ferry service providers in line.

Compare Ferry Service Schedules When Planning Your Trip To Put-in-Bay


The schedules for both ferries can be found on their respective websites and you can find them here:

Miller Ferry Schedule

Jet Express Schedule

It’s advisable to check the schedule before planning a visit to Put-in-Bay. You will find that Jet Express offers the most expansive schedule, operating well into the late evening hours. If your trip to Put-in-Bay includes plans to visit the vibrant Put-in-Bay Bars & Pubs, you may want to consider this.

Once on the island, many visitors prefer to utilize Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals to explore the island at their own pace. Most lodging featured on visitputinbay.org offer golf cart rentals. Advance reservations are strongly recommended as they are frequently sold out.

The Jet Express has cushioned individual seats and employees to help with luggage. On the mainland side of the Jet, there’s a bar for a pre-ferry cocktail. On the other hand.

The Miller Ferry has a smaller enclosed cabin with seating and ample outside seating to enjoy the fresh air. Note that no open alcoholic beverages are allowed onboard either ferry.

The Jet Express departs from Port Clinton and Sandusky, with the trip to the island taking 25 and 45 minutes, respectively.

The Miller Ferry departs from the north end of Catawba Island, and the trip takes about 27 minutes in each direction.

All ferry service points are serviced by Put-in-Bay Taxis, which charge $4 per person to go from the dock to lodging or any destination on the island.

Regardless of your ferry service, Put-in-Bay Attractions offers many options that may make you want to extend your stay. Therefore, booking a Put-in-Bay Resort, Hotels, condo, or home rental in advance is advisable, as weekends fill up fast during the summer. The faster you reserve, the quicker you can enjoy a Put-in-Bay ferry service and experience the Lake Erie Islands’ pinnacle gem!

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Things To Do At Put-in-Bay

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Activities For Kids & Adults Alike

You'll enjoy a wide variety of watersports, fishing, museums, and cool things to do, like exploring caves and climbing rock walls!

Explore Island History

There is so much to learn about Put-in-Bay's History & its important role in the War Of 1812. Our local museum is a great place to begin! Click the link below to learn more about the island.

Spending more than a day in Put-in-Bay?

Did you know a crucial battle in the War of 1812 was fought along the shorelines of South Bass Island? Read along and discover the island's rich history!

Perrys International Peace Memorial

Towering over 300 Ft Tall visitors are welcomed to the base of the monument where an elevator whisks you to an observation platform with stunning views!

Stunning Views From Atop The Monument

Breathtaking views await those who journey to the top of the Perrys International Peace Memorial. Detroit, Canada & Cedar Point can be seen on a clear day!

Learn All About Put-in-Bay

Everything you need to know to plan & enjoy a fantastic trip to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island! Information on how to get here, where to stay, eat, and what to see! when you get here!

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Donna S.

Put-in-Bay is the perfect destination if you're in the Lake Erie area and looking for a fun summer getaway. Accessible by personal watercraft or ferry service from Port Clinton, Ohio, this Island has something for everyone. From beaches and water sports to museums, shopping, winery and cave tours, and even a butterfly house, there's no shortage of activities to fill your day. There is no need to ferry to put-in-bay with car as golf carts are everywhere.

Randy H.

Foodies will love the incredible selection of restaurants serving seafood, steaks, Italian cuisine, Irish pub fare, and more, providing a different dining experience with every meal. And when the sun sets, the Island comes alive with various nightlife options. Stroll down the main road surrounding the lovely park and discover new venues to enjoy.
Getting around the Island is mainly by golf carts and mopeds, making it an excellent destination for all ages. Take advantage of the summer fun at Put-in-Bay! Ferry Service is frequent as there are two options, The Miller Ferry and the Jet Express which also has a cedar point ferry schedule.

Lois D.

Put In Bay is a stunning destination that offers an exciting way to explore Ohio's coastline. Families with children should really enjoy this place as the atmosphere is wonderful. The Ferry service to The Island was an enjoyable ride. During our visit, we found that the crowd was very family-friendly. We opted to meet some college friends and camp on the Island. While we had a great time, this is a great campground for those seeking a peaceful escape. The facilities were well-maintained and clean, and the showers were plentiful. The beach was also a highlight of our trip. It's well worth it! If you're interested in camping, early booking is best, especially if you want a lakeside site.

Travis D.

My first time bringing the kids to Put-in-Bay was a great experience. The ferry service was on-time and a smooth ride. Typically, we only frequent the Island's bar scene. The Aquatic Center is a must-visit, especially for families with children. The staff provided equipment and bait, all for free, making it the only complimentary attraction on the Island. They even placed us in a prime fishing location, and both my eight and 11-year-old caught fish. We went to Mr. Ed's for lunch, where the kids ate for free. They offered a nice variety of kids' meals. Perry's Cave was a unique experience for us as we tried gem mining, which the kids got really excited about. Finally, we swam at the State Park, where my son noted the absence of a salty taste in the water, saying it was "awesome." We left before the Island got too wild, catching the 7:15 PM ferry service as a dozen or more bachelorette parties were just arriving. Highly Recommend this as a family destination.

Harriet T.

My girlfriends and I have made it a tradition to visit this place every year. The ferry service adds to the excitement as we always bring more than we need, resulting in laughter and good memories. put-in-bay ferry tickets are reasonably priced. To explore the Island, we rent golf carts as our mode of transportation. The town is quaint, with a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. The nightlife is lively, and we dance the night away until closing. Shopping is decent, but I wish they had more upscale stores to cater to the more serious shoppers with a higher budget. The locals at Put-in-Bay are friendly, and we even found a pizza place that serves late-night cravings. However, We enjoy visiting the harbor, vineyards, and butterfly houses and try to fit in as much as possible each year. We always have a blast here and recommend it as a perfect destination for a girls' weekend, regardless of age.

William G.

If you're into nightlife, Put-in-Bay is the perfect destination for you. It's a lively place, especially on weekends, with swim-up bars and tiki bars during the day and fantastic bars with live music at night. However, if you're seeking luxurious hotel rooms and top-notch ferry service, you will find it here. Weekend hotel rates can run as high as $280 a night, while weekdays can be around $130. While you're there, check out the Roundhouse Bar, which is the center of the nightlife scene and always has the best bands playing on weekends.