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Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry To Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Islands

Miller Ferry is one of two providers of ferry transportation to South Bass and Middle Bass Island from their dock in Port Clinton, Ohio. The ferry service is capable of carrying vehicles, trailers, passengers, and more and is a vital part of the supply chain for our small island community.

The ferry boat service typically runs from late March or early April to December or January, depending on weather conditions and ice formation. During winter months, essential items like mail and milk are flown in by airplane to South Bass Island. Most of the island’s resorts, hotels, condos, and home rentals operate on the same seasonal schedule.



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The Miller Ferry service is reasonably priced and operates every half hour during peak times, making it convenient for families to come and go as they, please. Upon arrival at Lime Kiln Dock on Put-In-Bay, guests can easily explore the island’s scenic beauty and charming atmosphere.

The ferry service operates throughout the season and provides easy access to Put-In-Bay events and festivals.

Photo Of The Miller Ferry
Photo of the Miller Ferry To Put-in-Bay

The Miller Ferry service also allows guests to bring their cars or vehicles to the island, although parking is very limited. Guests are encouraged to park their vehicles on the mainland and take advantage of the free parking offered by the Miller Ferry company.

On busy days such as weekends and holidays, same-day round trips for vehicles may not be permitted.

Visit the Miller Ferry website for the latest schedule and updates on the newest addition to their fleet.

Explore The Miller Ferry Fleet

The Miller Ferry company has expanded its fleet with the latest addition of the Motor Vessel Mary Ann Market. This new passenger and vehicle ferry features cutting-edge boating technology and can transport up to 600 passengers simultaneously.

The Put-in-Bay Extension is the second newest ferry in the fleet and was upgraded in the 2009/2010 offseason with a 40-foot steer midsection, which allows it to carry up to 26 vehicles and 600 passengers. The Motor Vessel Put-in-Bay, which was completed in 1997, has a capacity of 500 passengers and is equipped with twin 3412 DITA Caterpillar boat engines with 1300 horsepower.

The M/V William Market, built in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in 1993, can carry up to 500 passengers. The Motor Vessel South Bass, constructed in Cleveland in 1983, has twin 3412 DITA Caterpillar engines with 1240 horsepower and can transport up to 500 passengers.

Finally, the oldest vessel in the Miller Ferry’s fleet, the M/V Islander, was built in 1983 and has twin Detroit Diesel engines with 700 horsepower and can accommodate up to 450 passengers.

Photo Of Benson Ford Ship House
Picture of a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals
Photo Of Put-in-Bay Sign the newest of Attractions

Miller Ferry Ticket Prices & General Information

The Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay offers one-way fares for different types of passengers and vehicles. Adults can travel for $8.50, while children between 6-11 years old pay only $1.50. Children under six years old can travel for free.

Bicycles can be transported for $2.50, and cars cost $20.00. Motorcycles cost $16.00 to be transported. Please note that the vehicle fare is not included in the passenger fare, and the bike/luggage rack will cost extra.

The Miller Ferry is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation for various vehicles, including automobiles, recreational cars, motorcycles, and boats on trailers to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island. It is important to be aware of the guidelines for bringing a vehicle, such as not allowing open alcoholic beverages and containers onboard.

No reservation is needed for vehicles traveling to Put-in-Bay, as they are transported on a first-come, first-served basis, except for commercial vehicles that are over one-half ton, which must make reservations at least one day in advance.

During the Fall and Spring schedules, vehicles must be in line for departure before 5:00 pm on weekdays and 4:00 pm on Sundays and Holiday Mondays. During the Summer schedule, vehicles must be in line for departure before 6:00 pm each day. Peak demand periods should be avoided, such as Friday afternoons/evenings and Sundays and Holiday Mondays.

Miller Ferry provides wheel chocks and two tie-downs for motorcycles. However, the captain has discretion over carrying motorcycles during high winds or rough seas. Customers are permitted to bring two 5-gallon approved containers of gasoline or propane, but these must be stored inside the vehicle.

No gasoline/propane containers may be carried on as a passenger. Trucks with saddle tanks in the pickup bed are not permitted due to US Coast Guard regulations.

Customers are advised to set the emergency brake on their vehicle after boarding the ferry. Smoking is prohibited onboard the ferry and in shelter houses. Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice, and Miller Ferry reserves the right to limit the number of vehicles if necessary to accommodate more passengers.

Mary P.

Our family reunion trip was wonderful! We received excellent customer service, and all of our planning questions were promptly answered. Boarding and disembarking from the ferry was extremely easy and well-organized. Although we were within walking distance of the Jet Express, we opted to drive to Miller Ferry, and it was definitely worth it. We were delighted with every aspect of our trip and can't speak highly enough about it.

Keith S.

Our ferry experience was fantastic! We took the ferry to Put-in-Bay and the island, and the ticketing process was straightforward with ample parking available. The ferry operated on schedule, and we had no issues boarding with our vehicles. The ferry was well-maintained, clean, and had plenty of seating. The ride to and from the island was smooth. We are very grateful for the great service provided by the ferry staff.

Darnell V.

Although Jet Express was recommended to us, we opted for Miller Ferry because of the affordable price. Though it took a few extra minutes, we preferred to take our time and save some money for fun activities on the island. We did not encounter any issues boarding the ferry on a Saturday morning and returning in the evening without a vehicle. However, finding a parking spot was quite challenging and we noticed several vehicles parked illegally upon our return. Thankfully, we were able to leave without any problems.

Lowell D.

The trip to South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay was a breeze! In addition to the Miller Ferry tickets, we only had to pay $5 for parking. The ride was fast and well-organized, with the crew expertly maneuvering the cars on and off the ship. We even got to enjoy some picturesque views along the way.

Shelly C.

