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Red Moon

Red Moon Saloon A Step Back In Time

Step into the Red Moon, an enchanting speakeasy that transports patrons back to the era of Prohibition. Nestled within the Park Hotel, this intimate establishment evokes a sense of exclusivity, like your own secret hideaway.

The Red Moon can be found at the corner of Delaware and Loraine Avenues, conveniently located next to the iconic Round House Bar and across from DeRivera Park. It serves as the perfect spot for a pre-dinner cocktail or a delightful nightcap before retiring for the evening.

Originally built in the 1870s, the Park Hotel has been lovingly preserved, with the Red Moon now occupying its original dining hall. The bar retains the hotel’s rich history, once serving as the Winter Bar, the Chicken Patio indoor seating area, an employee break room, a band room, and hosting various Round House Bar events.

The dimly lit ambiance of the Red Moon showcases its captivating atmosphere. The space features a gilded tin ceiling, vintage-inspired Jacquard wallpaper, and intricately engraved table tops.

Notably, these table tops hold a special significance as they were transformed from old picnic tables used at The Round House Bar in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. The Red Moon exudes an air of nostalgia and historical charm.

The Red Moon’s drink menu perfectly captures the spirit of the Prohibition era. Their extensive wine list showcases bottles from around the globe, including a fine selection of West Coast wines.

Craft beers, including beloved local favorites like Great Lakes Brewing, coexist with domestic and imported offerings. For those seeking something unique, the Red Moon even crafts beer cocktails. Picture sipping on a refreshing concoction that combines Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA with ginger beer, mango, and passionfruit—a true summer delight.

To fully immerse yourself in the sophisticated atmosphere, order one of their classic cocktails or indulge in one of their new creations. Whether it’s a Manhattan, Gimlet, Lake Erie Storm, Blueberry Mojito, Colonial Fizz, Strawberry Balsamic Martini, Sparkle Martini, or Espresso Martini, the Red Moon uses only top-shelf liquor and the freshest ingredients to craft each drink to perfection.



For martini enthusiasts, options like the Red Moon Martini with ABSOLUT, cranberry, lime, and cointreau or the indulgent espresso martini with vanilla vodka are sure to please. Other timeless favorites such as the Sloe Gin Fizz, the Sidecar, and the Pimm’s Cup grace the menu, adding to the bar’s allure.

In essence, the Red Moon is more than just a bar—it’s an experience. From the captivating ambiance to the meticulously crafted cocktails, it embodies the essence of a bygone era while offering a memorable and sophisticated evening for all who enter its doors.

Red Moon Nearby Places Of Interest

Near the Red Moon Saloon in Put-in-Bay, there are several places of interest worth exploring. Here are a few highlights:

  1. DeRivera Park: Located across from the Red Moon Saloon, DeRivera Park is a beautiful green space offering a tranquil escape. Take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or simply relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings.
  2. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial: Just a short walk from the Red Moon Saloon, this historic monument commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. Climb to the top of the memorial for breathtaking views of the island and learn about its significance at the visitor center.
  3. Heineman’s Winery: Embark on a short journey to Heineman’s Winery and indulge in a wine tasting experience. Sample their award-winning wines, including their famous Pink Catawba, and learn about the winemaking process on a guided tour.
  4. South Bass Island State Park: Take a relaxing stroll or enjoy a picnic in South Bass Island State Park. With its scenic views of Lake Erie, sandy beaches, and shaded picnic areas, it’s a perfect spot to unwind and soak up the natural beauty.
  5. Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center: Venture underground to explore Perry’s Cave, a natural limestone cave filled with fascinating geological formations. Afterward, engage in some family-friendly fun at the onsite miniature golf course, gemstone mining, or rock wall climbing.
  6. The Boardwalk: Located near the ferry dock, The Boardwalk is a popular waterfront attraction offering a variety of dining options, shops, and live entertainment. Enjoy fresh seafood, browse for souvenirs, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

These are just a few of the many attractions near the Red Moon Saloon in Put-in-Bay. Whether you’re seeking historical sites, natural beauty, or family-friendly activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant island destination.


266 Delaware Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Larry T.

Red Moon is Hidden in plain sight along the bustling main strip, there's a super cool place that might easily escape your attention if you're not specifically looking for it. It's nestled within one of the hotels, offering a laid-back atmosphere and an impressive array of custom cocktails. The entrance is discreet, but if you keep a keen eye, you'll find this fantastic spot just steps away from the bustling street. One of our favorite put-in-bay bars.

Bella D.

