Avoid These 5 Things On your Put-in-Bay Vacation! (And We’re Serious About The Camel Towing!)

We have numerous Put-in-Bay News blog posts about all the fun and cool things to do at Put-in-Bay Ohio so we thought we would take time to detail the top 5 things you DON’T want to do while on your Put-in-Bay Vacation.

Camel Towing on a Put-in-Bay Vacation

Don’t Park Your Car Illegally To Avoid Camel Towing!

We have all been tempted to grab the most convenient parking spot while on our Put-in-Bay Vacation but when you park your car in another businesses parking lot and head for the nearest local pub, don’t be surprised if your car is gone when you come back having been caught by Camel Towing.

At $250 a tow…the Camel Tow is No Way To Go! Locally owned and operated by Duff Spatafore his Camel Tow always gets hooked up right and can be found at his repair shop located at 349 Meechen Road where we hear the T-Shirts seem to sell out quickly for Camel Towing.

Don’t Steal Someone else’s Golf Cart Rental!

Stolen Golf Cart - Picture of a police officer chasing a man in a stolen golf cart on the island of Put in Bay. Ohio.

It all sounded like a good idea, just jump on a golf cart and catch a late night ride home, until the flashing lights of a Put-in-Bay Police Carspoil the night. Many

people are not familiar with the fact that Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are licensed motor vehicles and the penalty is severe for theft and most are equipped with GPS units.

Michael T. McCombs was one who learned the hard way when he was charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, a felony of the 4th degree, aggravated vehicular assault a felony 2nd degree, and vehicular assault a felony of the 2nd degree when he stole a golf cart and crashed injuring his passenger.

He will have plenty of time to think about his escapades as he was sentenced to 15 months in an Ohio penitentiary and ordered to pay restitution of $7481.33. We think you would agree with an overnight Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental at $80.00 would have been a better idea!

Do Not Have Open Containers of Alcohol at Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay is part of Ohio and as such open containers of alcohol are not permitted anywhere including on golf carts, outside of bars or upon the streets of Put-in-Bay. Contrary to popular belief, it is still considered an open container even if it has a lid on it! Your $3.50 beer can quickly escalate into a $150.00 citation with a guest appearance at our local Mayors Court the following Thursday for a violation. We know you like Put-in-Bay but coming back to court is not what most consider an enjoyable day at Put-in-Bay!



Don’t Drink and Drive At Put-in-Bay!

Put-in-Bay is approximately 2.5 miles by 5 miles long and you can get anywhere on the island in a Put-in-Bay taxi for only $3.00. Why risk the expense of a DUI (average cost over $10,000) or an accident! Most people find that bringing a car to the island is expensive, time-consuming and once here the car often never moves! Parking on the island is extremely limited and non-existent in some locations. Do yourself a favor and leave the car on the other side to avoid the expense and long wait times to get a car on or off the island. Visit our Put-in-Bay FAQ page for additional helpful hints about planning a Put-in-Bay Vacation.




Don’t Miss The Last Ferry Unless You Have A Put-in-Bay Hotel or Rental

Picture of the Jet Express Ferry unloading in downtown Put in Bay

While the Put-in-Bay Ferry the Jet Express offers the latest schedule for your vacation, they don’t run 24  hours a day! Schedules to and from

the Kellys Island and Cedar Point are more limited than those to their main departure Point in Port Clinton Ohio. Our Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts sell out quickly and finding a room if you miss the last ferry can be difficult and often times impossible. We know with all the fun you will be having on your Put-in-Bay Vacation it can be easy to lose track of time but if you do miss the last ferry there are no other options off the island except a private charter which can be very expensive!