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Round House Bar

The Round House Bar Particulars

The Round House Bar is the definition of summer on Put-in-Bay, all accommodated in one classic, historical bar. An island establishment of over 150 years, everyone gathers here when they see the bright red “Whiskey” light ignited. That signifies that frivolity is about to commence.

This historical round saloon is open daily from 12 pm – 2 am during the busy summer season. Centrally found directly on Delaware Avenue across from DeRivera Park and just a short walk from the Edgewater Hotel.

This location is also home to the famous Chicken Patio and the Red Moon Saloon. The Round House Bar is consistently on everyone’s summertime must-visit shortlist.

Easily identified by its red, white, and blue exterior and concave porch packed full of people having the time of their lives, the Round House incorporates a full bar and an even more extensive entertainment program. From live music to special occasions, something is always happening here.

Live Entertainment at The Round House Bar

Regional and local performers play here daily.. The lineup includes island native Ray Fogg, Killer Flamingos, and Mike “Mad Dog” Adams. A Round House Bar favorite, Mad Dog is living confirmation that “Every Day Above Ground Is A Gooood Day.”

His legendary concerts are always extremely popular. Be sure to visit the Buckett Shop on-site for numerous Round House Bar-branded clothing items and souvenirs.

The Roundhouse Bar is the ideal place to spend a summer day. The indoor/outdoor feeling is sociable and entertaining. Drinks are constantly flowing, and live music is always on point.

Grab a bite to eat at the famous Chicken Patio on site serving their famous wine-basted chickens. Home to the best BBQ on the island, Chicken Patio has served over 1 million dinners!

The Edgewater Hotel, a few steps away, is a lovingly remodeled hotel that offers quaint, affordable lodging and the island’s best location. The Red Moon is a sophisticated speakeasy located next to the Round House Bar.

This whole area of Put-in-Bay offers a fantastic peek into the past with some of the most stylish entertainment on the island.

History Of The Round House Bar

According to an article in the Sandusky Register, the Round House Bar opened for business as the Columbia Restaurant in June of 1873. The Columbia Restaurant served refreshments, including beer, wine, and meals. Nevertheless, the fundamental pleasure in those days was freshly made ice cream and cottage cheese. There was no electricity, so the ice had to be harvested in blocks during the winter months and stored in sawdust in the Ice House (currently found on the Put-in-Bay Winery Estate), allowing for this summertime favorite.

Flags for ice cream extended from The Round House across the roadway to De Rivera Park. Initially, the structure was white, and the front patio had stairs with no handrails stretching across the front of the structure.

Nobody is really certain how the bar was renamed The Round House Bar. An 1888 paper establishes one of the first proprietors as George F. Schmidt (or Smith). Folklore has it that G.F. was nicknamed “Round House” Smith… or perhaps because the pub was round, he was called “Round House Smith.” It also notes that G.F. built the Park Motel some fifteen years later. The Park Motel was first called the Park (Deutches) Hotel.

In 1944, the Greunkes bought the Round House Bar for $11,000. They had the circular bar constructed in Toledo by a Cincinnati Brewing Company. They clipped the bar in half and pushed it to its present location. Mrs. Grenke was a pianist who performed in the Round House Bar but did not enjoy playing “in the round” with her back to the patrons. Therefore the basis of the bar is now found where it is today.

The Greunkes are also responsible for adding the canopy, which was gold and red back then. The cloth canopy was erected to catch the falling plaster from the walls and ceiling and improve the room’s overall acoustics. Today’s canopy is not a parachute, but the flame-retardant fabric was cut and hand stitched by two island girls.
The McCann family bought the Round House Bar in the early 1950s and painted it the now-famous red paint.

The entire building is wood construction and, for the most part, all authentic, except for the internal floors and the front verandah. The plastered walls have always been a part of the structure and are now painted with Canoe Bob’s murals. A rear bar expansion, outside terrace, and retail store have now been added to the historic Round House Bar.

The Round House Bar has forever been known for its neon “WHISKEY” lamp above the front entrance, live entertainment, and beer buckets.

228 Delaware Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Alvin T.

Best Bar On Put-in-Bay! The environment, the people, and the live melodies make The Round House Bar my favored place to party at Put-in-Bay. The libations, as are the expenses, are typical, but that's not what this pub is about. You need to be a downer not to go in and have a pleasing time when there's a live show. All ages are represented, but the group tends to be more aged than other locations, primarily 20s and 30s, but also a fair number of folks 40+, particularly before 10 pm, but some hang around much later. I'm not sure anyone would feel out of place, so I recommend this place for everyone except kids because it's Put-in-Bay

Jessica M.

This is what Put-in-Bay is about! One of the most senior pubs in the land, this iconic 'round' bar is the goal for anyone new to Put-in-Bay. Live music every day and evening all season long makes it a wonderful spot to spend time with buddies or make fresh ones. Their well-known 'bucket' of beer is a wonderful method to share with a party. Round House Bar gets extremely packed and noisy most days, but that's how it should be—a very open, entertaining atmosphere. Be sure to check out the mythical Mike "Mad Dog' Adams. Who has been performing here in the daytime for 38 years or more? Bar attendants are incredible, with many of them long-time workers. You have experienced Put-in-Bay if you have been to the Roundhouse Bar!

Tommy T.

Round house Bar-Going to the Roundhouse Bar is a requirement as part of our annual pilgrimage to Put In Bay. Whether it be bands on Friday and Saturday evenings or singing with "MadDog" during the daytime, I assure you it will be entertaining!!!! Excellent waitpeople as well!!! At the Roundhouse, it's all about delivering a great time!!!! Enjoy!!!

