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Kayak The Bay

Kayak the Bay and explore Put-in-Bay from a whole new viewpoint. Take a more unhurried approach to your tour of the island by floating along the banks of this captivating region, drinking in the sights, and even taking a plunge in the calm waters of Lake Erie!

Kayak The Bay Particulars

Sometimes water levels determine where kayaks can go. Kayak the Bay leases an assortment of kayaks at a reasonable price.

They offer fantastic group deals, excursions, and instructions on how to utilize their gear. They can also put together special group tours as long as you call beforehand with particulars.

Kayak the Bay is next to Oak Point State Park, the smallest Ohio State Park. They are at the end of the harbor, which has a lot less boat traffic.

There is a restroom in the park if you need to use it before jumping in the Kayak. Storage containers are provided for your belongings.

Kayaks are available in both sit-on-top and sit-inside models. Canines are always welcome to ride along as long as they can get in the Kayak with you!

You may get a little wet while floating, but things inside the craft remain dry. Bring a box lunch along and picnic on one of the beachfronts at East Point.

Kayak The Bay Rental Prices

Kayak The Bay Offers Sit Inside And Sit On Top Kayaks For Up To 2 Hours.




RATES FOR OVER 2 HOURS $10.00 per hour/per person


Things To See At Kayak the Bay

Gibraltar Island is A leisurely paddle from the pier in the downtown Put-in-Bay harbor. Catch a few great photos of the 3rd tallest National Monument from your Kayak. It’s an excellent place for photographs. The port is well shielded from most weather, and seeing the magnificent limestone cliffs is super relaxing. Cooke Castle has a great history in Gibraltar, built-in 1865. It is a secluded island now held by Ohio State University. This is the location where the Needle’s Eye “used to be.”

The Benson Ford Shiphouse is a fantastic place to visit and has been featured on HGTV-Most distinctive homes. On the way to the Benson Ford, you can see Rattlesnake Island and Green Island. Beach glass can be discovered on days the Lake Erie level is lower.

Massie Cliffside Preserve has a pier and pebble beach to haul your Kayak onto, hike the trails, or sit on a bench and enjoy a picnic lunch. You will get a wonderful view of Middle Bass when you go east.

Middle Bass Island-For better-experienced kayakers as it is a little over a mile excursion over open water. Most of it is private grounds, but you can draw up on Middle Bass State Park beachfront to get out and survey the island if you get hungry and need to chill, go to JF Walleyes for lunch and enjoy the pool out back. You can lease a bicycle and visit Lonz Winery. An entertaining island-hopping experience.

Location and Nearby Attractions

Located only ½ mile from the boardwalk, on the other side of Squaw Harbor, Kayak the Bay is an easy walk from downtown. It also has parking for golf carts, bikes, and cars. The Aquatic Visitors Center is close by, as well as Stone Laboratory. The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club can be seen along the downtown waterfront. The dining destinations of downtown are all very close, so you can refuel up after a rigorous paddle.


760 Bayview Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Things To Do At Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay offers visitors a wide variety of action-packed & educational activities, some of which have a small fee to attend. Plan your must-see list by clicking below!

Activities For Kids & Adults Alike

You'll enjoy a wide variety of watersports, fishing, museums, and cool things to do, like exploring caves and climbing rock walls!

Explore Island History

There is so much to learn about Put-in-Bay's History & its important role in the War Of 1812. Our local museum is a great place to begin! Click the link below to learn more about the island.

Spending more than a day in Put-in-Bay?

Did you know a crucial battle in the War of 1812 was fought along the shorelines of South Bass Island? Read along and discover the island's rich history!

Perrys International Peace Memorial

Towering over 300 Ft Tall visitors are welcomed to the base of the monument where an elevator whisks you to an observation platform with stunning views!

Stunning Views From Atop The Monument

Breathtaking views await those who journey to the top of the Perrys International Peace Memorial. Detroit, Canada & Cedar Point can be seen on a clear day!

Learn All About Put-in-Bay

Everything you need to know to plan & enjoy a fantastic trip to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island! Information on how to get here, where to stay, eat, and what to see! when you get here!

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Janelle S.

Excellent service! My Girl Scout Troop was attempting to kayak while at Put-in-Bay. After numerous phone calls and emails earlier in the spring to organize all the particulars and paperwork, we got a call the week before our trip informing us that the piers were submerged and not available. We were dispirited the next day. We were also informed that our guide, which was CPR and small watercraft certified (not provided by the establishment), had also canceled. We endeavored to go through the other business on the Island, but they would not accommodate us. Vickie was fantastic to work with. She made numerous tries to assist us in finding the certified individuals that our Girl Scout rules mandate and was still moving to pull out kayaks and get us moving another way. While we could not go, we are so grateful for her assistance!! I can't wait to go kayaking with my clan to the Island. We will be using the establishment!!

Loraine D.

Exceptional! Kayak The Bay was some of the most pleasing kayaking I've done. The individuals who operated this establishment were accommodating and responded to our inquiries. They told us where to go and how much time it would take to get there. We kayaked through the stones and over to Middle Bass Island, where the Lonz winery was. We anchored on the beach and had a picnic and some lunch on the small beachfront. Our course was pretty jerky from all the vessels going through, but that was part of the fun! You can take fewer choppy routes if that is not your thing. I recommend Kayak the Bay!

Larry P.

Helpful Staff, Reasonably Priced, Great Destinations Highly recommend Kayak The Bay while seeing the Island. They have single and two-person kayaks. They also have kayaks you sit on top of and others where you sit inside and closer to the water. (I prefer the latter.) You pay for one hour but get two. Highly recommend! One team in our group had never kayaked, and they made them feel comfortable and convinced they could do this.

