Lesters Taco Shop is one of Put-in-Bay’s newest restaurants and has it ever been a hit! Food made from authentic family Nicaraguan recipes with ingredients so fresh they don’t even have a freezer! Lesters Taco Shop serves the island’s most affordable breakfast, lunch & dinner along with their highly popular late-night food! Get there early, get there often as fresh does run out during peak volume…another great reason to stay another day…they’ll make more!

Lesters Taco shop - Photo One of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants

Lesters Taco Shop Details

For over 20 years the Lopez family sold their Taco’s Al Pastor at a roadside stand in the city of Dario in Nicaragua. The morning began with making tortillas from ground cornmeal and flour with care not to make too many as every day fresh was the keyword. The meats were fresh from the neighborhood butcher and marinated in a secret mixture of chilies, fruit juices, and spices. The Pico De Gallo and various heat levels of salsa were made from vegetables that just yesterday were growing in the family garden

Soon, the word began to spread and what was once a mother and son business became a family all hands-on production just to keep up. Often times they were sold out before the dinner hour was complete, never cutting corners to sacrifice quality or the freshness of their product. Today, Lesters Tacos has expanded their menu to include other great Central American favorites such as burritos, bowls, and daily specialty entrees.

Quality Food A Fair Price – Lesters Taco Shop

A few times each summer, Mama Lopez visits Put-in-Bay to insure her namesake recipes are still being properly prepared. Freezers are a no-no as is any meat that has been treated with anything other than natural feed in a humane environment. We think she just really misses the grandkids who can often be found helping in the family kitchen or selling ice-cold bottles of water in front of Lesters Tacos

Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Late Night Food, Lesters Taco shop is one of the most affordable Put-in-Bay Restaurants and one of the best-kept secrets for a quick inexpensive breakfast.

Try their breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and cheese wrapped in a freshly made tortilla. You will likely smell Lesters Taco shop before you see it! The flavorful aroma is present in the downtown area right by the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals.

Lesters Tacos delivers islandwide for a small fee (minimum order may apply) and to all local Put-in-Bay Hotels. They also cater to large groups. conferences or special events. After a long night enjoying the Put-in-Bay Entertainment, nothing quite hits the spot like a few of Lesters Taco’s Al Pastor! Lesters Taco Shop has also teamed up with the Put-in-Bay Pizza Company to offer a one-stop-shop for delivery.

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WOW! It’s about time Put-in-Bay restaurants tried something other than burgers and pizza. We loved Lesters Taco Shop and the people were awesome! If you have not tried their shrimp tacos you owe your tastebuds a shot at these bad boys!

Daniel A Todd

Working on the island Lesters Taco Shop is a treat I better learn to have some control over! These tacos are delicious and the fact they will bring them right to my door is a bonus! Sometimes we don’t even want to go out and this is a great option for the boring pizza.

Mark Mathys

This place has become the new ‘must-try” hangout later night on the island. LOVE THESE TACOS!

LIsa Rowels

I love the fish tacos Baja style at this place ever time I’m going to  Put-in-Bay it’s a must stop. There are other favorites like the California burrito and if you want something simple, get a bean and cheese burrito with some hot sauce in it. Really hits the spot. They are practicing COVID precautions so allow extra time for the lines and food preparation time. Better yet, order ahead and pick it up or have it delivered.

Warren Butler

Today we had our family reunion catered by Lesters Taco Shop at the Put-in-Bay Resort. We had 50 people so we needed something easy but delicious. We have been using Lesters Taco Shop every visit and they never disappoint!  Everyone loved the food and commented on how flavorful the meat was.

The green sauce is so good and they have the best black beans and citrus rice. It was perfect! On top of the excellent food they incredible service! We paid a very reasonable fee to have the food delivered and Glenda and Linda went out of their way to meet up with us to deliver directly to us.

We had even forgotten something and she came back for us and included some delicious churro bites. This is incredible service, incredible food, and incredibly convenient! We will continue to use them every year

Paul Franks