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Scheeff East Point Preserve

Part of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, the Scheeff East Point Preserve is an 8.8-acre plot of ground found on the easternmost end of Put-in-Bay. This park is located easily with a Put-In-Bay Golf Cart Rental.

Scheeff East Point Preserve Particulars

One of the final remaining natural areas on the Lake Erie islands, this preserve presents sensational vistas of Lake Erie and all the surrounding islands, including the Ballast and Middle Bass Islands.

The stony shores, shallow water, and upland coverage provide the ideal habitat for the endangered Lake Erie Watersnake, migrating birds, and waterfowl. Many different varieties of shoreline plants also make their home here.

Name for Rose Scheeff, who supplied charitable donations to the conservancy, Scheeff East Point Preserve also includes a walking path around the park’s perimeter. Shoreline fishing, birdwatching, and kayak access are some fun activities here. Parking is also available on-site.

The Put-in-Bay Township Park District holds the preserve after the Western Reserve Land Conservancy purchased it with assistance from the Lake Erie Islands Conversancy.

A Unit 6 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Grant provides the habitat specifically for the water snake.

Other necessary funds and contributions come from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves, the Sandusky Eagles Foundation, the First Energy Foundation, and many other personal donors, including Mrs. Rose Scheeff.

The Lake Erie Watersnake

Withdrawn from the list of federally endangered species in 2011, the watersnake is now listed as federally threatened. Lake Erie Islands Conservancy is dedicated to the protection of this critical animal.

Coming across a watersnake can be both exciting and a little frightening! Although it is not poisonous, it is a curious creature and can become aggressive when attacked. It is best to leave the snake alone.

The snakes are consistently gray in design and can grow up to 1 ½ to 3 ½ feet in measurement. They love the cliff, ridges, and stony shorelines of the islands. During the winter, they hibernate belowground.


Due to the incursion of round goby in Lake Erie, their diet now consists almost entirely of goby. Gobies jeopardized other native fish in the lake, so the watersnake is imperative in eradicating this bothersome animal.

Habitat loss and degradation are attributed to their downfall, as humans kill them. Via neighborhood involvement, a rescue plan, and comprehensive research, the Lake Erie Islands appreciate a revival in the population of the watersnake.

Remember that roaming around the Lake Erie Islands and encountering any wildlife (especially the watersnake) means that you’re in their natural habitat and thus only a visitor.

Such an experience is considerably distinguishable from enjoying the presence of wildlife in more metropolitan areas, such as the well-known wild deer herds in the parks of Dublin that are pretty used to the sight of humans.

No matter what type of creatures you encounter when you’re examining a natural area like the Scheeff East Point Preserve, be aware of your conduct and do your best not to endanger the well-being of the creatures or your security.

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Properties

In addition to the Scheeff East Point Preserve, the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy sustains and protects numerous other plots of land throughout South Bass and Middle Bass Islands. These include:

• Jane Coates Wildflower Trial
• Massie Cliffside Preserve
•Petersen’s Woods
•Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods
• Dodge Woods Preserve

As Put-in-Bay becomes more and more popular with tourists, preserving the natural wonder of the island is more crucial than ever. Their efforts are paramount to the survival of the island. This island is so unique in its ecology. Its untouched beauty is one of the reasons so many people fall in love with it at first view.


Things To See And Do On Your Way To And From Scheeff East Point Preserve.

If you plan to spend some time at the nature preserves, you may want to consider packing a lite lunch to enjoy a picnic. You will pass Dairy Isle and Margaritas On The Rock on your way there, and both are great places to grab some food to go.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention some of the great shops in the area that offer some really cool Put-in-Bay branded clothing and other items. Local Color is located near the Keys Restaurant and is a great place to seek out local treasures. Another local craftsperson shop to check out is Jessies Jewelry; her art design jewelry is well known in the Lake Erie Islands.


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Virginia B.

Scheeff East Point Preserve was an unexpected gem on Put-in-Bay's east end. Strolling along the path to a hidden beachfront felt like appreciating South Bass Island as it existed when immigrants first uncovered it. Be mindful of sidestepping poison ivy on the trails; there is a lot of it. Scheeff East Point Preserve is free.

Alondra L.

Great hiking trail along the waterfront! We were scouring the island via golf cart and wanted to hike all the hiking trails in the parks, so while on the north end, we steered over to Scheeff East Point Preserve, where the roadway terminates at the water. Before you begin this path, you are requested to cleanse your shoes with a brush so as not to disperse seeds. This lovely trail is flat and starts with lots of birdhouses to hold the migratory birds, heads beyond some grape vines, then continues along the waterfront with abundant entry to the water for sinking your toes in the water with great views. In September, the trail was well-kept with no weeds and was wide. Only the last 15 feet had severe poison ivy on both flanks of the path that was swinging onto the course. Luckily the parking space also made it easy to bypass poison ivy. Sufficiently worth the journey for a brief hike with a fantastic view! The nature preserve scheeff east point did not disappoint!

Michael J.

Great, easy hike views of the lake throughout the hike. Scheeff East Point Preserve is a super uncomplicated circle trail. The entry has some overgrowth, but it opens up completely once you get a few yards. Most of the course is very shady and flat. There are pockets of areas throughout the trek that you can visit and go up to the waterline. There are birdhouses everyplace. Positively advise seeing!!!

Robin M.

