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Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay Particulars

Mojito Bay is a tropical Shangri-la in the core of Put-in-Bay. Mojito Bay is the finest establishment for mojitos on the island.

This captivating, rural tiki hut welcomes tourists at Catawba and Delaware Avenue intersection, a short walk from the Jet Express Ferry Terminal.

Ride on by for one of their numerous mojitos, rather literally! The round bar is ensconced by swings rather than bar chairs!

Dangling from the canopy, travelers gently sway and sink their toes in the sand while downing a genuinely exceptional beverage.

Mojito Bay’s Motto is “Drink in Hand, Toes in the Sand,” after all! Yes, the whole bar floor is covered by sand. With an ideal tiki bar environment, this is the site to let go and appreciate the summers on the island.

The enchanting and unforgettable setting attracts the masses, but the drinks’ wonderful flavors keep them returning for more!

With intriguing flavors, top-shelf rums, and fresh components, this beverage will make a mojito enthusiast out of anyone!

Mojito Bay Drink Highlights

• Sweet Tea with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea
• Pomegranate
• Orange
• Melon
• Peach
• Passion Fruit
• Oakheart

Every drink starts with house-made simple syrup. The bartenders then crush the fresh mint and limes to unleash their herbaceous and tart tastes.

The essential ingredient, rum, is added with ice and a spritz of water. The bartender jiggles the entire concoction and streams it into a tall glass with ice for you to appreciate.

The History of the Mojito

Concocted in Havana, Cubans may have been consuming this cocktail since the 16th century! Ernest Hemingway presented this Cuban beverage to the state of Florida in the 1950s. Put-in-Bay’s has always been compared with Florida Bay and features a full live entertainment schedule all summer. Musicians and bands like The Gryphons, Jamison Charles, and the Flyin’ Jays perform weekends through October.

Envision swaying around, hooking up with your finest friends with an amazing libation in hand. That’s the Mojito Bay vibe, an excellent way to commemorate summer at Put-in-Bay.

Visiting Put-in-Bay

A long-favored destination for fishermen and boaters, Lake Erie, provides great pleasure on South Bass Island. Put-in-Bay draws people from all over the area for a summer spent in the sunshine. An abundance of public docks open for rent, and private clubs like the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club surrounds the island. Those without boats can travel to the island on the Jet Express or Miller Ferry.

Accommodations on the island are plentiful, from vacation homes to world-class resorts such as the famous Put-in-bay Resort. Another popular location is the Edgewater Hotel, always an excellent option for those who like to be in the epicenter of the action right on the main strip.

Rent a villa from Put-in-Bay Villas or book a stay for up to 22 people at the island’s most sought-after home rental, The All Star Ohio House, just 30 yards from the main strip for the entire family. Other options include Bay Lodging Resort with the islands only indoor /outdoor pool.

Downtown Put-in-Bay is packed with amazing restaurants, bars, and shopping options. Mojito Bay is one of many friendly Put-in-Bay establishments.

Things To Do And See Near Mojito Bay


One of the great things about the village of Put-in-Bay is that you are never far away from great food options. Just across the street from Mojito Bay, you will find Tippers Steak House & Seafood. Known for its weekend buffets, hand-cut steaks, and fresh seafood options, this rustic diner will surely offer something to please everyone.

Right next door, the world’s longest bar is just inside the door of the Beer Barrel Saloon. On the main strip Delaware Avenue the island’s newest hot spot, Lesters Taco Shop serves up authentic Latin favorites (be patient; the lines are long, and you’ll soon see why!)

389 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, 43456

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Lynn F.

It was a cool spot, an indisputable try; just be prepared to wait for a libation, and we were there on a Sunday, the least active weekend day. We had a Great Mojito!! I stopped in at Mojito Bay particularly to have a Mojito and was not dissatisfied!! I was on a warm-up to prepare for an upcoming visit to Key West and had to add a Mojito to my overview to adapt my body for what is to come!! I was impressed with the drink's quality: sweet, cold, and packed with mint and Bacardi, as it should be. A tip of the hat to Mojito Bay!!

Shelly H.

Mojito Bay, A Great Island Bar! We visit the Island a few times a year and consistently appreciate coming here on sunny days. It is an outdoor pub with a tikki hut, bar swings, and sand! Unique island feel, and it's the only place like it put-in-bay. The drinks are good, and the bartenders are pleasant. Excellent when they have live entertainment, and you can relax in the shade with your feet in the sand and Mojito in your hand. It feels like you are not in Ohio anymore!

Gavin D.

Unique bar! Mojito Bay was the first bar we stopped at when we got to Put-in-Bay. There were few people there during the day. We requested a pair of Mojitos. They were served quickly and with a great smiles by the waitstaff. I've never had better mojitos! We came back later that evening as they had a gentleman there singing. We were seated at the tables in the sand. It was entertaining observing the individuals on the swings. It was a nice atmosphere. Made you overlook that you were only in Ohio. Lol, we'd come back again!

Randy G.

Mojito Bay is an absolute must-visit! Want to feel like you're on a Caribbean island, then this is the site for you. Great for all generations. The music is quiet enough that you can talk over it. Bags and life-size Jenga are free to enjoy. The seats at the bar are swings. How amusing! Drinks are priced right. The pub floor is sand. It's probably a good idea to wear the proper shoes. Live music from time to time. An enjoyable place.

