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Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center

Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center Particulars

The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is essential in preserving South Bass Island.

On the brick-and-mortar side of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, the Center hosts various workshops and activities throughout the summer. These incorporate children’s nature camps, nature walks, and their yearly Island Green Week held in August.

The Center is open daily, from June through August, and on weekends in May and September.

They offer group pricing along with particular group programs by special appointment. Adults pay $3; children over five and seniors pay $2.

The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is located on Meechen Road, just down the street from South Bass Island State Park. If you are coming from town, look for the red building known as Joes Bar and turn left.

The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center encourages preserving and educating the ecosystem’s fauna, flora, and grounds. This is a beautiful and eclectic part of the nation with lots to discover.

Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center Nature Camp

Nature Camp is held the last weekend of June. Youths of all ages are able to experience the camp and are organized according to their age.

Prepare to explore the wilds of this beautiful lake!

Participants will also scoop for macro and micro invertebrates, probe for preying animals, and understand how all creatures, big and small, are linked via water.

Older participants can kayak and go camping for one night, either on South Bass Island, Middle Bass Island, or North Bass Island.

This is a fantastic option to discover Lake Erie and have a lot of enjoyment while doing so. The better we understand the environment, the more suitable we can oversee it.


Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center Wild Tuesdays

Something wild is invariably occurring on Tuesdays at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. From spiders to snakes to the caverns of Put-in-Bay, travelers can anticipate getting up close and personal with the particular subject of the Tuesday discussions.

Professionals from all over the area journey to Put-in-Bay to convey their wisdom about this wild plan earth. Wild Tuesdays commence in June and have been a Put-in-Bay staple since 2009.

Road Scholar Program

The Road Scholar program permits participants to learn about the world around them in educational and fun programs. For the Lake Erie branch, join a passionate crowd to study birding on Lake Erie, discover how to catch the surrounding beauty in a picture, and dive more in-depth into the region’s ecology. Review their website for more details about these multi-day agendas.

Put-in-Bay Island Green Week

Full of events about ecotourism, adventure, travel, history, and agritourism, there are amazing events for the whole family! Each year in August, the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center hosts their famous Island Green Week. The Center and partners, such as the Ohio State University Stone Laboratory, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, the Put-in-Bay Township Park District, and the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, organize this incredible week.

Please find the full calendar on their website. Some events to look forward to including a stargazing cruise, wine tastings, wetlands dedication, and the prized pig roast!

255 Meechen Road, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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Island Attractions

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Robin G.

Cool but busy We visited Kelleys and Put-in-Bay on back-to-back days, and it was quite a difference. Kelleys was very calm, with only a few visitors, while Put-in-Bay was very busy with much more action. If you like quiet, Put-in-Bay is your location. Having said that, really enjoyed the assortment of restaurants and shops that Put-in-Bay had to offer. Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center was a fun place to see. We rode Miller Ferry, which is much cheaper than jet boats, and were happy with the assistance. We went during the week, so we avoided the party crew.

Helen G.

I used to go tent camping here each year with my family growing up & consistently looked ahead to it because it was so much pleasure! I went back earlier this month & it was just like I remembered! It seems to be a party town, but it's very family-friendly!! & my cousins' wedding was beautiful! The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center was a new addition to the island and was pretty cool. It's great for any reason to visit and you can find it using a put-in-bay attractions map

Darell G.

Family-friendly and a nice place to relax and unwind. I had previously visited the island, so I knew what to anticipate. My wifey and I thought we'd take the children out for a one-night expedition, knowing our kid-friendly interests would be unlimited. The children had fun, mainly riding in the golf cart. The attractions were very nice, and there were lots to choose from. Our favorite was the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. Video plays, go-karts, and a cavern tour are pretty much it as far as the kid-friendly attractions go. They had the most fun at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. For the grown-ups, there's a lot of grub, drink, and shopping to be had.

Harry B.

We had a wonderful time just putzing around put-in-bay south bass island, renting a golf cart for the children to have a little fun, going swimming & spent time poking around the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. All in all, we had a wonderful time! We will be back for sure, just not on a Friday or Saturday.

Lisa F.

We ate the first night at the Bayshore Inn because we arrived on the island late. Great restaurant! Very affordable & the food was tasty! Most important, it was so quiet at put-in-bay during the week which was nice after the campground. The next day we took the tour at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center, which was very informative.

Dena G.

Beautiful island! We just took a short two-day trip to Put-in-Bay & camped at the South Bass Island State Park in a tent. Our campsite was gorgeous but crammed in close next to our neighbors. Some of the spots peek out over the water, which would be amazing. Firewood & ice were very affordable! Our only criticism about the State Park was how noisy Saturday evening was. We only discovered what a party environment it would be after reaching the park. Both pairs on either flank of us were there to party, so we had the 'amusement' of listening to them get drunk beforehand and coming home at 3 am. It was the noisiest campground we have ever stayed at. Between the festivities and the golf cart races, it was beyond loud. Thank god our little ones are formidable sleepers. Sunday was so lovely once they all left, and we had a great visit to the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center.

