Put-in-Bay Community To Celebrate Germ Burn

While many Ohio communities are preparing for New Year’s Eve, the residents of the small Lake Erie island known to many simply as Put-in-Bay will sacrifice a replica of the Corona Virus to the heavens. The “Germ Burn” will take place on December 29th in the area between the Boardwalk Restaurant and the A section of the city docks.

The Germ Burn will start at 6 PM, where a specially constructed “Covid Ball” will be set ablaze. In years past, the tradition was to sacrifice a burning replica of a cow asking for the Ice Gods to bless the community with a strong coating of ice for winter ice fishing, a popular off-season pastime on the island.

The burning of the “Covid Ball” is a way for residents to put the difficult 2020 season behind them and express hope for a better 2021 AND Good ice! The ceremony will be followed by fireworks, weather permitting.