If you are at Put-in-bay, go down the trail to get to the lake at the end. This is a very overlooked part of the island. We were surprised to find the beach at the end of the trail to overlook the lake and no one else in sight. The sign will say Scheeff East Point Preserve. You can park your golf cart rental there and walk the trails. It is a very easy hike. Ideal for kids as well. Scheeff East Point Preserve was one of 6 parks we saw.

Thomas G.

Great place to get away! If you want to get away and do some quiet introspection and or soul-exploring, this is a good site for that. Walking from the entrance into the Scheeff East Point Preserve is like turning your back on your anxiety and joining a world of serenity. The places I found most satisfying were at or near the shore areas. There are seats available where you can sit and gaze out across Lake Erie to Canada. I even got a text notification on my cell phone welcoming me to Canada! And since the climate presented a clear sky and comfortable temperature, I appreciated just unwinding and hearing the quiet lapping of the water on the beachfront and the vistas of some of the other isles not too far out. Then if your resume on the trail, you end up circling to the back of the road, and then you can stroll back to the park gate.

Henretta F,

A Great way to get close to nature. Scheeff East Point Preserve is a must when visiting Put-in-Bay. It is a peaceful and attractive area that truly allows you to experience nature and wildlife in its purest form. The route is easy and not to long but will enable you to see various plant life, birds, and butterflies. The beachfront accesses are gorgeous and natural. This preserve allows you to see the island in its most natural form and is a one-of-a-kind experience. There is no fee to enjoy Scheeff East Point Preserve.

Andy K.

Remarkable little preserve on the island's perimeter. This excellent little preserve has a reasonably easy trail and also a beach view of Lake Erie and surrounding islands and locales. Scheeff East Point Preserve provides a natural respite, whether a quick part of a day or leisurely on the quiet end of the island. Scheeff East Point Preserve does not permit cars or golf carts. You have to walk it.

Mary B.

The Wilder Side of the Island! I am pleased that the locals of South Bass Island are vigorously trying to maintain the island's natural ecology. With the tourist industry's growth, habitats for the native flora and fauna are at a premium. The trail is clearly identifiable to track, but there are sections in which low-hanging tree limbs could be pruned back to make passing easier. The entire time to hike Scheeff East Point Preserve was about 20 minutes. This contained time to stop at one of the entrances to the beachfront. Scheeff East Point Preserve would be a great place to take kids.

Cassandra F.

Scheeff East Point Preserve is a Serene park at the island's east end. I tracked the pathway for about 5 minutes, but nothing you wouldn't see in any wooded location. Be aware of poison ivy and poison sumac, and oak. I spent some time at the beach next to the park, which was nice. A memorandum on a granite bench at the entrance says the park was donated in honor of three generations of fishermen (Scheeff family) by Rose Scheeff - a lovely gesture, as I'm sure this is premium real estate.

Rhonda F.

Remarkable little preserve on the island's perimeter. This excellent little preserve has a reasonably easy trail and also a beach view of Lake Erie and surrounding islands and locales. Scheeff East Point Preserve provides a natural respite, whether a quick part of a day or leisurely on the quiet end of the island.

Trina D.

We only expended a day here, but I intend to return to spend longer! Many reviews said this area was best for adults because of all the bars, but we went earlier in the daytime and stayed until eight without seeing any intoxicated individuals or carousing—a fantastic location to take children. -Rent a golf cart for the day! Please do it! Overly far to ride bicycles, and you'll get considerably more done than if you hiked. Drive outside the tourist area and see all the unique houses on the island. It's a lot of fun! The eateries are amazing! Kayaking was a bunch of fun! Park the golf cart at the northern tip of the island and stroll along the beachfront. There are some routes you'll find, TAKE THEM! It was pretty entertaining, roaming around, and we found a cool place. Also, try the Butterfly House, Perry's Cavern tour, Heineman's Winery, and the world's most extensive geode tour. I tell everyone I know to go here at some point. You will have a good time, I swear.

Pritham S.

Island Fun- My trip to South Bass Island, Put in Bay, Ohio. I recommend Put In Bay, Ohio, to everyone. It is a stunning area to see and very uncluttered. There are enough eateries to fulfill anyone's desires, a play area, and a park for the children to appreciate. We only spent the day there, and when it was time to leave, we were sad we didn't make arrangements to stay overnight. I suggest not going on the weekend because it gets very crowded. The next time we go, I will arrange to rent a golf cart as the gas ones were all leased, and we had to get an electric one. Although they are nice and quiet, the electric ones are very slow, but my grandsons got a big bang out of it. Scheeff East Point Preserve is a free attraction.

Helen H.

We were cycling around the island. We had fat-tire bikes and cruised about the island for a long morning this fall. The visitors were all gone, as were most of the seasonal residents, so we had the island to ourselves. It is mostly flat, so the old Huffys were just fine. We spent a few hours at Scheeff East Point Preserve. It was so peaceful! You can also picnic at scheeff east point nature preserve

Greg C.

South Bass Island is a special spot! I love practically everything about it, location, environment, and every weekend they have certain events (Octoberfest is my favored weekend of the season) and islanders. The only item I despise is that some famous weekends (especially Christmas in July) attract a party-craving populace, and downtown turns into a big party. If you want to come with family or are not into serious drinking, try to bypass these times. Even if you do come, you can get away from everything at places like Scheeff East Point Preserve, which is natural and quiet.