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Chocolate Cafe Museum

The Chocolate Cafe Museum  Particulars

Let’s Talk about mouthwatering, tasty, delicious, and all those words that mean yummy!! The Chocolate Cafe Museum is the most delightful attraction at Put-in-Bay. Located less than a mile from downtown Catawba Avenue, The Chocolate Cafe Museum fulfills every traveler’s sweet tooth, from kids to adults!

One side is the cafe, while the other houses the chocolate museum. The restaurant encourages visitors to spoil their love of all items sweet. While they are known as masters in the fine craftwork of chocolates, they also serve a wide variety of sweet and scrumptious delicacies.

The Chocolate Cafe Museum sells over 30 flavors of the famous Toft’s ice cream, along with rich tarts and cakes. They also offer signature coffees that pair perfectly with their chocolates and pies. Coffee beans are ground fresh several times a day. Nothing is more satisfying than a cup of fresh piping hot coffee with its rich, creamy taste.

Their hot chocolate menu is also very unusual. They make everything from zesty Mexican Hot Chocolate to their heavenly Dark Hot Chocolate. Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream for the most incredible hot chocolate adventure. Beginning your Put-in-Bay visit at the Chocolate Cafe Museum? Summon up some of their ultra-satisfying muffins, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and more.

The Chocolate Cafe Museum Chocolates

• Gift Baskets
• Turtles & Clusters
• Squares & Mints
• Solid Chocolate
• Creams
• Salty Chocolate Covered Pretzels
• Caramel Corn
•Malted Milk Balls
• Fudge
• Gift Bags and Boxes
• Crunches
• Chocolate Covered Favorites
• Meltaways & Truffles

Chocolate Cafe Museum To Go!

Tourists catch a portion of Chocolate Covered Favorites or a pound of Meltaways & Truffles. There is so much to pick from! Try the Milk Chocolate Rice Krispie treats or White Chocolate Covered Pretzels! You and your household will desire to come time and time again. Create a custom-made gift box home to take home when you depart the island.

Chocolates may also be ordered online, and they also offer packages for corporate meetings and events. Are you or your company planning a special event? They also produce corporate branding items with their chocolates. They can include your logo, artwork, or photos on bags of their delicious popcorn and custom-boxed chocolate for something to really make your event stand out.

Their bakery selections are incredible! It is packed full of cakes like their super-rich Tiramisu Sponge Cake Turtle Cheesecake and Mixed Berry Cheesecake. One of this country’s country’s most beloved tastes, most of us don’t know how chocolate is made. The showroom features an exhibit about the making of chocolate and exhibitions of favorite candy-colored movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The displays include antique memorabilia from the early days of chocolate making to vintage tins and boxes. 

After your visit, several great Put-in-Bay Shopping options are nearby. Just down the street, the Perrys Cave Gift Shop features numerous Put-in-Bay branded gifts and cave-related items. Also at the same location is the Butterfly House Gift Shop, with many great gift options.

820 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Stella S.

Outstanding German Chocolate Cake. I had a history of chocolate with an abundance of candy, popcorn, ice cream, chocolate fudge, and cake. EVERYTHING chocolate. Definitely, a must-go for yourself and a great location to purchase gifts to bring home. We also had seating alfresco at a small German food restaurant near, where we relaxed and ate fantastic ice cream. The popcorn was the best caramel popcorn the individual I was with had ever had. The museum's décor was very relaxed, with a beautiful history of chocolate. My buddies all enjoyed their ice cream. We did not test the hot food outside at the Biergarten, which is connected to the Chocolate Cafe Museum, but it is part of the restaurant above.

Shelly E.

The ideal location on the island to get hot or cold beverages with chocolate. The drinks and ice creams were both good. The place was somewhat packed when we reached the facility at 11 am on a Sunday. Nevertheless, the service was fast, and I'll be sure to give Chocolate Cafe Museum a stop every time I go back to the island.

Mandy R.

Chocolate Cafe Museum is a charming shop with many choices of coffees, ice creams, sweets, and souvenirs. Loved the beer garden outside too! By far the best hot chocolate I've ever had! We will return every time we visit Put-In-Bay!

Mike D.