Berloti F.

Beer in red buckets! The Round House Bar offers a unique adventure in multiple ways—decor, live entertainment, and, yes, beer in plastic pails. When we visit relatives in Port Clinton (We are from California), we always stop here. The beer choice is meager but suitable for the spot. There is also a complete bar. The red buckets contain 12- 14 cups (12 oz) and cost $39. Don't stress about your beer getting warm- a zip-lock bag of ice is provided in it. Apparently, you can bring the bucket home. I saw a guy toting one afterward in the day someplace on the island. The enjoyment starts at 2 pm. I stood there when there was a hop band and had a lot of fun jigging with the masses. This time there was a funny stand-up comic that kept the crowd rolling.

Henry C.

Round House Bar Overall A Fabulous Place. We had such a wonderful time here! Across-the-board is probably one of my favored spots. The entertainment was excellent, and he did a fantastic job interacting with the public and keeping everyone laughing. The drinks were reasonable and not overpriced. The team was exemplary and quick with service.

Junior T.

Fine band and bash at the Round House Bar! We stopped in on a bar excursion and lingered awhile with the band playing. It was during the daytime on Jul 4th, so it was a bit wild jammed in there. They were hawking beer in metal cans from tubs on the front porch. They were expensive! Perhaps some money-making for a holiday. The roundhouse bar was laid out well. The band was elevated up behind the bar and was pleasing. The band was perfect. We managed to battle through the gathering and got a stand-up table. Some munchies were for sale for the table, like popcorn. We stayed here longer than most locations we drank at.

Lilly T.

Put-in-Bay Day Drinking-We had a considerable crowd who went to the Round House bar on a Saturday afternoon to listen to an entertainer named Mad Dog. He did not dissatisfy. He played all types of music and was very amusing & fun. The waitpeople were focused & plenty of protection to keep it secure. This is an adult-only bar. The structure is round & it is over 150 years old. If you are seeking a location to have a few cold ones with friends & be entertained, then this is the spot to visit.

Yolonda S.

A grand time was had by everyone at the Round House Bar! We were at Put In Bay for the very first stretch on Aug 5th (Sunday) and were wandering by the Round House bar in the afternoon. We proceeded in and saw that Mike Mad Dog Adams was going to perform, and we heard he was amusing, so we got a little table in the rear and lingered for him to start. He was about 15 minutes late going on, but so worth the delay. His jokes were dirty, rude, funny, and just all-around ridiculous. He played for nearly 2 hours up behind the bar with just his guitar and a lot of drinks!!!! He made fun of other states and all types of individuals and had the entire gathering stirring. There were these pails of beer you could buy, they were about $9-$12 and had mixed drinks in them, or you could purchase draft beers with a souvenir mug. I didn't see any grub, but they did have packs of chips or soft pretzels behind the bar for sale if you required a munchie. The rear of the Roundhouse Bar has a gift store, but similarly, costs are extremely high; sweatshirts go from $30 to $55 and are a little thick.
Apparently, you can also purchase these silver things that you can pull to pop out confetti. I've seen a few individuals get them, but it makes a pigsty on the floor. The place is round, and if you look up at the bar room's canopy, it's red, white, and blue material.

Gerald F.

Wednesday afternoon at the Round House Bar is something to see! I have been their plenty of times. The mature gathering made the afternoon time for dancing and drinking. The Roundhouse Bar gets rockin'! Get there by two if you want a place to sit and a table. Otherwise, you'll be doing like everyone else (including the more youthful set) that wanders in after that time because of the tunes blasting out the entrance...roaming around trying to find a table.

Teresa D.

Most fun place in Put-In-Bay (for adults) If you go to Put-in-Bay, and you don't jump in the Round House bar to enjoy the ambiance, consume a bucket of beer, and observe the live entertainment, you won't (completely) comprehend what Put-in-Bay is all about. It's not the drinking; it's the environment. And there's no establishment with a better ambiance of what Put-in-Bay is known for than the RoundHouse Bar

Sam D.

Fine Beer, Fantastic Live Music, Great Atmosphere. I arrived at the Round House Bar for the beer and remained because of the gang that was playing. I'm still determining who they were, but they were terrific. The roundhouse entertainment schedule is one of the best!

Mandy F.

Paradise Island Band at the Round House Bar! You can't comprehend that on a Wednesday afternoon, a large gathering will materialize to arrive and appreciate the music of Paradise Island Band. Elbow-to-elbow masses that love to dance and sing along with the gang as they play MoTown choices and more. A Four-hour performance in the epicenter of the afternoon is unheard of. They have been accomplishing this for decades and have a large following of loyal fans. They play every other Wednesday, so be certain that you check out the agenda! The entourage at the Round House Bar understands what to anticipate and manages the crowd, ensuring everyone has their drinks. If you want a seat.....go early!

Paula D.

Good Times!!! It's always a perfect time at the Round House Bar. The first time there, Mad Dog was playing. Enjoyable time! The second time there was a Caribbean Band with lots of fun music involved. The employees take care of you, and with a grin on their faces even when the place is packed to capacity. Highly suggest expending some time here!!!

Della S.

Looking Ahead to a Weekend at the Round House Bar Put-in-Bay! We stopped in, drank, and checked out the guys playing live music. It was pretty barren the day we were there, but it was early on a weekday, and due to the weather, it is to be expected. Beautiful inside and has a great feel to it. The roundhouse put-in-bay team was friendly, the music was good, and the drinks were excellent! I always Look ahead to returning and sharing the place when it's hopping.