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DanDees Snack Shack

DanDees Snack Shack Particulars

DanDees Snack Shack is known for its ample servings of cheesy mac ‘n cheese bites! Other popular items are their fresh onion rings and french fries, corndogs, funnel fries, chicken tenders, and mozzarella cheese sticks. DanDees Snack Shack serves Pepsi products exclusively, and if you are seeking something really sweet be sure to order a red, white & blue bomb pop, a Drum Stick, or Oreo Klondike Sandwich!

A covered picnic pavilion is available to enjoy your treats for your dining comfort. Spend some time relaxing and recovering, and then head back into the action-packed park!

Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center

Located on Catawba Avenue about a mile from downtown, Perry’s consists of eight amazing attractions. Open seven days a week, visitors can easily group tickets for different attractions to save on cost. There are also group discounts available so make sure to call ahead. The best way to get to the fun center is with a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental that you can reserve online here.

Perry’s Cave

The centerpiece at Perry’s is the unique and magical Perry’s Cave. Located about 52 feet underground, the cave wasn’t discovered until 1813. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero, and leader of the Battle of Lake Erie is credited for finding it. This was a fortunate find. During the War of 1812, the troops needed water during this trying time. Perry’s Cave is also home to a rare underground lake full of fresh water. It is also the last cave on the island with an intact roof.

This underground lake is definitely mysterious. It rises and falls with the tides of Lake Erie, but no one has discovered where they are connected yet! The infamous Victory Hotel also used water from the cave before it burned down in 1919. If you plan on touring the cave, make sure to bring a sweater. The temperature is always 52 degrees, which is much cooler than summers in Put-in-Bay.

Gemstone Mining

Mine for treasures just like those prospectors of yore! Purchase a bag of rough mix and then sift through it for geodes and fossils. They’re real! You can also purchase a geode at the Gemstone Mining shop and get it cut onsite.

Fort aMaze’n

Race your friends to the end of this challenging maze or compete against yourself to beat your best your time. Folks cheer you on from the observation tower as you get lost in getting lost and found repeatedly! Other attractions near Fort aMazen include the Antique Car Museum and the Rock Wall Climb, which was just recently remodeled

This beautiful and large aviary is home to over 50 species of butterflies from all parts of the world. Over 4000 square feet are lushly landscaped to replicate the gorgeous flora of the homes of these lovely creatures. The soft, soothing music makes you feel as if you are in an oasis. A gift shop sells souvenirs of Put-in-Bay and the Butterfly House. 

The War of 18 Holes

Are you ready to have a little ( or a lot) of fun served up with a side of history? The War Of 18 Holes is a mini-golf course that is fun and educational. You’ll stroll through lush greenery and flower gardens while competing against one another and learning about the important historical battles of the War of 1812.

979 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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Jaylen V.

Nice guy working at DanDees Snack Shack working when my family was there! Delicious burger and fries! One of many things to do in put in bay

Darrell L.

The food is great, and the prices are even better. Having wandered around the Island for hours looking for decently priced food, I stumbled across Dandees Snack Shack at Perry's Cave. The food is excellent, and they do not skimp on the portions, I need to suggest this place more. There are dozens of other restaurants to splurge at, but if you are looking for a quick bite and food that taste good at a more than reasonable price, THIS IS IT!!!

Ollie D.

Great cheeseburgers and hot dogs, BLT, or ice cream treat at DanDees Snack Shack, their on-site concession area. Fresh french fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, corn dogs, mac & cheese bites, funnel fries, and mozzarella cheese sticks offer tempting choices for hungry visitors of all ages. Dessert after your lunch or snack is a red, white & blue bomb pop, an Oreo Klondike Sandwich, or a Drumstick!

Freda C.

DanDeesSnack Shack Food was delicious ( Cuban Burger, Bavarian pretzel bites, Hot Dog) Price was inexpensive compared to some places in town Friendly surroundings away from busy downtown Service was very good I Recommend it for a comfortable lunch

Ellie C.

Dandees Snack Shack Best deals on the island. you get a great amount of food for the cost. The food is great. It's your basic Hot Dogs and Hamburgers but it's good! Located by where we went gemstone mining put-in-bay

Phil T.

A good inexpensive dining option for put in bay restaurants. A little off the beaten path by the put-in-bay caves but worth seeking out. dandees menu is simple but has several options.