Our experience at Red Moon was absolutely incredible! The ambiance was top-notch, and the bartenders went above and beyond to ensure we had an unforgettable time. We visited on a Friday night and found the atmosphere to be pleasantly calm and relaxed. Even on a lively Sunday, the service remained exceptional, with lightning-fast drink service. Some reviews may mention concerns about noise levels for a speakeasy, but let's not forget that we were in the vibrant setting of Put-in-Bay on a weekend. While I can't recall the name of the bartender from our first night, they were incredibly efficient and had a great sense of humor. However, it was Delaney who truly made our second night unforgettable with her exceptional service. And let's not forget about the drinks themselves—they were absolutely perfect! We're eagerly looking forward to our next visit, as this place left a lasting impression on us. Convenient to all the put-in-bay restaurants.

Shelia F.

Discover the hidden gem of Put-in-Bay, Red moon Saloon. During our recent visit to South Bass Island, we stumbled upon a remarkable pub/speakeasy located right in the heart of downtown. As you approach the leading hotel's entrance, look to the left. If you spot a closed door with a glowing red light, that's your cue to enter. But if the red light is absent, unfortunately, it's not open at the moment.

Step inside and be transported back to the roaring 20s or 30s, as this speakeasy captures the essence of that bygone era. The interior boasts cozy and comfortable furniture, adorned with elegant Tiffany-style lamps that cast a warm and romantic glow throughout. The ambiance is delightfully dark, setting the perfect mood. The music playing in the background is carefully curated, adding to the overall experience.

However, the true star of the Red Moon show is the bar itself. Prepare to be amazed by their extensive selection of infused vodkas and craft cocktails. We highly recommend trying the Watermelon Martini—a refreshing and delectable choice. Whether you prefer vodka or other types of liquor, their menu offers a wide range of options to suit every taste.

Don't miss out on this hidden treasure! Located just to the left of the pub is the famous Roundhouse. Seek out this speakeasy on the island, and you won't be disappointed. It's an experience you'll be glad you had during your time in Put-in-Bay.

lisa D.

The drinks at Red Moon were simply outstanding! Each sip we took was a burst of deliciousness. The bartender was not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Her sense of humor added an extra touch of enjoyment to our evening, and her drink-making skills were truly exceptional. Red Moon offers a unique experience that sets it apart from other places on the island. In fact, it reminded us of the renowned Century Bar in Dayton, Ohio. The ambiance was undeniably cool, and the overall atmosphere made our visit all the more memorable. If you're looking for a place with great drinks and a one-of-a-kind vibe, Red Moon is a must-visit destination on Put-in-Bay.

Elliot S.

Hidden like an oasis, Red Moon is a true gem. While it may require a little effort to locate and isn't always open (keep an eye out for the glowing red light above the door), discovering this speakeasy on a busy weekend day with scorching temperatures was like finding solace in the storm. Amidst the hustle and bustle, Red Moon provided a refreshing escape from the crowded streets and raucous bars serving cheap beer.

Stepping into Red Moon, we were enveloped by its dark, cozy ambiance and the welcome relief of excellent air conditioning. The craft cocktails served here were of exceptional quality, a testament to the skilled bartenders who put their heart and soul into every creation. The elegant atmosphere exuded understated charm, with just the right level of dim lighting to set the mood. If you desired a more intimate experience, the cozy corners provided the perfect spot for some peaceful canoodling. We were so captivated by our visit that we are already planning our return. Red Moon is undoubtedly an upscale cocktail bar, and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the handcrafted drinks to the presence of fresh mint on the bar. It's worth noting that this level of sophistication is reflected in the pricing, as the experience at Red Moon is truly exceptional and well worth the investment. If you seek a refined and upscale setting to savor meticulously crafted cocktails, Red Moon is the place to be. Allow yourself to be transported to this oasis, and you'll understand why we can't wait to return, time and time again.

Wilfred S.

Nestled discreetly on the island, there exists a hidden gem—a serene and speakeasy-themed bar that remains undiscovered by most visitors. This elusive establishment tends to attract a unique crowd consisting of locals, regulars like myself, and those in the know. With its exquisite drink offerings and captivating decor, Red Moon is a true hidden treasure.

Unlike many places on the island, Red Moon opts for a subtle approach and refrains from advertising. This deliberate choice enhances the feeling of exclusivity when you step through its doors. The sense of being part of an exclusive group adds an extra layer of allure to the experience. The drinks served at Red Moon are nothing short of amazing, crafted with precision and creativity. The bartenders here are masters of their craft, ensuring each sip is a delightful revelation.

The bar's interior boasts captivating aesthetics, immersing you in the enchanting ambiance of a bygone era. The attention to detail in the decor is remarkable, evoking the spirit of a true speakeasy. It's as if stepping into Red Moon is like entering a time capsule, transporting you to a world of elegance and intrigue.

