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Put-in-Bay Parasailing

Put-in-Bay Parasailing Particulars

Parasailing high above Lake Erie is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy watersports at Put-in-Bay. Operating since the late ’80s, Put-in-Bay Parasail has assisted visitors in experiencing the sensation of flight for over thirty years!

The Put-in-Bay Parasailing staging area is beside the Bayview Avenue Boardwalk Restaurant Complex.

It is within walking distance from the Jet Express terminal and all Put-in-Bay Hotels. Just look skyward; you can’t miss them! Enlightened by a vacation to Florida, the original owner of Put-in-Bay Parasailing brought this activity to South Bass Island, much to the enjoyment of residents and tourists alike.

A very safe exercise, parasailing raises the fortunate party up high into the air with a rainbow-colored parasail. The eager staff led by Captain Jason Hill is exceptionally familiar with all aspects of parasailing and safety.

They take the time to prepare each and every visitor about the ins and outs of Put-in-Bay Parasailing.

Along with Captain Jason, his efficient, well-trained staff will instruct you on the best parasailing techniques. Pick from either lofty or low-height parasailing. A typical towline is 600,’ but these fantastic and fun guys can offer you up to 800′ to truly feel like you’re soaring. Each flight last about 10 minutes.

Looking to take a plunge? Just ask Put-in-Bay Parasailing to be dunked safely into the water. It’s really amusing!

Or you can elect to stay dry up high. Individually the towlines can hold up to 400 lbs on acceptable days. Depending on the climate, you can choose to fly with a partner! 

 Put-in-Bay Parasailing offers lots of amazing discounts and packages. They take 30 activity pictures of each parasailer while you are flying.

The deluxe packet comprises a t-shirt and a video of your trip for $130.

A typical flight is $100, and each lasts about 10 minutes. Everyone gets an “I Got High” sticker.

Group Bookings are more than welcome to try out this activity together. It is definitely a bonding exercise. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t wait for your last day at Put-in-Bay to come parasailing, as flights are halted in rainy conditions.

Participants are lifted straight off the rear of the ship from a platform while seated to get airborne. You also light back on the platform on your feet at the completion of the flight. Observers can ride along just for the boat ride for $90.00, space permitting.

Things To See And Do Near Put-in-Bay Parasailing

After your flying experience, reward yourself with a great meal and a milkshake at the Dairy Isle, just a block away. This island favorite is always a hit with the kids and is one of the most reasonable places to eat on the island.

If you are seeking fine dining along with a waterfront view, the crown jewel of the island is the Upper Deck Restaurant. Enjoy the amazing views of the lake you just soared over as you enjoy their world-famous Lobster Bisque and a cocktail. Rita’s Cantina is also on the same terrace if you’d prefer a tasty frozen margarita.

The entire downtown neighborhood is packed with fun things to do, from shopping to local pubs and live entertainment. Some of our visitors’ favorite bars include Hooligan’s Irish Pub and Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille.

Popular shopping destinations certainly include Lovella Fashion Boutique and the Carriage House. Weekends see packs of friends skipping from bar to bar, enjoying live music, sociable company, and healthy drinks.

Families enjoy relaxing in DeRivera Park while the kids enjoy a large, well-equipped playground. Everyone traveling to Put-in-Bay treasures Lake Erie and all the fun activities encircling the water, including parasailing with Put-in-Bay Parasail!

341 Bayview Ave Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Almado F.

An absolutely incredible experience and they have a super staff! This was a complete blast! From the check-in procedure with Victor to the authentic put-in-bay parasailing with Captain Tyler and first mate Jerry, it was an awesome adventure. As a first-timer, I was scared, but once I got sailing, I did not want to be whirled back in! Positively advise you not to miss this one!

Craig L.

Great Deal and Amazing Staff! Excellent Bargain for what you get in return. Great Crew and Captain. We will be back again soon, bringing a boatload of the family with us to participate in put-in-bay parasailing. VERY MUCH RECOMMEND IT!!

Helen K.

First Time Parasailing, and wow, what a blast! Parasailing in Put-in-Bay over Lake Erie was so much fun. I've always wanted to do this, and my cousin talked me into it. I will definitely try it again.

Brandy M.

Lots of fun! My sweetie and I had a marvelous time on Lake Erie parasailing. The vessel operator was kind enough to dip me in Lake Erie as we got the parasail into the boat, which was done at my request. Parasailing was the highlight of my trip.

Darren H.

put-in-bay parasailing was absolutely amazing! My first stint, and it was absolutely incredible and so much pleasure. The captain and crew were amazing, and we had a blast. Thank you so much.

Terry P.

Peaceful time in the sky! Great day of Parasailing. The temperature was perfect. The adventure was super chill and soothing. You can see Canada from the air.

Penny C.