Ted W.

Helpful Staff, Reasonably Priced, and Great Destinations Highly recommend Kayak The Bay while seeing the Island. They have single and two-person kayaks. They also have kayaks you sit on top of and others where you sit inside and closer to the water. (I prefer the latter.) You pay for one hour but get two. Highly recommend! One team in our group had never kayaked, and they made them feel comfortable and convinced they could do this.

Henry C.

An excellent way to see more of Put in Bay! I had a party of six women do the two-hour rental for a bachelorette group, and it was a hoot! The woman at the kiosk was extremely acquainted and provided excellent suggestions for the kayaking part and what to do afterward in the day. The Kayak The Bay rental was $26 for 2 hours, we got fatigued and steered in a bit prematurely, but it was well worth the money. Seeing Gibraltar Island uptight was awesome, and it was fun to stroke along the shore. If you're inexperienced, stay in the bay area, but if you are fearless, you can head out to Middle Bass Island and beyond! This is a delightful difference in speed from the craziness of some of the islands, and I want to do it again sometime! We thought it was too choppy to try for a busy Saturday.

Sully F.

We had a really fun time on the water with Kayak The Bay. We didn't have a golf cart rental, and the location is a definite 15-minute walk from the primary street. Once we arrived, the proprietor took terrific care of us - we were there on a Saturday, so it was pretty active at Put-in-Bay. We lingered a few minutes for kayaks to be prepared and were shortly on our path. There is a 2-hour limit on kayak rentals, which is too bad as we would have enjoyed kayaking more. We carried two kids with us who did an amazing job of stroking their kayaks, but they needed to be faster to get to the beachfront before we had to circle back. We are an athletic household, so we had the power and energy to paddle longer, but the proprietors may have discovered that two hours is adequate for most individuals. Others may likewise find the nearness to significant boat traffic disturbing - don't be distressed about the other boats. You will be fine! You will get wet, so attire accordingly!

Fred C.

Kayak The Bay is one of our favored workouts on the Island! It is an affordable method to study and see sights of Put-in-Bay and nearby coasts that you wouldn't otherwise catch when some of the tall vessels are in the harbor! The proprietor is consistently so accommodating and sees to it that you have an exemplary time by suggesting exciting things to investigate. Our teens and their friends love it, especially checking out Gibraltar Island and the rocks, caves, and of course, "threading the eye of the needle" over there. We love this activity so much that we have bought our own kayaks, but we take all our buddies here so they can kayak with us! We have returned multiple times and like to familiarize new travelers to the Island to this hidden jewel.

Geoffry B.

Consistently a fantastic time! If you visit Put-in-Bay and want an activity to do, this is a fine one to select. I could glide away, wear myself out, relax, and enjoy the waves and scenery. We head out at least one time a year on one of our stays on the Island. I have never made it to the Benson Ford Shiphouse but perhaps next year? The rates are fantastic, and the gear was clean and functioning correctly. Wonderful family moment. Last year there were 12 of us, and we were efficiently accommodated. just a fantastic time at Kayak The Bay

Yuri V.

Simple, friendly, and easy! Kayak The Bay is a no-fuss way to expend a few delightful hours of kayaking. I think it was $40 for two hours which I found very reasonable. The woman was helpful but not overbearing. She had fun suggestions about where to kayak. They are also so friendly. Seriously--I fell OUT of the kayak getting back onto the dock. I was mOrTiFiEd!!!! She and a man helped me back onto the dock and acted like it was absolutely no big deal (seriously--it was!). They kept our things in a locked container and had cold water for a reasonable price. This is just a really fun adventure that you should NOT miss out on.

Wendel W.

I have been arriving at Put In Bay since 1989. A buddy and I selected to make a day of it on 8/12/22 Completed a phone call to get some information. The proprietor immediately contacted me and told me everything I needed to know. I showed up after a beautiful lunch at the Boardwalk Restaurant. The proprietor and gentleman at the counter under the awning took excellent care of us, telling us where to go, what to visit, and more. He hauled our kayaks up, and off we went for an awesome, enjoyable, different way to see the Put-in-Bay! We will be back. All equipment is in excellent condition. The people working were terrific. We are already scheduling another day to go and carry snorkel equipment this time. The water was crystal clear, and lots of cool things to explore! Thanks, fellas! We are looking to coming back very soon!

Christine K.

We Love Kayak The Bay! My spouse and I always love leasing kayaks from Vicki. She's familiar with climate circumstances and the most suitable routes to paddle. Kayak The Bay is at least half the reason we come to South Bass Island. Thanks for all you do, Vicki!

Lorena C.

Amazing Way to Investigate the Island!! My spouse and I enjoyed our experience kayaking about Lake Erie. We were impressed by the reasonable pricing, and the slot was easy to find. The proprietor offered us great recommendations about what to research and instructions regarding steering thru the current and swells made by the ferry boats. Kayak the Bay was a home run!

Randy L.

Explore all of Put-in-Bay With Kayak the Bay! We rented five single-person kayaks and enjoyed our paddle around Put-In-Bay. We went to Massie Cliffs Preserve and back with time to spare (we had 2 hours). The team was amicable and entertaining, and we will go back to kayak the bay put in bay

Quinten G.

Beautiful trip, and Pleasant staff! These women are wonderful! They are friendly and accommodating. is a Kayak The Bay was an excellent way to consume the afternoon. Exploring the perimeter of Gibraltar Island felt like you were in another part of the world. Highly recommend kayak the bay put-in-bay