While Red Moon may require a bit of sleuthing to locate, it is undeniably worth the effort. The bar's secrecy only adds to its allure, and discovering this hidden gem is a thrilling adventure in itself. If you have the chance to uncover Red Moon's well-kept secret during your visit to Put-in-Bay, it's an experience that should not be missed.

Rhonda D.

Nestled discreetly on the island lies a hidden gem, a serene and speakeasy-themed bar that remains undiscovered by most visitors. Red Moon, as it is known, has a certain mystique that draws in a unique crowd of locals, regulars, and those in the know. With its exquisite drink offerings and captivating decor, Red Moon stands as a true hidden treasure.

Unlike the bustling places that line the island, Red Moon takes a more subtle approach, eschewing advertising and embracing exclusivity. Stepping through its doors invokes a sense of privilege, as if you are part of a select group privy to this extraordinary experience. The drinks served at Red Moon are nothing short of exceptional, meticulously crafted with precision and creativity. The bartenders, true masters of their craft, ensure that each sip is a delightful revelation.

The interior of Red Moon is a testament to artistry, immersing patrons in an enchanting ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era. Every detail of the decor has been carefully considered, evoking the spirit of a genuine speakeasy. It feels as though entering Red Moon is akin to stepping into a time capsule, transporting you to a world of elegance and intrigue.

Locating Red Moon may require a bit of sleuthing, adding to its allure and making the discovery all the more thrilling. Its hidden nature only heightens the excitement surrounding this hidden gem. If you have the opportunity to uncover the well-kept secret of Red Moon during your visit to Put-in-Bay, it is an experience that should not be missed. Prepare to be captivated by its elusive charm and indulged by its exceptional offerings. Red Moon is a destination for those seeking an extraordinary escape from the ordinary.

Becky F.

Hidden within the enchanting realm of Put-in-Bay, there exists a treasure unknown to many—a place cherished by locals and coveted by those in the know. This clandestine haven, known simply as the Best-Kept Secret On The Island, has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

As inhabitants of The Bay during the summer months, we have had the privilege of discovering this hidden gem. It has quickly become one of our cherished destinations, a sanctuary where unforgettable memories are made. The allure of this establishment lies not only in its exclusivity but also in the unparalleled quality of its drinks. Each sip is a testament to the skill and passion of the bartenders who pour their artistry into every creation.

We find ourselves compelled to share the secret with our friends, urging them to venture forth and experience the magic for themselves. The atmosphere is infused with an air of mystery and anticipation, as the Red Light beckons those in search of an extraordinary escape. It serves as a symbol, a signal that behind the doors lies an unparalleled world waiting to be discovered.

To all who encounter this message, we implore you: keep the Red Moon Light on! Let its glow guide seekers of exceptional libations to this hidden realm. Embrace the secrecy, relish in the knowledge that you are among the privileged few who have unveiled the Best-Kept Secret On The Island. May its allure endure, captivating souls who dare to embark on this remarkable journey.

Frankie P.

Red Moon exceeded our expectations as an outstanding destination for classic drinks! Our group of six stumbled upon this hidden gem on a Monday evening after dinner, finding that many other bars on Put-in-Bay were closed. To our pleasant surprise, Red Moon welcomed us with open doors.

Upon arrival, we were promptly seated and presented with a thoughtfully crafted drink menu. Intrigued by the allure of a Chocolate Martini, most of us eagerly placed our orders. Our anticipation was rewarded as the expertly prepared cocktails arrived at our table. Each sip was a symphony of flavors, a testament to the mastery of the bartenders. The dedication to excellence in both taste and presentation was evident in every glass.

The ambiance of Red Moon embraced its speakeasy concept with remarkable finesse. The surroundings transported us to a bygone era, where secrets whispered and forbidden libations flowed. Every detail, from the dim lighting to the vintage-inspired decor, contributed to the enchanting atmosphere. It was clear that meticulous care had been taken to create a space that paid homage to the speakeasy era.

Not only did Red Moon deliver in terms of its exceptional drinks, but the service also left a lasting impression. The staff exhibited professionalism and attentiveness, ensuring that our experience was nothing short of excellent. Their friendly demeanor and dedication to customer satisfaction added an extra layer of enjoyment to our evening.

We departed Red Moon with a deep sense of satisfaction, grateful for stumbling upon such a remarkable establishment. Our taste buds and spirits had been uplifted, and we were left with memories of an evening well-spent in the company of classic drinks and impeccable service. For those seeking an unforgettable experience on Put-in-Bay, Red Moon is a destination not to be missed.