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Chicken Patio

Chicken Patio History

In 1952, a small charcoal grill and a BBQ Sauce made from island wine began to serve locals and tourists with rave reviews.

With an open-air setting and the stunning DeRivera Park across the street, patrons of the nearby Round House Bar were fed by the thousands. Ever since, the Chicken Patio has served the best BBQ chicken on South Bass Island.

To be sure the secret is in the sauce and Chicken Patio is an example of this age-old saying! The famous wine-basted chicken and sauce is known far and wide for its deep, rich, and sassy taste!

Chicken Patio Particulars

Chicken Patio is situated on the patio next to the historic Round House Bar one of the island’s oldest businesses.

It is now considerably larger than when first started. Grillmasters originally manned a small charcoal-type grill with the exact famous delectable homemade island wine-basted sauce and chicken as it does today. 

A massive 21-foot grill is manned by several talented grill operators to ensure there is always enough to go around.

The star of the show is the chicken. It’s all they do, and they do it well.

Each chicken dinner includes sides of sweet corn steamed on the cob, a dinner roll, and potato salad.

You can also dine on just the 1/2 chicken and sauce for smaller appetites. Extra sauce is just .50 cents and well worth it! Many people buy a few to take home. Grab your napkins and wet naps as this chicken patio dinner is juicy and a little sloppy! 

Chicken Patio Dinner – Winner Winner!

Chicken Patio is voted the Best BBQ on Put-in-Bay year after year. Many visitors and locals make the Chicken patio their first stop after the long winter months. The smokey, mouthwatering aroma drifts down Delaware Avenue, and the smoke from the BBQ can be seen from all of the downtown areas. One of several places to dine on the main strip. Other downtown dining options near the Chicken Patio include the Boathouse Bar And Grill, Margaritas On The Rock, and Big Mans Burrito Stand behind Frosty Family Pizza.

Meals can be enjoyed on the patio, or you can take it to go! The takeout service is fast and an excellent option for those wanting a picnic-style lunch at one of Put-in-Bay’s attractions. A friendly bar serves wine, beer, liquor, and CrushBar and Bushwhackers—specials to accompany the chicken. An espresso bar onsite serves lattes and cappuccinos. Bring Fido along, as the outdoor patio is pet friendly.

Chicken Patio can accommodate large groups for your next event. Calling ahead is a good idea so they may prepare for your arrival. Located just one block from the Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center, It’s an excellent place for an off-site lunch or dinner! They can prepare trays full of that famous BBQ chicken, sweet corn, and potato salad that your guests will thank you for!

234 Delaware Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Adrian V.

Don't just stroll by The Chicken Patio! You'll smell the deliciousness as you walk by the all-outdoor chicken patio at Put-in-Bay. Don't just keep walking! You get half a delectable chicken, sweet corn, a roll, and potato salad. Always a quick and delicious meal any time of the day! There's even a bar in the same deck eating area.

Patty B.

Chicken Patio is the finest food on the Island. You know it is cooked right in front of you and not reheated fare. For $13, you get a half chicken smothered in a wine BBQ sauce (yum!), potato salad, a roll, and an ear of corn. You can get everything separate as well, and additional sauce. We always dine here when we visit, and we even returned at the end of the day to bring two more chickens home for leftovers!

Lena R.

An Island treat-One of the best put in bay restaurants you have to at least drop by when you are on the Island. On a sizzling summer day, you can smell the chicken patio before seeing it throughout the entire park and onto the boat docks. Food that hits the mark with a cold drink on a summer day

Wilhelmena D.

Excellent eats at a fantastic price, able to sit on the patio and people watch. We have been to Put In Bay several times but usually, go for walleye and perch. During this trip, chicken patio put in bay was cooked outside (which smelled good), and the cost for the whole dinner (which was very fair) made us stop. We were delighted with our dinners which included 1/2 chicken, potato salad, an ear of corn, and a roll. We only wish they had real silverware instead of plastic, but we get that the throwaway makes it more manageable to clean up. We will go back next time we're on the Island.

Bradly R,

The chicken patio meal comes with 1/2 a chicken, corn on the Cobb, potato salad cup, and a dinner roll. It's good! They put wine sauce on the chicken to cook the chicken. They cook on a colossal grill outside in the open-- it's under a roof, though. You have to pay individually for your drinks. You do sit outdoors to eat. One of the better put-in-bay restaurants

Andrea L.

One comment... Delicious....!!!! Keeps you desiring to eat more. Every time I go to put-in-bay, I have to have it. It is tender and succulent with a killer wine sauce for dipping. I recommend always getting the extra sauce which takes the chicken patio to the level. It's got a tangy, smoky wine flavor that opens all your tastebuds. I would have loved to have a little more heat to the sauce if a customer required it, but that's just my preference.

Ricky T.

By far, this is one of the most pleasing meals that is a must-have while seeing put in bay. The chicken is grilled to perfection. The wine sauce is out of this world and unique. Ask for an extra cup of wine sauce for your chicken. You won't be sorry. The team at the Chicken Patio, please keep up this great ritual. We look forward to having this meal upon each seasonal visit to Put-in-Bay.

Jeffry F.

Our favorite food stop at Put-in-Bay. chicken patio put-in-bay is, hands down, the BEST chicken feast around. Grilled to perfection with that BBQ wine sauce!!! The corn, potato salad, and roll are great too. Pleasant service. If you aren't trying this chicken, you're missing out.