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Helicopter Tours

 Helicopter Tours Of Put-in-Bay

Helicopter RidesPut-in-Bay is stunning from anywhere you look! Enjoying the vistas from Perrys International Peace Memorial’s balcony or the coastline from your yacht are classic yet lovely picturesque sights.

Get airborne with Put-in-Bay Helicopter Tours for something slightly out of the everyday grind and just a little daring!

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides Particulars

Paratus Air Helicopter Tours offers three incredible excursions, so why not take both Helciopeter rides while you’re on vacation at Put-in-Bay?

Each of the Helicopter rides has a minimum of two passengers, a maximum of three and is manned by a professional pilot.

The rides depart from the Put-in-Bay Airport, found at 1494 Langram Rd. on the south end of South Bass Island.

The Quick Birds Eye Helicopter Tour

The “Quick Birds Eye View Tour” takes you on a brief trip over the southeast side of Put in Bay.

Although it is a quick tour, you will still achieve an altitude of 800 feet with an amazing view of the islands! The Birds Eye Tour is $40.00 per person. 

Treat yourself to the Put-in-Bay Tour view of the whole island while taking in Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument, the South Bass Island Lighthouse, The Benson Ford Shiphouse, and the stony coastline and bays of Lake Erie for just $60.00 per person

Three Bass Islands Helicopter Rides

Take the Three Bass Islands Tour at $100.00 per person. Fly past the islands of Lake Erie, absorbing stellar views of South Bass Island, Middle, and North Bass.

You can even see Cedar Point and the Canadian Boundary, which is only a few miles away. This exquisite tour really provides a beautiful viewpoint of this fantastic and captivating part of the nation.

The Put-in-Bay site is open from May to September, while their Port Clinton location is open year-round.

Gift Cards make excellent gifts to those holidaying on the isle. First-timers and seasoned patrons will adore viewing Put-in-Bay from this fantastic, thrilling advantage.

Put-in-Bay Airport

The Put-in-Bay Airport allows small planes to easily transit to and from the island. It consists of two open runways year-round. The two runways are paved and modern; however, they are not light. Arrivals and departures are received from dawn to dusk. Departures after dusk are not permitted. 

Aircraft landing at Put-in-Bay can periodically anticipate some turbulence on their approach when the wind surpasses 10 knots. All planes are required to remain at least 1000 feet away from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument. This monument is located 1.5 miles southwest of the area with a height of 942 MSL.

Put-in-Bay Airport does not deliver fuel service, but aviators can buy aviation fuel at our nearby airport Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport. The Put-in-Bay Airport also offers charter services, snack machines, and bathrooms. All primary credit cards are welcome as well.

Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides

After your helicopter ride, you can opt for a ride in a lovingly restored WWII biplane. An instructor mans these open cockpit crafts, and riders can choose from aerobatic thrills, relaxing scenic rides, and flight lessons. Once you get a nibble of flying, it’s hard to return to land.

Events at the Airport

Several fun occasions take place each summer at the Put-in-Bay Airfield. Are you a fan of vintage race cars or general aviation aircraft?

Be sure to come on down for the Put-in-Bay Airport 3W2 Fly-In. Pilots arrive in their planes at the airport to mingle and meet different plane aficionados. The famous Put-in-Bay Antique Car Parade joins the activity, and the day concludes with a pig roast. The Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion is a two-day affair of road racing at the airport for both amateurs and pros alike. There are fun things to do for observers as well.

While there is no food service at the airport, there are several excellent options nearby. If you are spending the day, you can order a hot delicious Cameo Pizza to be delivered right to the airport, and they are open late night! Just a short golf cart ride away, you’ll find the sweetest place on the island, the Candy Bar. Over 500 different types of nostalgic and modern candy and homemade fudge. Lesters Taco Shop offers authentic Latin American food on the main strip with the beautiful DeRivera Park across the street. This establishment is an islander’s favorite for flavorful food and is open late night.

1494 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Amber V.

I've considered staying overnight at one of the Island's hotels someday, but I have never done that. On this trip, we took helicopter rides, parasailed, and rented Jet Skis. All were fun and a great value. I recommend seeing South Bass Island and hope to return here sometime!

Dennis R.

There's quite a bit to do on the Island. I always visit Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie, part of the War of 1812. There was an excellent visitor's center, which has been remodeled since I last stayed, and you have to go up the 352-foot tower (the world's most significant giant Doric column) for the incredible sights of the Island and a few surrounding isles. There's also the Heineman Winery (try their ice wine - it's somewhat pricey but delicious); two caverns you can explore- Perry's Cave and Crystal Cave, which are near each other; the 1.5-acre Oak Point State Park; check out the touristy shops and restaurants in the quaint downtown area; or you can pedal around and enjoy the scenery. If you are near the airport, they have Helicopter Tours and Bi-Plane rides that are very fun! It is convenient as there are no helicopter rides near me where I live.

Oscar R.

It's entertaining to ride the Jet Express ferry over. You can't take your car, but they really discourage taking a vehicle to the Island as parking is very limited. I prefer to rent a golf cart rental. It is a more convenient way to see the Island at your own pace. We also tried the Helicopter Tours for the first time, and it was areally fun!

Yessina F.

This particular trip, which took place on a Sunday, overlapped the changing of the ferry schedule so we could enjoy a little more time on the Island. There was a really cool car parade that we appreciated seeing while having lunch. If you have never done the Helicopter Ride, do yourself a favor and do so! The helicopter Tours are at the local airport, which is easy to find. The tour lasted about ten minutes from take-off to landing. It's a really neat experience.

Freddy G.