Travis M.

We recommend a fun-oriented bar, as we fully enjoyed taking off our shoes and feeling the sand beneath our feet. Mojito bay tiki bar is a fun environment that makes you feel like you stand on the beachfront with a resort-like feeling. Firmly recommend that you order the Mojitos as I had done, as their name would lead you to believe that they are their forte. Much to my enjoyment, that was absolutely the best Mojito I've ever had! All other assorted drinks I experienced there were well constructed and offered a fine beer selection. If you want a good dinner, visit the Goat, Soup & Whiskey restaurant.

Darrell F.

Great recreation and fun bar seating at Mojito Bay! We arrived last evening for a couple of beverages. I'm sure it's blown out on the weekend, but on Monday night, we could get a chair up close to the entertainment. The singer was amazing and supported taking suggestions on what to sing next from the crowd. He kept us desiring more melodies. Beverages were somewhat high priced, and service was fast. Before we departed, two swing chairs opened around the bar, so we had to take them for a whirl. The rope swings are a delight! Try them when you go. You won't want to sit in any other location!

Julie S.

Beverages, Swings, and Coconuts! One of my favorite pubs on the Island! The Mojito Bay tiki bar has such a fun ambiance, complete with enormous seats for picture ops and games, and on Friday and Saturday nights, they offer mouthwatering drinks in revivified coconuts! If you're lucky to be there and a swing is open, sit right at the bar!

Jeff H.

Great place, no wait for drinks! My hubby and I went to Put in Bay for the daytime, and halfway thru, we stopped by Mojito Bay tiki bar. It was a relaxed atmosphere with incredible swings next to the bar but very hard to secure one. I waited in the sun for just a few minutes before I was served. The cocktails were pricey. I had an orange creamsicle in about a 10 oz cup, and my husband had a miller light; it was $14, a bit high, but paying for the atmosphere, I guess! You could tell the locals really liked this place! They had a two-guy duo performing and singing, and they were pretty good!

Gerald S.

Oh My, What a Fun Place! By far, this has become our favorite watering hole! Mojito Bay had swings near the bar to swing and sand to dig your feet into; what's not to like? I felt as though we were in the Caribbean. Obviously, their signature is the Mojito, and they made many of them while we stood there. They also have slushy-type beverages and a complete bar. Fabulous place to sit and people watch (and take wagers on who will fall off the swing). Honestly, a fantastic bar to go to. The floor is sand, so wear the right shoes or be ready to drain your shoes later. The music is generally outstanding, but the second night we went here, it was a duo playing, and they were really good!

Calvin F.

Super relaxed outside tiki hut bar!!!! My wifey and I stopped in for a cocktail here. We were seated at the bar, I sat in a high-top chair, and my wife sat in a bar swing!! It is all under a giant tiki hut and connecting hut roofs, all beach decorated, wrapped in lush, silky sand under your feet. I had my shoes off the entire time. Busy, but the bartender ensured we were good numerous times there. Many frozen drinks; we each got one. $8 a piece, it tasted excellent but not super strong. Would definitely go back to Mojito Bay, an enjoyable feeling place to go.

Weldon F.

If I could offer Mojito Bay 10 stars, I would. So much fun! It can get packed entirely, and you want to have one of the swings! The atmosphere is great, we saw a terrific live band, and the bar team is not only on point but very fun and welcoming. I cannot wait to go back here!!

Angel G.

I had a wonderful tour yesterday! Loved Brad Moore & his music at mojito Bay. So good! And the bartenders were excellent! Awesome efficient, friendly, and make a mean mojito! Yum! The location draws a pleasing crowd! Also, I must say their restrooms were immaculate & spacious…just sayin'

Idalia G.

My go-to bar in Put in Bay! Mojito Bay has live entertainment every day at 4! They have excellent mojitos, unmistakably cute bartenders, and SWINGS! Lol though they are restricted, maybe ten swings. It is a fun environment! They have Jenga games and cornhole boards to play with, and the coolest part is the sand! It makes you feel very exotic!

Raven P.

Out of all of the pubs in Put In Bay, this is an island favorite of most, and ours as well. mojito bay tiki bar is a rather small bar, but it's a piece of the beachfront right on the strip with a tropical hut-style tiki bar equipped with swings and an area to play games like corn hole. If you want to get out of the sand, there's an upstairs option that is less packed but is still a fun place to relax. We met many fantastic friends at this bar, which offers the perfect sociable setting. It's a wonderful and vibrant atmosphere. Drinks were some of the most affordable drinks we've experienced. The staff is friendly, and security is good but with friendly characteristics or less otherwise forced not to be. This is just a fantastic bar all around, and my highest suggestion on the Island when it comes to drinking. You must stop at Mojito Bay!

Helen W.

We adored it here! We had so much pleasure. I would recommend ordering two drinks per individual at a time, as they were really busy! The margaritas were soooo good! The swings are cool, but they need to be raised as you do clothesline yourself on the bar sometimes, LOL but on the bright side, you can also sleep on the bar at mojito bay put-in-bay