Larry D.

Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is one of our favorite spots!! We arrived in the Bay once annually with a bunch of friends. It's so much fun with something for everyone - great eateries, shopping, dancing, and drinking! We don't travel here with our children but see several families having an incredible moment in the playground, at the go-carts, or at Perry's Cave and putt-putt. Take a quick ferryboat ride to Middle Bass or Kelleys' Isle for the day. Take a biplane tour. Or kick back and relax on a beautiful Lake Erie island!

Alvin W.

South Bass Summer! It would only be summer with our yearly trip to South Bass Island and the town of Put-in-Bay. The town is vibrant and colorful and, later in the day, reloads with a younger (and livelier) crowd. The center and other ends of the island are more low-key and relaxing. Be sure to see the lighthouse, visit Goat Soup and Whiskey for dinner, and be sure to check out the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center—a nice getaway and island fun without departing Ohio.

Frank A.

A little small but really cool! Walking in and seeing so many stuffed creatures originally creeped me out. We were welcomed by a delightful employee who offered us a tour. While the place was small, there were a lot of animals, and we knew all about them from our attendant. It was a surprisingly pleasant and enlightening visit to the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center.

Janice M.

Don't miss the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center! This place has no equal anywhere. It is unusual and intriguing. I went with a bunch of older ladies, and we stood captivated. At first, it appeared peculiar to be catching Alaskan taxidermy creatures at a Lake Erie establishment, but I fast became engrossed by how beautifully and realistically the animals were depicted, and indeed, several of the animals are even native to Ohio, Michigan, etc. One partition had a 'petting' zoo, with numerous animal fur samples that could be touched. It was cool, and I have to think children would think so, also. Jackie, the curator, was just fantastic. You can tell that she genuinely and exuberantly appreciates her job. She advised us about the beautiful work she does with kids. The area around the structure should be toured, too. The property has a certified Monarch Way Station and a brief walking path. This occasional place deserves to be described as a hidden gem on an ohio island

Brenda B

Great children's programs! This is a strange museum. Nevertheless, they are attempting to reach out to families. The day we were there, the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center had a program outside about bats. There were exercises, actual bats to look at and interact with, tons of details, and friendly people. All of this was complimentary, and the programs varied. It was $10 for our household to go into the museum, and we were pleased we did. The tour attendant was very scholarly, and we spent much time understanding the animals. 12year old son was active and inquisitive. This is off the beaten track though worth the moment and money.

Tom C.

Another gem site if you like discovering birds of many types. We went to Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center to see what this spot was on a satisfactory roadway with tons of parking for automobiles and golf carts. I walked in the rear to see the turtle pond and quick path, which was excellent. It took about 5 minutes. To the side of the museum, please bring your camera; they have a makeshift spot to snap a photo and a little quadrangular area of wildflowers to observe butterflies. Inside the cost was only $2. Yes, it is a little space, but it has bathrooms, and as others reviewed, this team loves their positions. They will inform you this museum was started when an educator quit and desired to donate her assemblage of birds, mostly from Alaska. It takes approximately 30 minutes to talk and stroll with an attendant but well worth the trip. Highly recommend

Alan M.

Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is an often overlooked spot on Put-in-Bay, but I would recommend it. They have cool displays of local animals and others from around the US. It takes a few bucks to get in to support the establishment, but it is well worth it. Only takes a few minutes and is well worth it.

Lawrence P.

So many creatures! I brought my grandson to the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center and Museum. It is a route to see and learn the real facts about bears, deer, and many birds up close—animals we have never witnessed in the natural. I am very grateful to be able to enjoy these creatures.

Lauren G.

South Bass Island in the western gulf of Lake Erie is home to the lively, historic town of Put-in-Bay, a moniker derived from the command of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry during the War of 1812 when he commanded his men to "Put the ships in the bay." The island is famous for being a sanctuary for Commodore Perry and his guys as they battled one of the most critical fights of the War of 1812 just a couple of miles from South Bass Island and won the decisive battle, which took place on September 10th, 1813, thus ensuring that a considerable part of the northern USA would stay so and not fall beneath British rule. A 352-tall memorial marks the victory. The Perry's Victory Memorial Monument is America's 4th loftiest memorial design. A viewing terrace near the top can be toured by elevator and delivers broad views of Lake Erie and into Canada, which is just 5 miles from the coast of South Bass Island.

Over the years, Put-in-Bay has developed into quite a tourist destination, hosting almost a million tourists each summer season. The hideaway boasts multiple hotels, pubs, eateries, attractions, and stores. There is something for everyone, from famed Great Lakes Troubadour Pat Dailey to kayaking trips around the island. The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is a beautiful example of a family attraction. The abundance of bars-restaurants will please even the most discriminating palette. The Jet Express Ferry boats reach downtown Put-in-Bay from Port Clinton and Sandusky, Ohio, docks.