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Put-in-Bay Ohio – One Of Many Spectacular Things To Do In Ohio

Located in Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay Ohio is one of several popular islands visited by hundreds of thousands of people annually. Its Victorian charm. vibrant nightlife and colorful history make it one of the most popular things to do in Ohio. Half the fun of visiting Put-in-Bay is getting to the island! There are several modes of transportation to get to Put-in-Bay and all of them are an experience in themselves! You can go fast or slow by boat, fly, or even take a day cruise to the islands!

Put-in-Bay Ohio - A photo of a golf cart rental

Once you have arrived the adventure begins with getting around! Of all the things to do in Ohio very few places you visit will you drive a golf cart on the roads! On the island, golf cart rentals are the principal methods of transportation. They are configured to seat 2,4,6 & 8 people and can be rented hourly, daily, or for those staying the night at one of the luxurious Put-in-Bay Hotels you can rent for multiple days.

One thing to remember, these are considered licensed motor vehicles at Put-in-Bay Ohio, and all the same traffic laws and rules that apply to a car ally to a golf cart rental. This includes open containers, driving under the influence and despite the temptation don’t allow junior to take the wheel as operators must be licensed drivers!

Most of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants, bars & attractions have ample parking for the carts and each cart operates with a key. Be sure to remove the key and remember your golf cart number as many look alike!

Attractions At Put-in-Bay Ohio

One of the coolest things to do in Ohio is experiencing the unique offerings of the attractions on the island. Few places can offer so many different experiences in one small location. For history buffs, the island is loaded with historical sites, museums & the famous Perry’s International Peace Memorial. The 352-foot tall Doric column is the 3rd tallest in the world! An elevator takes visitors to the top where an observation deck serves up a stunning 360-degree view of Lake Erie. On a clear day, you can see Canada and the skylines of Detroit and Toledo. Be sure to bring a camera!

For those who like action, there are Jet Ski Rentals on the island as well as moped! You can Kayak the Bay or fly high above it with Put-in-Bay Ohio Parasailing Company located at the Boardwalk Restaurant Complex. There are several caves to explore including the world’s largest underground geode located at the Crystal Cave near Heineman Winery.

With so many things to do in Ohio, sightseeing at Put-in-Bay Ohio, staying overnight at the Put-In-Bay Resort or home gives guests the most time to explore the attractions on South Bass Island. Put-in-Bay restaurants, shops & bars, are readily available while you enjoy your island vacation.  You can see Gibraltar Island up close by renting a Kayak.  Staying on the island allows you to fully immerse in the Lake Erie Islands lifestyle in a Put-In-Bay Hotel.

Catch the ferry from Port Clinton, Cedar Point, Kellys Island, or Port Clinton Ohio for a great island attraction.  Check out the island golf course, enjoy some water sports, learn at a history or chocolate museum, or traverse to the top of our National Park Perry Monument.

No matter how you get here, the result is the same: lots of fun! The best way to get around to all the Put-in-Bay attractions is by golf cart rentals or a Put-in-Bay taxi.

Dining At Put-in-Bay Ohio

Put-in-Bay Ohio is well known for many unique types and styles of dining. You will find dynamite authentic Latin American food at Lesters Taco Shop to Maine Lobster and the famous Lobster Bisque at the Boardwalk Restaurant Complex.

The Goat Soup & Whiskey is known for growing many of their ingredients right on-premises in their gardens. Put-in-Bay even has a five-star dive bar, Joe’s Bar, which has great sandwiches! Waterfront dining option such as the Keys with Florida influenced cooking, and the Upper Deck are great options. And of course, Carryout or delivery Pizza from the Put-in-Bay Pizza Company is a must.

Looking for dessert or an old fashioned malt or shake? A memorable dessert? Hop on a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental and head out to the Chocolate Shop & Museum, where hand-scooped and old-fashioned are the name of the game!

If you are interested in reading Put-in-Bay restaurant reviews, visit our Put-in-Bay Restaurants page, where each restaurant features reviews from our vacation guests!

 Many of our restaurant establishments serve incredible food by day and evolve into nighttime entertainment venues featuring great Put-in-Bay entertainers. From nationally-known acts to one man/woman local acts, you are sure to find variety and excitement at Put-in-Bay!

Picture of food from Put-in-Bay Ohio One of Many Things To Do In Ohio

At Put-in-Bay, you can dine as simply as Subway to fine dining at the Upper Deck with stunning views! There are numerous options for carryout food to enjoy a fun family picnic at the South Bass Island State Park or one of many Put-in-Bay parks or nature trails.

 Many Put-in-Bay Restaurants are in the downtown area, although there are a few in the center of the island like the Goat Soup & Whiskey. While Dining At Put-in-Bay you will likely experience the delicious Lake Erie Yellow Perch. Served in salads, tacos, baskets, sandwiches, and full dinners, it’s one of the tastiest fish you will ever eat! The Walleye is a close runner-up and another highly sought after Lake Erie Fish.

Put-in-Bay Ohio So Many Restaurant Options

Put-In-Bay Restaurants are ready for all meals, and breakfast is no exception. Grab some breakfast on Delaware Ave at Lesters Taco shop, the most affordable homemade breakfast on the island. Try to Egg & Chorizo Sausage breakfast burritos or their complete breakfast meal only $8.95

Pasquale’s Cafe and Frosty Family Pizza are two other great breakfast options, with the latter well known for their delicious eggs benedict. Enjoy watching the boats passing by while enjoying a huge Cuban Style Sandwich at Topsy Turvey! They are located on Bayview Avenue along the downtown waterfront. Authentic Fish & Chips, Rueben Sandwiches, homemade chips, and other Irish specialties can be found at Hooligans Restaurant, with one of the best outdoor patios for dining at Put-in-Bay Ohio.

 The Put-In-Bay Brewery and Distillery is another great place to watch the world go by and enjoy a craft beer of a drink made with liquor from the Lake Erie Islands only distillery. You will smell the delicious BBQ Chicken long before seeing the coal-fired grills of the Chicken Patio located next to the Roundhouse Bar. The sauce is made from wine, and the chicken is basted thru the cooking process.

Are you hungry yet?

With so many things to do in Ohio, you may need more than just one day at Put-in-Bay!. Check out our Put-in-Bay lodging and hotelsMany offer family vacation packages during the week! You are sure to find something that fits all of your lodging needs and right downtown!

Remember, hotels & resorts on the island are limited in number and quick to fill in the busy season. Many people arrive Sunday evening and depart the following Friday using a few of those days to visit nearby Kellys island, middle bass island, or even an excursion to nearby Cedar Point, one of the world’s most popular amusement parks!

 The sooner you book, the sooner you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry to come across to the island! Most family guests stay for a full midweek (Sunday through Friday), and most of our younger party crowd visit us on weekends (Friday through Sunday).

Call us for more information at 833-742-7827 or keep reading information about put in bay ohio



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