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Put-In-Bay Yacht Club

Put-In-Bay Yacht Club Particulars

The Put-In-Bay Yacht Club is a private social organization. The yacht Club is found on Bayview Avenue, near the Miller Marina. The Yacht Club facilitates all kinds of boating on the island, from power boats to sailing boats and other water sports.

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is a brief stroll from all the downtown establishments, which makes docking there very suitable. Located next to Squaw Harbor, the Boardwalk Restaurant Complex, the Put-in-Bay Winery, and Topsey Turvey’s Bar & Grill are all only a quick trek.

They likewise regularly host events, including parties, cookouts, cruise outs, and countless other social events. Use their well-appointed docks and excellent facilities, and make fellowships and relationships to last a lifetime. The whole organization has a pleasant, amiable feeling to it. Contemplate joining the club for only $295/year.

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club History


The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is one of the most senior on Lake Erie. Starting as the Put-in-Bay Yachting Association in 1886, their primary objective was to encourage the Inter Lake Yachting Association or ILYA. Valentine Doller, an influential Put-in-Bay businessman, was the first Commodore. The ILYA holds regattas for children and adults each summer. 

The society would meet at different boat houses throughout the island until they bought the Bay View Home in 1923 from Jack J. Day. They constructed a brand new clubhouse and boat docks. The pavilion was instantly a favored location for social events. Regrettably, ascending waters and winter ice ultimately overpowered the docks.

After World War II, many cottage lessors began holidaying on Put-in-Bay. Due to an expanded interest in revitalizing the club, a ladies’ auxiliary was formed in 1949 to aid with the resurrection.

Swimming and Junior Sailing classes were added in the 1950s, along with shower and extensive kitchen facilities.

The club continued to thrive throughout the 20th century. In the 1980s, a major renovation took place, giving us the structure we see today.

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Social Calander

A focal point of the social program of the Yacht Club, the Friday Dinners started in 2001. Each Friday from 5 – 8, constituents meet to dine over roast pork, spaghetti dinners, and frequent cookouts. This continues to be a great option to get to know other associates and exchange boating anecdotes.

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club hosts occasions every day of the week. Cruise Outs, Swimming classes for kids, and Sailing classes occur all week. Sociable events include Martini Nights, Taco Tuesdays, and Blood Mary Sundays at the Bayview Bars. Sporting events such as Football & Baseball, as well as other popular sports, are frequently seen on their giant TV.s in the relaxing lounge on weekends.

The Put-in-Bay Yacht also sponsors fundraising affairs throughout the season. Members are invited to contribute donations to things such as a new playground, mats for the kitchen staff, and refurbishing the fireplace. Vision 2020 is their new initiative to make much-needed and desired modifications to the organization.

The Regattas

The IYLA and Put-in-Bay Yacht Club also sponsor the regattas every year in August. This includes the Junior Sail Regatta, Deep Water Sailing Races, Powerboat week, and the Senior Sailing Races, which have been preserved on Lake Erie for around 100 years

536 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Donald F.

Came on our boat with my wife and young grown-up family. We stayed Sun-Tues. Put-In-Bay Yacht Club was excellent. Great weather, I saw some crowds Sunday at eateries and taverns, but the rest of the visit was toned down and families and couples oriented. I loved the golf cart rentals for transport, and extremely easy to get about the island. We Visited Perrys Monument, State Park, Put-in-Bay Winery, South Bass Island Lighthouse, and of course, the cafes and pubs. Great music, some places had bands, meals, and put in bay yacht club service was great.

HIllary B.

While this was our first time visiting the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club, we did our expected diligence and had an adequate idea of what to anticipate ("Key West of the North"). We stayed during the week, not on the weekend, to sidestep the unnecessary rowdiness. With these qualifiers, we had a fantastic stay. Put-In-Bay Yacht Club is just outside the village. We traveled the island in a rental golf cart, did a little bar crawling (during the afternoons, we're not evening owls), and naturally had a comfortable visit. A fair percentage of the other tourists were about our age (50-60ish) and well-behaved, though we were back sitting on our boat after dinner each evening, so not certain what would transpire when the sunlight went down. It's a pleasant calming island getaway if you avoid the weekends and understand what to anticipate!

Blake F.

Loved Put-In-Bay Yacht Club! If you arrive during the week, it's relatively family-orientated. Our children loved it also. The boat trip on our boat over to the island is fun, efficient, and clean, even if it is a bit pricey with fuel costs. Great choice of restaurants to eat in and see. Some fun bars as well. Away from the center, the island can also be peaceful and calm.

Melinda C.

