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BiPlane Rides

The Put-in-Bay Airport, found on the southern half of South Bass Island, offers exciting bi-plane rides to those pursuing a new opinion of Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides Particulars

BiPlane Rides are offered in meticulously restored open-cockpit World War II Waco Biplane.

Each aviation adventure carries one or two passengers along with the pilot. Soar up and down the breathtaking shores of Lake Erie.

Take in the stunning views of Put-in-Bay, Kelley’s Island, Middle Bass Island, Port Clinton, and other points of interest.

Biplane Rides & Your Options

• Aerobatic Rushes, including spirals, spins, and rolls

• Silky Soft Scenic Rides

• Flying Lessons

Are you interested in taking a flight class? The instructor will guide you in the basics and hand over the reigns. Envision flying your very own airplane!

Most of us only dream of this, and Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides makes it an actuality.

The scenic BiPlane Rides are simply stunning. The experienced instructor takes off from one of the two runways at the Put-in-Bay Airport and skillfully manipulates the aircraft along the coastline.

Visit Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument in an entirely new light. Try to locate your favored eateries from up in the clouds.

The Aerobatic Thrills are exhilarating. There’s nothing like going upside down in an open-cockpit biplane!

These passages are customized to each passenger’s liking, so let the captain know how much you can take.

Biplane Ride Rates

No reservations are required for BiPlane Rides. Each flight is on a first-come, first-served basis. With climate allowing, each flight is roughly $160 per quarter hour.

Put-in-Bay Airport Information

Operating year-round from dawn to dusk, the Put-in-Bay Airport permits small aircraft to access the island easily. No departures are allowed after dark. The runways are paved and contemporary but are not lit.

Weak turbulence can be expected on the approach when the wind surpasses 10 knots. Every plane must also stay 1000 feet from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument. This 352 ft column is encountered 1.5 miles southwest of the area with an elevation of 942 MSL.

There are no fuel sales offered at this airport. Be sure to fuel up at Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport before arriving. The Put-in-Bay Airport also furnishes charter services, vending devices, and bathrooms. All major credit cards are taken as well.

Events And Things to Do at the Airport

Like helicopters to airplanes? Pick from either the White Tour or Blue Tour and soar about the island skies enjoying a Put-in-Bay Helicopter Tour. The White Tour consists of a fantastic journey over South Bass Island and picturesque views of Port Clinton and Cedar Point. The Blue Tour takes passengers over the Bass islands of Lake Erie.

Helicopter Tour Costs

• The Birds Eye Tour: $40.00per person, minimum of two passengers

• The Put-in-Bay Tour is $60.00 per person, with a minimum of two passengers


For the adventurous, the Three Bass Island Tour covers all of the Bass Islands, costing $100.00 per person. The Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion consists of two days of road races at the airport., This competition provides fun and challenging courses for professionals as well as rookies. Win prizes, enjoy food & beverages and music, and the presence of both racers and onlookers.

The Put-in-Bay 3W2 FLY-IN combines plane and car enthusiasts into one all-day-long event. The famous Put-in-Bay Antique Car Parade also meets at the airport, and everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned pig roast to conclude the day! After your exciting flights, stop by the sweetest place on the island, the Chocolate Cafe & Gift Shop! Located just past the Butterfly House gift shop. You can enjoy hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, and a massive variety of freshly made chocolate masterpieces.


1494 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456


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Franklin R.

An excellent way to catch the Islands! While seeing Put-in-Bay with our two 18-year-old nephews on July 26, 2020, we drove our golf cart to the airfield to check out a chopper or bi-plane ride. We should have expected we could not go on BiPlane Rides as usually things like that demand a reservation. Nevertheless, our timing was good, and we got to 'get right on' a bi-plane ride. This establishment is a Mom-n-Pop operation run by owner Rick, an aged gentleman who assists him. Rick is an Experienced aviator flying freight 757s for DHL. He delivers biplane rides on Put-In-Bay as a recreation. You can tell how much he LOVES doing this, as he has been doing it for 22 years! It is a Delight for him to see the joy his passengers' experience. Also, in all those years, he has only had two people get sick---1 involved alcohol, and the other had an inner-ear disorder. After our rides, two teenage girls who had never been on an airplane took a bi-plane ride and LOVED IT! The passenger seat is tiny, so you must be very flexible to get in the chair, particularly after the first individual arrives. However, my hubby has had shoulder, knee, and hip substitutes and was able to negotiate them. I had one nephew ride with me, and then my spouse had another nephew fly with him. Rick causes passengers on BOTH sides to get to see things by doing 'figure 8' maneuvers. Years ago, my husband and I did a bi-plane tour in Sedona, Arizona. On that excursion, you could hear the pilot, but the pilot could not listen to you. On this tour, you can converse back and forth with pilot Rick when he is not speaking to air traffic control. Question Rick on anything. He adores speaking about his Passion for Flying. It was $80/per person for 15 minutes in the air. While that may seem pricey, planes are costly, and Rick has to expend an airport expense every time he disembarks. I don't know if they take cash; we paid with a credit card run through the airfield. Flying is conditional upon the climate, which may not be determined until that day. For example, July 26 was Beautiful; they had predicted they would not be flying on the following day. One of our nephews was a little nervous about flying but adored it. Possibly he chose to go after he saw two cute teenage girls (who had never soared ever) do it ahead of him. LOL! We suggest it as a One-in-a-Lifetime Adventure!