To reach South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay, the only options are by boat or plane. One of the popular ferry services is the Jet Express that departs from Port Clinton and goes directly to Put-in-Bay. However, it is more expensive compared to Miller Ferry that leaves from Catawba and docks a couple of miles away from Put-in-Bay. Despite the distance, there are transportation options available at the terminal such as bus or taxi services and golf cart rentals. Another advantage of Miller Ferry is that it can transport cars or campers to the island upon request. The service is straightforward and takes approximately 20 minutes, with regular departures throughout the season.

Jonathan F.

The journey to Put in Bay was breathtaking, and the Miller Ferry was more budget-friendly than the Jet Express. Although it takes a bit longer to reach the destination, the scenic views on the way make the additional travel time worthwhile. The crew was amiable, and the ferry appeared to be well-maintained. Unfortunately, the ferry's restrooms were closed due to COVID-19, but the restroom at the terminal was spotless and well-kept. I appreciate that they sell round-trip tickets to save time and avoid the ticket lines. However, the parking lot's distance from the ferry terminal was considerable, and it would be useful to have golf carts or other transport options for passengers. On the day of our visit, there were two lines for tickets, and the one we were in closed suddenly, forcing us to join the end of the other line and wait again.

Rory C.

The Miller ferry service to Put In Bay was very convenient and user-friendly. Upon arrival, we parked in their lot and paid at the booth before joining the line for the ferry, which departed every 30 minutes. Cars were loaded onto the ferry first, followed by passengers. Although we had luggage, we were able to manage the walk to the ferry, which required some effort. Alternatively, you could consider luggage with wheels or have someone help you. We left our luggage on the first floor of the ferry, against the wall, without any issues. On the second floor, we enjoyed the fresh breeze and stunning views of the island as we traveled towards it. We purchased a round-trip ticket to ensure we had our return ticket ready. Across from the ferry terminal, there was a taxi stand, where we hired a ride to our hotel for only $3 per person. The driver provided us with his card, so we could call him for our return trip. Additionally, you could rent golf carts or bikes right there, making it easy to explore the island.

Victoria S.

As passengers, we had an enjoyable experience on the Miller ferry. Since we had two strollers, we found a spot with a few chairs towards the front of the ferry, although there were limited seats available. The top deck provided a refreshing breeze during the ride. We decided against taking our car due to the long line, as we had read in some reviews. However, we realized later that we wouldn't have had any trouble getting on the ferry with our vehicle as we traveled on a Thursday before the 4th of July holiday around 10:30 am. This decision saved us $100 that we would have spent on renting a golf cart. But driving a golf cart around the island added to the excitement of the trip. Fortunately, we were fortunate to have only waited for about 10 minutes to board the ferry on our return trip at around 7 in the evening, making for a smooth and speedy ride.

Luca D,

We absolutely love Miller Ferry for our trips to Put-in-Bay! It's way more affordable than Jet Express, and you can bring your car along for the ride (which you can't do on the Jet). Although Miller docks at a different location than the Jet, it's conveniently close to where we rent our golf carts. The ride doesn't seem any longer than the Jet's, only taking about 20 minutes from Catawba. Just be aware that you'll have to pay to park on Catawba Island. Although Miller's free parking fills up quickly, there are plenty of $5 parking spots available. In short, Miller Ferry is our go-to choice for a leisurely and cost-effective trip to Put-in-Bay. They also have the most frequent miller ferry put-in-bay schedule

Olan M.

The ferry service was great! The staff were helpful and efficient, and we didn't experience any issues while boarding or disembarking. The ferry was packed with pedestrians, cars, industrial vehicles, and bicycles, but it all went smoothly. Despite one person's bad attitude, we thought the ride was perfectly fine. The ferry docks on the south end of the island, and there are several cabs available at the top of the hill to take you around. On the day we left, there was a severe storm with lightning and frightening waves. We were concerned that the ferry might not be able to make it to pick us up. However, after only 10 minutes, the Miller ferry arrived, plowing through the rough waters without a hint of rocking. The captain and crew did an excellent job of getting us on board safely, and the ride back was uneventful. Overall, we felt very secure and satisfied with the service.

Ursula C.

We opted to park in the paid $5 lot, which was closer to the Miller ferry terminal, instead of the free parking farther away. Our experience aboard the Miller Ferry en route to Put in Bay was enjoyable, although our 2-year-old covered her ears for the 18-minute ride. The ticket counter was efficient and the ferry left on time. We had purchased round-trip tickets, so we simply walked on for the return journey. The staff was friendly and helpful. We would definitely do this again!

Callie D.

This ferry service was a pleasant surprise with frequent departures every half hour, despite advertised hourly departures. On one occasion, I accidentally left my purse, containing over $1000 cash, all my IDs, credit cards, and gift cards, in the handicap stall of the restroom. I was relieved to find out that one of the Miller Ferry employees had found it and secured it in their safe. Even more impressive, the staff maintained their integrity and returned the purse to me with every penny intact. I wanted to offer a reward for their honesty but was unable to do so as the ferry service had closed for the day. Fortunately, the police officer was able to assist in retrieving my purse after hours. I am grateful to the staff at the Ferry to put-in-bay for their exceptional moral values and honest behavior. It's a company I can confidently recommend.

Dave D.

Four of us and our dog walked onto the ferry for a day trip to South Bass Island. The Miller ferry was fairly punctual, and we had a fun time, and I gave it a five-star rating because we found it less expensive at $15 per person for a round-trip walk-on, considering it was only about a 15-minute ride. However, I have heard that other ferry companies charge even more. One person in our group ordered several cases of wine from Heinemann's winery on the island, and they delivered the wine to the ferry dock for us to pick up later in the day when we returned to our car. The wine at Heinemann's was excellent, especially the pink Catawba. miller ferry pass is a good option if you go frequently.