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Big Mans Burrito Stand

Big Mans Burrito Stand Particulars

Tourists and locals jam at Frosty’s The Backyard, where you’ll find Big Mans Burrito Stand.

Located in the heart of Put-in-Bay, Big Man’s Burrito Stand is a vibrant and bustling eatery that is sure to satisfy your cravings for Mexican flavors.

The stand itself exudes a lively and inviting atmosphere, with colorful signage and the irresistible aroma of freshly prepared ingredients.

As you approach the stand, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and energetic staff ready to help you create your perfect burrito. The menu offers a wide range of options, allowing you to customize your burrito with your choice of proteins, toppings, and salsas. From succulent grilled chicken to savory seasoned beef, there’s something to please every palate.

The stand’s vibrant ingredients are beautifully displayed, from the freshly chopped cilantro to the tangy and zesty salsas.

The fillings are prepared with care, ensuring that each bite bursts with flavor and satisfaction. Whether you prefer a classic combination of rice, beans, and cheese, or you’re feeling adventurous and want to try unique toppings, Big Man’s Burrito Stand has you covered.

The service at Big Man’s Burrito Stand is efficient and friendly, with the staff working diligently to assemble your burrito to perfection. The portions are generous, ensuring that you leave with a satisfying meal that will keep you fueled for your island adventures.

Whether you’re a local looking for a quick and delicious meal or a visitor exploring Put-in-Bay, a stop at Big Man’s Burrito Stand is a must. Prepare to indulge in mouthwatering Mexican flavors and experience the vibrant and lively ambiance that makes this stand a favorite among locals and tourists alike.


This great Put-in-Bay Restaurant will surely become your new favorite late-night destination in the center of central Put-in-Bay on Delaware Ave.

The Backyard at Frosty is still packed with crowds of visitors and locals who have a great time relaxing on Adirondack chairs and soaking up the summer sun. They are open until 1 am.

Order a burrito from your mobile phone quickly if you find yourself in an exceptionally heated pool game at the bar or deep in discussion on the patio. In no time, you’ll be crushing a burrito.

Big Mans Burrito Stand Menu Highlights

With a vibrant menu of spicy food, like the streamlined Easy Steak Tacos, the staff loves to get creative here.

Big Mans Burrito Stand Burritos and the Decadent Chicken Buffalo Ranch Burritos are many guests’ favorites. On many nights you’ll find some great outdoor dining and dancing under the stars!

The Walking Taco is among their most famous pieces.

This culinary treat includes a bag of Fritos, or Doritos served in the bag with meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream to choose from!

With its array of sauces, meats, and toppings, you are invited to make your own custom burrito or taco. To please everyone’s flavor palate, chips, and dips for a lighter fare are also available.

Frosty’s Pizza a Family Tradition

Frosty’s has been making pizza and slinging ice-cold beer for over 60 years, a Put-in-Bay tradition. This welcoming place, founded and managed by the Stoiber family, really gets the island going. Frosty’s is one of the most friendly bars in town, known far and wide for its signature frosty mugs of beer.

Frosty’s Pizza, Along with Pasqualies and the Old Forge Restaurantare three of the most popular places for Put-in-Bay breakfasts!

Frosty’s makes sure everyone has plenty to love. A large outdoor patio, several bar games, such as Big Buck Hunter, and a pool table are also included in the bar. They also play live sports on their flat-screen televisions. Almost every night in the summer, live music can be heard. DJs spin music on the deck late into the night on weekends. You can find great shopping just down the road from Frosty’s, famous shops such as the Country House, the Lake Erie Islands Resale Shop, and Local Color. The nearby Chicken Patio is a great place to dine and watch the world pass by!

You’ll find one of the most important aspects of Put-in-Bay history down the lane, the Perry Peace Monument, which honors Canada and the United States’ everlasting peace and friendship.

252 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456,

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Danny T.

Loved Big Mans Burrito Stand I got a walking taco, and my hubby got a burrito. It was a good amount of food, and it was delicious! I definitely will be eating here again if we go back.

Sally W.

Stopped in Big Mans Burrito Stand for a drink Saturday night and came back for breakfast Sunday morning. The back patio is nice. The Meager Kings were playing. They were a fantastic band!! They had one of the best sets. They were very gifted and entertaining!! They kept us there for way more than the one drink we had planned on. I had the Mexican sunrise for breakfast, and it was delicious.

Andy M.

I got the macho nachos after a long day at the Blue Marlin....loved that you could customize what came on them. I heard the pizza was good too. Later that evening, the Big Mans Burrito Stand place becomes a dance club. Great DJ great place to dance

Ella B.

If you're not into the nightlife, Big Mans Burrito Stand is still a great place to go for lunch. It's the best lunch in town. There is a server there named Derek. If you need info on anything in Put In Bay, just ask him. He has been here for a long time and will take the time to share his knowledge with you.

Lawrence F.

Big Mans Burrito Stand has an extensive patio area in the back that is immaculate and decorated nicely for outdoor seating. Inside, the service was satisfactory, and we had a delicious pizza. The staff is trained to serve large crowds efficiently. Breakfast the following day was fantastic. Cooked to perfection and served promptly.

Frank A.

I stopped in Big Mans Burrito Stand here a few times while in the area: friendly employees, good beverages, and decent food. Also liked frosty's restaurant menu

Sam R.

Big Mans Burrito Stand is a must if you're visiting Put-in-Bay, especially for Sunday Funday. Live entertainment, Big Mans Burrito Stand, a large back patio, and tasty drinks..

Renalto R.

Great burritos and worth the price, filling! Big Mans Burrito Stand is different, but it is what we wanted, something different! Taco in a bag was giant! The side salad was a perfect size. The drinks were also great!

Holly C.

Big Mans Burrito Stand is usually a go-to when we're at the 'Bay, and It didn't disappoint. The beer was cold, the burritos were mouthwatering, and our server, Jess, was among the best. In these days of "good help is hard to find", she's an asset to Big Mans Burrito Stand. We also like frosty's pizza menu

Mike C.

Loved it. Very cool outdoor seating area with live bands. We dropped $400 here on drinks and food between 15 people. The burritos and burgers from the stand are wonderful! Put this in your face!!! Big Mnas Burrito Stand is located behind frosty's put-in-bay