Great Ice Cream! They have hot chocolate, coffee, and ice cream here. There are numerous choices of hand-dipped ice cream. Chocolate is South Bend chocolate, so it is fantastic. There was a lengthy line while we were there. Two young girls were working, and they were fast but required more help. I cannot overstate these girls' excellent service, as they were friendly, polite, and quick. The floor was pretty clean, as was the rest of the facility. Chocolate Cafe Museum Ice cream was delicious.

Billy H.

A tremendous out-of-the-way breakfast spot! We have been coming to Put-in-Bay for many years and saw this location for the first time this past week. They have THE BEST hot chocolate my wife has ever had, made with lots of hot, melted, simple chocolate. The mochas were great as well. They have Muffins, bagels/croissants on the menu for Breakfast, and a choice of breakfast sandwiches. Chocolate Cafe Museum Ice cream and chocolate candy tempt the tastebuds as well. A wonderful place to go if there is a delay for Breakfast in the village.

Nicky B.

You've cheated yourself if you ignore the Chocolate Cafe Museum on Put in Bay island. Various Chocolates and others, from Chocolate fudge to walnut maple fudge. chocolate cafe menu offered many other Chocolate treats.

Major F.

Incredible Chocolate Candies Selection-During a day-long trip to Put-in-Bay, among the places we stopped to taste, refresh, and rest was this candy business (yes, there is a cafe as well, but that was NOT our purpose). The Chocolate Cafe Museum samplings are unique and tasty, ranging from milk and dark with diverse fillings and designs of nuts, caramels, and other goodies. Pricing is roughly as foreseen for a touristy area, but the bags we took onward for the rest of the daytime provided tasty treats for everyone.

George W.

Sooo good-We saw this area while tooling around on our golf carts. I decided to go in and check the place out. It was busy, but we were helped right away. I got a fantastic raspberry cheesecake, and the kids got ice cream. Chocolate Cafe Museum has a nice outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings—I loved it here.

Brudi B.

Good assortment of chocolates and is family-friendly! We visited on our way out of town. We only had a couple of minutes to spare since our ferry was scheduled to depart. We did get some really good caramel popcorn. We also bought t-shirts there. We plan to return and hopefully enjoy some chocolate and ice cream at the Chocolate Cafe Museum

Ellis D.

Yummy Treats. Buy One or Two pounds. Chocolate Cafe Museum is a delightful shop with candies and coffee galore. It's hard to choose, but you can select a single article up to pounds of whatever your soul wants: fudge and turtles to chocolate-covered blueberries. I also saw gluten and sugar-free alternatives. I believe there were ice creams (32 flavors), coffees, plus. They had a hilarious photo prop with I Love Lucy and played the snippet of the chocolate factory. Fun! You must go upstairs to get to the bathrooms, which are neat and nostalgic.

Bertil V.

Rich Dessert! I have visited the chocolate cafe museum numerous times for its delectable fudge, but this was the first time that I have ordered a dessert. It was a big slice of truffle cheesecake. I shared it with my two daughters and my Mother. It was served on an actual glass plate, with dark, milk, or white chocolate drizzled on top. They also propose dipping your fork in melted chocolate and garnishing your dish with whipped cream. Awesome!

Brandy V.

Rich Dessert! I have visited the chocolate cafe museum numerous times for its delectable fudge, but this was the first time that I had ordered a dessert. It was a big slice of truffle cheesecake. I shared it with my two daughters and my Mother. It was served on an actual glass plate, with dark, milk, or white chocolate drizzled on top. They also propose dipping your fork in melted chocolate and garnishing your dish with whipped cream. Awesome!

Larry V.

Delicious ice cream-We stopped by after lunch for a bowl of ice cream. They offered quite a few flavors. Be aware that the portions are huge. One companion got one spoon in a dish - it looked like it was a pint of ice cream. I got the child-size vanilla salted caramel. My scoop was as big as the regular scoop but .50 less. It was so good. I ate it all! Very affordable prices.

Valerie C.

Neat place with lots of delectables to select from for ANY level chocaholic, and the museum exhibits were really cool to see! Turtle sundae was terrific, and Tofts is delicious ice cream. I will return! The staff was amicable and fast to assist. chocolate cafe put in bay menu was great for breakfast. Nice that is is close to the put-in-bay hotels