A fun family escapes and a terrific place to spend a vacation. When you speak about seeing an island for a holiday, many people presume something tropical or exotic, but South Bass Island is a fun escape and a superb spot to spend a day or so on Lake Erie, just a hop skip, and a jump from Canada. One thing we liked was the Helicopter Tours. One of our favorite put-in-bay excursions. With this stay, I've spent five days of my life here. This Island is a relaxing and pretty place, and I've enjoyed my time here.

June G.

An exciting, relaxing moment where you can unwind and thoroughly enjoy. We arrived Sunday on labor day weekend, leased a golf cart, and headed for our Put-in-Bay Hotels. The wifey wasn't too overjoyed about renting a cart when we arrived, but she was so pleased we had it for the three days and two evenings we were there. This area is really set up for a fun time! I was here 30 years back and recognized that part of South Bass Island, but now I am more about discovering history, dining in the different eateries, and simply trekking around the Island. The location is a whole lot bigger now and more commercial. There is plenty to do for youthful children, too. It is entertaining to tour by golf cart, drive through the town, visit the Perry Memorial, and travel the countryside roads looking at the gorgeous residences. On Sundays, they have the Antique car procession, and many cars are here. It's incredible to see so many. This is a very awesome and comforting place. I hope you get an opportunity to see it.

Quintin G.

Great place to Relax and Unwind with Music and Great Restaurants. I adore South Bass Island! We have been going to the Island for many years. We even enjoy the parts outside of downtown. We go there at least once a year and have stayed there at various times, and there is something for everyone. One of the highlights of the trip this time was the helicopter tours. We all took the longest of the Helicopter Rides, which was terrific. The parks are excellent (even the restrooms are nice). There are numerous places to swim in pools with swim-up bars; jet skis to rent; puns to hear music or simply hang out; tons of entertainers; a winery, a few marinas, and some great cafes!

Theresa P.

Excellent place to take the Helicopter Tours. We had a lovely time but found that most islands were expensive. After being there for two days, everything that we wanted to do was completed. We actually enjoyed the Helicopter Rides so much that we did them twice. If you're into drinking, it's the place to go. The bands at the bars were top-notch. Plenty of bars to hit. The local attractions are nice. Hit the Put in Bay Winery and the Perry Memorial.

Ralph Z.

Small Islands But A Grand Adventure. The experience starts on the mainland in Port Clinton, OH, with the Jet Express ride over to the Island—so much fun. Plan to take comfy shoes and take your time! Be sure to carry something to provide the seagulls—so much to do on South Bass Island. One of the most interesting things was the Helicopter Tours. The Helicopter rides were about 7 minutes long but oh, what a site!

Frank D.

Perfect, not over-touristy! I was raised in Florida and understood how overdone the tourist business can be. Not here. The Island is a getaway from the "natural world." I treasured every moment. The fact that automobiles aren't encouraged on the Island makes it even more enjoyable. We partook in the Helicopter Tours offered at the local airport. This is a great way to see the islands in the area. I recommend everyone go here to relax and concentrate on appreciating life.

Adel B.

Lots of Enjoyment for a One Day Trip or Longer. We vacation at South Bass Island every year at least one time, generally for a lengthy weekend, and have consistently had a terrific time. The frivolity begins with a delightful ferry ride on Miller Ferry, which leaves from the northern tip of Catawba Island around Port Clinton, OH. Auto admission to South Bass Island is restricted at times for tourists, but this is not a problem as the most prevalent option is much more fun, leasing a golf cart rental. The ferry lands on the southern end of the Island while the center of the Island's action is Put-In-Bay at the northern end, so one will desire to lease a golf cart rental from one of the nearby merchants (reservations recommended! We booked online from Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals) or if one does not plan to embark too distant from downtown and does not mind wandering a bit, just take one of the shared taxicabs (generally a 15 person van) to downtown for about $3 per person. Other options include moped rentals or bike rentals. Once in downtown Put-In-Bay, you will find numerous eateries, bars, dance clubs, night clubs, wineries, and much more to engage adults, as well as more family-type activities nearby, such as the National Park Service's Perry's Victory Memorial, arcades, Helicopter rides, batting cages, go-cart rentals, the amusements at Perry's Cave, the Butterfly House and the Aquatic Resource Center to name a few. We took the Helicopter Tours, it is a great way to get some cool photos of Put-in-Bay. Other opportunities include power boat rentals, Kayaking, parasailing, and ferry trips to several nearby Lake Erie Islands. If scheduling more than a day expedition, there are numerous lodging options, including vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, several smaller hotels and resorts, and camping at South Bass Island State Park. The premium season for South Bass Island is from slightly before Memorial Day to just after Labor Day; past this part of the season, many of the establishments on South Bass Island have reduced hours. We positively suggest a day trip or better to South Bass Island, and if you can't have fun there, you can't have a good time anywhere.

Jeneanne G.

Exciting helicopter rides!First time taking helicopter tours! Fantastic adventure. Originally thought that 5 mins were too brief, but I felt it was sufficient given the brief span of the Island; furthermore due, to being a little frightened of the turbulence we encountered on that blustery day. Overall worthwhile, and we would do it again, albeit on a less windy day.

Shelia C.

We rode the helicopter tours for our first time here and treasured every moment of the captivating sights from up above, looking down at Put In Bay! It was spectacular, and I would do it again every time I visited Put-in-Bay! The only tricky part was contacting them to see if they could offer helicopter rides that day, but it was worth the delay and the funds!

Betsy M.

I was on vacation at Put-in-Bay and arranged to take helicopter rides. I was very apprehensive at first as this would be my first time taking helicopter tours or any air vehicle of that type. The team, as well as the captain, provided a lovely adventure. They were very calming and made sure to make my first experience unforgettable. I highly recommend flying here if you want a fun experience with a spectacular serving of scenery.