Every time we take the boat to Cedar Point, I always visit Put-In-Bay Yacht Club. We take our boats from either Sandusky or Port Clinton. The islands offer great homemade craftworks, interesting shopping & wonderful food. Put-in-Bay also is the spot to go for partygoers. There is something for everyone, no matter what generation. There are even hotels and resorts on the island. Taking our boat is amazing to get there, and the pleasure never stops. The residents that live on the islands are amiable and laid back. A few things are a little expensive on the islands, but that's what holidays are for! There are hidden beachfront around the island that I have located within a short walk. Another possibility is a golf cart rental—plenty of places to sit by the dock marina to relax. There is a playground with a bathhouse after you exit your boat. The live entertainment throughout the main st areas creates a good atmosphere.

Wilbur G.

My son and I decided to splurge and take the boat to Put-in-Bay. We motored about an hour from our home to Put-In-Bay Yacht Club. When we got to the island, we decided to rent from Put-in-bay Golf Carts online. We used a coupon to get $5 off. Golf cart prices can be high for some - between 60-70. While we enjoyed driving around on the golf cart, it added a lot to the experience of the whole trip. We went around the downtown area to get an idea of what to see and do. We wandered a bit, and the smell of BBQ Chicken drove us to the Chicken Patio. We dined outdoors. The service was adequate. There were only a few additional customers here at the moment. We both had the BBQ chicken entree with potato salad and corn on the cob. Boy, I was impressed with the portions they gave you, and the wine-basted flavor was delicious. It put a grin on my face. From there, we inspected a few shops, wandered over to Perry's Monument (we didn't go up ), and then went to Perry's Cave site. We did not go into Perry's Cave. We did stop at the antique car museum. Really cool cars there. Then we drove around some more. We did play the War Of 18 Holes putt-putt. I did not prevail - that one spot got me. We did go in the butterfly house, and that was fun. We stopped by the winery, had two samples, and looked at the geodes. We stopped for ice cream at the chocolate museum. We then steered back towards the village. We settled on The Beer Barrel Saloon as our next stop. A guy was playing live tunes on the terrace. We each had a drink and a strawberry shot (vodka). We drove about some more and examined the various outlets. We got back into the nightlife area and had one more drink. We headed back to the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club in time for dinner. An excellent trip with my son. It was pleasant to go when it was not a wild drinking environment that we might have seen on a weekend.

Alex S.

Been to the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club numerous times during ILYA race weeks with ships from North Cape, and they consistently do an excellent job hosting. The constituents are sociable, and the staff is observant and useful, as are the enlistees who give their time. They make Put-in-Bay a relaxing and fun place and a pleasing diversion from the party atmosphere.

Viscaro R.

My husband and I came to Put-In-Bay Yacht Club for a few days and nights on our boat for our anniversary. It was a blast! It was very congested because it was Jeep week, but still entertaining. A few hours to visit attractions each day is more than enough. The rest of the time, we just had fun tolling around. I was five months pregnant, so wineries were out for us. The climate was beautiful and comfortable. It was sunny and warm, but the breeze cooled everything down really well. We will return when we can visit wineries; a pregnant body doesn't keep me from wandering and researching. I for sure recommend it!

Winnie G.

Put-In-Bay Yacht Club is more pleasing than ever. We took in some nature trails. Rented a golf cart all day. Went to the top of the monument. Went kayaking around Gibraltar island. Toured the island. Saw impressive panoramas. It was an above-average day at Put-in-Bay. Thanks for sharing the island!!!

Andrea F.

We took our boat over to the Put-in-Bay and rented a 4-person cart from Put-in-Bay Golf Carts. I signed up and paid online for the coach and strolled up to the window, and it was ready to go! We stopped at the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club, and they let us sit outside and eat the picnic lunch I packed while enjoying a cold drink from their menu!

Trey G.

Put-In-Bay Yacht Club is located in a great place—short distance to the downtown zone. Sufficiently away from town to be quiet, not too distant to walk when you want to participate in the celebrations. Accommodating put in bay yacht club dock staff.

Al H.

We had our two-day company meeting at the wonderful Put-in-Bay Resort. The women at the put in bay yacht club cooked amazing breakfasts and lunches for us. Great adventure.

Lawrence V.

Outstanding customer relations from the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club. Quickly responded to emails with useful details. Probably the most sociable yacht club I've come across.

Gretchen G.

Excellent breakfast menu choices. We usually go to the Put-In-Bay Yacht Club on Sunday mornings. Friendly, spotless & comfortable dining with a fantastic vista of the bay and Lake Erie. Trivia night was a hoot! I think we will consider a put-in-bay yacht club membership