Andy M.

BiPlane Rides was a Perfect 21st birthday present! What do you offer your son for his 21st birthday that will be unforgettable and unforeseen? Yes, a bi-plane tour! To see my son smile from ear to ear while sporting the humorous cloth head cover will be a recollection forever burned in my mind. He was ecstatic to take the ride and see the island from the sky. The captain gave excellent advice about the do's and don'ts of the plane and was so professional he put this mother at comfort. Upon scheduling, he reciprocated my phone call fast and kept in contact via text as required. Well worth the cash!

Fallon D.

Baystorming BiPlane Rides Baystormers moniker is a fun twisting on old Barnstormer passages. Baystormers operates on a first-come, first-served foundation. Passengers fly side by side in a front open cockpit, and the pilot is in the rear cockpit—incredible panoramas during the tour over The Bass Islands of Lake Erie. Be sure to try to make reservations for BiPlane Rides in advance!

Alexander G.

Fun experience! I did the BiPlane Rides this Sunday when I was at Put-In-Bay. Rick, the captain end got nervous at the last minute, and I asked if there was a deal for just one, and he said it was the same cost but would be glad to put the throttle shaft in the front, and once we're at 900 feet, I could fly for a few minutes. It was relatively cool reaching to use the stick to guide the plane, even though it was only for a few minutes. The BiPlane Rides is actually smooth. You feel no bouncing at all. You get to see a few islands, and the pilot points them out, and you have a set of headphones and communicate with the pilot, who sits in the rear seat.

Trevor F.

BiPlane Rides an Amazing Experience! My two sons and I each took a flying lesson today with Rick of Baystormer, and it was a fantastic adventure. The pilot was instructive, scholarly, and experienced. If you are seeking a visceral adventure in a stunning setting, this is your chance. The vistas from this epic aircraft are second to none. You made our day an experience that my boys and I will never overlook for their first BiPlane Rides . Thanks, Baystormer!

Kecia F.

You must do this on your visit! Rick was excellent; this is a must-do when seeing the islands. Sociable and responded to all questions patiently. The BiPlane Rides passage was so velvety as he passed over the isles.

William D.

Amazing! The Biplane rides were one of the finest adventures I have accomplished. This plane was so velvety smooth, and it was stunning scenery. Rick, the captain, did an excellent job. I will make this one of your priorities if you proceed to Put In Bay. It is a wonderful way to encounter the island.

Albert L.

Baystormers was very obliging and proficient. We asked for a same-day, evening excursion, coincidentally when the Presidential crusade had shut down the area's air space; nevertheless, the captain, Rick, was ready to take us up shortly after as the air space had re-opened. Evidently, the captain has enjoyed a lengthy career flying for a significant airfreight courier, and before you commence your BiPlane Rides, you are provided a safety examination. You will be provided headsets to wear during the flying and can ask queries throughout. I was enthralled with the scenery, I didn't want to communicate much, but you will want to listen to the captain's explanation of the fantastic sights. Pricing for two (July 2015) was $150 for fifteen minutes, although we splurged and went for the thirty-minute outing. It was worth the additional expense!

Peter G.

BiPlane Rides Are A Unique Way to Capture the Region's Beauty. This is a memorable occasion. Most residents will never fly in an open cockpit Bi-Plane, but Baystormers offers a 15-minute flight for two around Put In Bay for 150.00. Baystormers usually offer BiPlane Ride on Saturday and Sunday from about 10:00 am until sunset. The plane is fantastic, the pilot is incredible (his name is Rick), and the flight is fun! Bring your cameras. put-in-bay biplane rides should not be missed!

Hillary G.

Key Point: Know WHEN to go and with WHOM you are going. I go on journeys with the kids and voyages with the girls. They are distinguishable. When you go with the kids, go on a weekday or early on the weekend. See the butterfly house, the playground, tool around on a golf cart, parasail, or BiPlane Rides. If we go with the girls, it is a little more adventurous. We go in the afternoon on the weekend and stay until night time. We are in our 50's and love the group atmosphere. We like to go to Heineman's winery and sit in the park and people-watch. You can see and meet some fascinating individuals. People come over to your table and start talking. We take a deck of cards and play cards with people. Go to cheesehaven in port Clinton the day before and get some chow for a picnic. Then, we go to pubs at night and some excellent eateries. Get some chocolate at the chocolate plant. See the museum. Yes, people like to party there, and you will see a lot of intoxicated people, but they are not harming anyone. I go there to maintain "no worries" for the day. I would not recommend taking children on a late weekend night. There are too many revelers doing too many outlandish things. Some of them wear caps made of balloons that look like body parts. I saw someone relieving themselves at the side of the highway. You get the image. But be warned: you sign your life away to get a golf cart, and the officers are observant about people driving golf cars while drunk. You get the same result as an OMVI!!