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Perrys Cave

Perrys Cave and Family Fun Center Particulars

The Perrys Cave & Family Fun Center name articulates it all! Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is where family fun gets serious on Put-in-Bay. This large entertainment campus is residence to some of the most incredible activities for the whole household and friends’ parties. Flawlessly developed for both grown-ups and children, everyone adores Perrys Cave.

Found on Catawba Avenue, slightly less than a mile from downtown, Perrys has eight unique things for tourists to do at Put-in-Bay. Open daily, ; visitors can combine tickets for various Put-in-Bay attractions to save on expenses. There are also company discounts, so make sure to phone ahead.

Perrys Cave

The principal attraction here is Perry’s Cave. This cavern is truly enchanted! Encountered about 52 feet belowground, the Cave wasn’t discovered until 1813. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero and chief of the Battle of Lake Erie is credited for uncovering it. And blessed he did too! During the War of 1812, his battalions desperately required water in this trying time. Perry’s Cave is home to an irregular subterranean lake full of fresh water.

This underground lake is quite mysterious. It rises and falls with the tides of Lake Erie, but no one knows how they are linked! The infamous Victory Hotel also utilized this water before it burned down in 1919.

Make sure to bring a sweater. The temperature is nearly always 52 degrees, much cooler than the above ground on Put-in-Bay.

Other Things to do at Put-in-Bay And Perrys Cave

Butterfly House

This aviary is home to over 50 species beautiful butterflies from all over the world. The entire 4000 square feet is landscaped to perfection with gorgeous flora providing homes to these lovely creatures. Soothing music makes the whole place like an oasis. There is also a gift shop.

War of 18 Holes

Ready to have fun with a healthy side of history? This mini golf course is fun, challenging, and educational. Players walk through lush greenery, competing against one another while learning about the important battles of the War of 1812.

Gemstone Mining

Get your hands sandy by prospecting for treasures! By purchasing a bag of rough mix, you can sift through it for geodes and fossils. And yes, they’re real! You can also purchase a geode at the shop and get it cut onsite. This attraction is one of the kids’ favorites!

Fort Amazen

Race your friends to the end of this challenging maze, or compete against yourself to beat your time. Folks cheer you on from the observation tower as you get lost in getting lost and found repeatedly!

Rock Wall Climbing

This challenging rock climbing wall is maintained by safety equipment. It is an exciting opportunity for kids to challenge themselves to make it safely to the top.! This straight-up-and-down column challenges climbers of all skills and sizes.

Antique Car Museum

The sole free attraction at Perry’s features the oldest car on the island as well as other vintage memorabilia.

DanDee’s Snack Shack

With all this fun, you’re bound to work up an appetite. DanDees Snack Shack serves up mac ‘n cheese balls, fried mozzarella, and perch delicacies to satisfy your group. They also have lots of ice cream treats to beat the heat!

979 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Kelvin T.

You create the day you like it to be. You can lease a golf cart before you even get there from Put-in-Bay Golf Carts online before you arrive. (Cheaper that way) after you get off the ferry, it is more expensive. You can rent bikes or bring your own. It is alright biking all over the Island. Otherwise, you can ride bikes. Eating will be one of your more significant expenses but reasonable. Hot dogs start at $5. There is a nature center that charges $3. We didn't think that would be worth it. The tower is $10. Most attractions are around $1. Perrys Cave was one of the best one of the put-in-bay caves . So you can spend a lot of money or take a good ride about without paying too much.

Idalia G.

Quaint little Island that is partially walkable, but a golf cart rental is suggested. Cars are discouraged but doable on the ferry. Perrys Cave had a fascinating military chronology, lots of great bars, and this time of year, still great weather without the college kids! It is all you need to see everything.

Steve K.

As I wrote in my review of our great stay at the Edgewater Hotel, I was blindsided by Perrys Cave. My wifey had heard about it, so we made plans to go.. I was pretty darn unimpressed as I researched it, especially a couple of the seedier motels on the mainland. It was hard to find a place to lease, and I deduced this was just a sleepy island with a pair of fishing shacks, perhaps a few modest bed and breakfasts, and a couple of forgettable eateries. My first indication that I was incorrect was when we got to the ferry, which was packed. Someone said it isn't a good place for children, but there were scads of them on the ferryboat, including loads of teenagers and college-age kids. There were hundreds of them buzzing around. Put in Bay is the village which is two miles north of the Millers ferry landing on the Island. As soon as you get off the ferry, you have various choices, including renting a golf cart or a bike. I recommend the golf cart. You can also bring your car over, but it's unnecessary and overkill as there are only a few roads. Put in Bay is very lively, with some beautiful eateries and lighting, and Perrys Cave, the Peace Memorial victory column worth seeing, is just on the border of the town.

Rickey L.

My two lads (9 and 11) treasured our day on the Island. The finest part was leasing a golf cart and driving all over the Island. The Perrys Cave park is beautiful, and the gemstone mining put-in-bay and the marina and docks are fun to observe. We probably wouldn't have been able to stay for several days because the town is primarily restaurants, shops, and bars. However, this was a fantastic day expedition!

Julie S.

This was a delightful day expedition for four individuals & 1 puppy. It was a lot of fun hanging around the Island in a leased golf cart, the best way to see the entire Island, although golf cart rental was rather expensive. We were told that if we returned the golf cart early, we'd get a partial reimbursement, but that didn't occur. A separate individual was operating the business when we returned that afternoon. It was about a 15-20 minute ferryboat ride over to the Island & the same quantity of time back, $15/person round-trip to stroll on. We were there in the off-season, but during the season, the wait to catch a ferry could be pretty long. Canines are welcome on the ferry as long as they are leashed & are sociable, no charge. Perrys Cave was another fun place we stopped.

Alvin W.

Put-in-Bay is an excellent but small island to see. Not much for traffic. Rent a Golf cart and go around on the Island. It is the standard mode of transportation. Of course, you can take your car on the ferryboat. I recommend renting a golf cart to have a diverse adventure! We loved it. And I have NOT seen any parking issues. There are a lot of eateries. You can do a few entertaining activities like Perrys Cave too. It is a different adventure! If you wish, time, you can go to the surrounding islands and back. I recommend going at least once to have a different experience!

Grandy F.

Bringing the Miller Ferry from Catawba to Put-In-Bay put us on South Bass Island. We went over and visited most of the Island during the daytime. If you cross as a passenger, you can lease Put-in-bay golf carts which are the favored transportation. It makes it a lot more comfortable to get about and park with a golf cart, but we made do when we found an excellent spot to park. If you get downtown - a lot of things can be efficiently walked to in that area. Very friendly uncluttered Island

Bella J.

We rode the Miller Ferry to the Island and rented a four-person cart from Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Online. Millers has handicap assistance up to the top of the hill if needed! I signed up and paid online for the cart and walked up to the window, and it was ready to go! We stopped at the Biergarten at the Goat Restaurant, and they let us sit outdoors and eat the picnic lunch I brought while appreciating a cold beverage from their menu! Then off to Perrys Cave and the Perry Monument! More Golf carting on the Island, more parks, and a stop downtown to peek around. Later in the day, we dined at the Boardwalk Restaurant overlooking Lake Erie, Wonderful meal! We also found some perry's cave coupons on line!