My First Time put-in-bay parasailing over Lake Erie was so much joy. I've always desired to do this, and my cousin talked me into it. I will certainly try it again.

Leslie L.

Family leisure time Parasailing! The adventure was wonderful. Our entire family experienced it, and we all found the adventure exhilarating. The crew was great and very helpful.

Marina P.

Sailing above the water in Put-in-Bay- So glad I tried this. The crew was pleasant and familiar, walked us through the procedure for us 1st timers, had a great time, and highly recommend put-in-bay parasailing up into the air with this company.

Terry D.

First timers. After Listening to other people's adventures, I believe these people have the right kind of equipment and experience to safely get you into the air and make your trip amazing. The captain and his mate were friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend Parasailing to anyone!

Dean S.

Can't Wait To Do It Again. I was so nervous, but my hubby convinced me to try something untried. The adventure of parasailing with this company was uncomplicated, professional, and so much enjoyment. I cannot wait to do it again next year if time allows and the weather is good.

Mark B.

Enjoyed parasailing and talking to the employees. Stormy weather was coming in, but Captain Jason made sure if we still wanted to go out if the weather was good, he would call us. And he did call not even a half hour later. To me, that is a sound professional, and honest individual. He already had our money before the weather had turned. Definitely would do it again.

Sandy K.

Can't Wait To Do It Again. I was so nervous, but my hubby convinced me to try something untried. The adventure of parasailing with this company was uncomplicated, professional, and so much enjoyment. I cannot wait to do it again next year if time allows and the weather is good.

Jimmy L.

Exceeded my expectations by far! This was SO MUCH FUN! Our initial tour got delayed bc of the wind, but because of the vacation weekend and the next day being booked, this wonderful organization opened an hour early just to house our group and another group so we would not lose our money! We are so grateful for that!! The staff was kind and sociable, and the adventure itself was calm, comfortable, and good for the soul! HIGHLY RECOMMEND parasailing while on the Island!!

Yolanda F.

Wonderful adventure! We had an amazing time! The driver was experienced and understood what he was doing so that really supported any nervousness we may have had since this was our first time Parasailing. Very sociable as well! We expect to go again on our next stop on the Island!

Harold P.

The best thing to do! Hands down, the best thing we did on the Island! The climate was perfect for Parasailing! So peaceful and soothing in the air. Captain and staff were wonderful (residents are always the best when it comes to good communication and intriguing tidbits), extremely skilled, courteous, and accommodating! Absolutely suggest this!

Julie F.

We missed our initial time but rescheduled for the next day! We got stranded on the mainland due to the ferry being sold out, so I phoned and asked if we could do anything so we didn't forfeit our funds. Presuming I spoke to Jason himself, he said not to stress and to stop over as soon as we got to Put-in-Bay, and we could try to work something out. So we quickly made our way there after the ferry passage. He has a friendly Russian exchange pupil who stated they were full that day, but we could plan on the next day, which we did. (It was showering on this day anyways, so I had some qualms because it was cold already) The following day, the weather was simply flawless, the captain was incredible, and we had a great adventure. Thank you, thank you for not just clipping us off and telling us we would forfeit our cash since we had already prepaid!!!!! I'm sorry the events were out of our command. You made a poor situation more acceptable by being thoughtful. I would certainly recommend you fellows for Parasailing.

Mark M.

So delighted we did it! We headed out on a bit nippy and very windy day. I wasn't sure if we would go or not. The skipper was incredible and friendly and brought us out on the boat and checked things out to see if we could and desired to go. So pleased we ended up going up. We were even warmer up there. We had a fantastic time Parasailing. It was lots of fun I enjoyed the views and experience. The team was pleasant and delighted to share knowledge about the place and other islands. I say reach for it if you're on the border about doing it! It was our favorite part of our journey. I would do it again.

Alvin A.

A wild Ride-I never really thought that much about Parasailing, frankly. I only wanted to test it because I had a buddy from my college days who pledged he would take me eventually. Days shift into months. Months shift into years. And I resolved to stop delaying and just do it. The adventure was so well worth it. Honestly, it wasn't what I had anticipated. I guess it was partially because I envisioned it to be more like wind surfing. I took a windsurfing lesson in Greece which was much more difficult than it first seemed. So I was extremely surprised that all I had to do was sit down, and the parasail did the remainder of the job. You are literally up in the air for about 10 minutes, and it feels so soothing and stimulating. I really treasured it and would do it again.

Trevor F.

What a great experience! I have never been Parasailing before - being newly retired means testing lots of those unknowns! The staff was very accommodating and reassuring. Follow the instructions, and everything goes rather smoothly! At first, the cost of $80 made me question my fascination - but I am SO happy I chose to enjoy the fun! It was a blast, and the view was amazing! I would certainly parasail again!! It is not laborious at all - the boat & staff do all the labor. All you need to do is sit & enjoy!!