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Gemstone Mining

Gemstone Mining Particulars

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center present numerous fun activities in one convenient location where tourists can efficiently spend the entire day. Gemstone Mining is one of the more distinctive activities. Just like prospectors of the past, you mine for gems.

Buy a bag of the rough mix at The Shop at the Top, and take it over to the gemstone mining site. Let water rush over the mixture and start panning. Gems and fossils will magically materialize! You get to save your treasures to remind you of this unique activity. You can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 1-hour sifting. Numerous youngsters will pick this activity over an ice cream cone! Now that’s a recommendation!

Geode Cutting

Buy an uncut geode at The Shop at the Top, and then take it outside to our Geode Cutting Team. Our experienced staff will cut the geode in two, revealing to you for the first time the internal beauty of this rough-exterior gemstone. Every stone is a unique affair to see.


Perry’s Cave and Fun Center


Perry’s is the place for enjoyment on Put-in-Bay. About a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay, Perry’s offers everything from rock climbing, caves, mini golf, and a butterfly house.

The prominent feature of the complex is Perry’s Cave. This unique limestone cave lies 52 feet beneath the cover of the earth. Visitors descend into the cave to take in this natural beauty and see the rare subterranean lake. The temperature consistently stays at 50 degrees, so bring something warm to throw on. It’s a great escape to cool off on a hot summer day.

Commodore Perry used this lake for water for his troops, as did the infamous and elegant Hotel Victory. This enormous hotel burned down in 1919, and its ruins are still seeable at South Bass Island Park. For more information, visit the Put-in-Bay History Page. The War of 18 Holes mini golf course at Perry’s is exciting. Each hole tells a story about a struggle in the War of 1812. This course is demanding and educational.

The Rock Wall is fun and challenging. At 25 feet straight up, the attendants are on-site to assist travelers in learning about the ins and outs of rock climbing. The Butterfly House is an exquisite oasis with butterflies flying throughout the aviary to relaxing music.

DanDee’s Snack Shack offers yummy and satisfying meals like mac ‘n cheese balls, fried perch, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks. They have a great choice of ice cream treats to help you cool down after some healthy contests.


Nearby Attractions

Looking for a nice meal for date night? This part of Put-in-Bay is full of exciting and tasty attractions. The Keys Restaurant is always an excellent choice. The Local Color Gift Shop is right next store. Stop in for a mojito and a fine seafood dinner. 

Jane Coats Wildflower Trail is a gorgeous, young forest full of an assortment of tree and wildflower species. Take a walk on the well-maintained path and take in the captivating surroundings. If you brought the family dog along, be sure to check out the new Island Paws Dog Park on Langram Road near the Put-in-Bay Airport, where your pup can run free and enjoy a safe fenced-in area.

South Bass Island Park includes a boat launch, a public beach, and plenty of picnic tables. Joe’s Bar, a local island favorite, is a self-proclaimed five-star dive bar. Grab a cold one and enjoy their backyard, with cornhole, live entertainment, and picnic tables.

979 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

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Spending more than a day in Put-in-Bay?

Did you know a crucial battle in the War of 1812 was fought along the shorelines of South Bass Island? Read along and discover the island's rich history!

Perrys International Peace Memorial

Towering over 300 Ft Tall visitors are welcomed to the base of the monument where an elevator whisks you to an observation platform with stunning views!

Stunning Views From Atop The Monument

Breathtaking views await those who journey to the top of the Perrys International Peace Memorial. Detroit, Canada & Cedar Point can be seen on a clear day!

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Helen W.

Perry's Cave is my kids' (ages 8 and 12) choice spot at Put-in-Bay due to the Gemstone Mining and the atmosphere. You can buy a bag for $12, $15, $30, or $50.00 inside the shop. Then you will go outdoors to the mining station with running water and discover the concealed rocks when the sand is washed away. I purchased the $15.00 for each kid, and they acquired a good quantity of stones/quartz. There is a challenging 18-hole putt-putt golf course with landscaped waterfalls and trees. There are benches for a breather if needed throughout the course. There are combo packs to experience various things to do at this spot (omits Gemstone Mining). The Cave is located here, too, with a fortune of history to go along. The stairs are steep, and it is a lot cooler down there. If you are interested in going down into the Cave, immediately check the next time you can enter the Cave. We arrived at 1:30p, and the next opportunity to enter the Cave was at 3:30 pm. This way, you can buy your ticket and appreciate the rest of the things to do at put-in-bay at Perry's Cave or return later (or skip the Cave as we did). At this exact location is the Butterfly House. It is kept at 90 degrees, just an FYI, and your time inside is unlimited.

You can also stroll back in time and view old automobiles in a building for free. On another note, our practice is to arrive at Put-in-Bay by the Jet Express around lunchtime. It docked downtown near a shaded playground area for the kids and was a peaceful environment for the little ones to nap.

Marina P.

Do you have a household member who is extraordinarily into rocks and geology? Then this is quite the delight. Gemstone Mining was the perfect treat for our kids. The gift shop above has some distinctive stones for those looking to expand their collections. They even have a subterranean lake on the far side of the Cave. Good location close to the put-in-bay hotels

Sandy L.

Something for everyone, Gemstone Mining, antique cars on display, possibly the coolest mini-golf I've ever visited, cavern tour, butterfly house, kids maze that's a fort, rock climbing wall, etc. If you're on Put in Bay island and have children with you, it's a must-stop. Cave tours are $10 and run for about 20 minutes.

Richard G.

My spouse and I were just there today with our one-year-old and our six-year-old. I hope the woman who works there knows how much I appreciate her today. My son has ADHD; he gets a little rowdy it's something he cannot help. I never told this woman this, but she was so incredibly thoughtful and patient with him, almost like she knew. She made the whole trip and experienced worth it. He had so much pleasure, even with some of his minor issues. The women at the butterfly house were actually very kind. Across the board, if you have a child with a physical disorder and you have difficulty taking them to places, don't be scared to bring them here, we did every activity other than mini golf, and our son had a great time at Gemstone Mining! Thank you again

Fola S.

This was a fascinating Gemstone Mining and informative cave tour in the Perry Cave. We discovered about Perry and his crewman and the hiding perry had done of supplies and whatnot. And so much more. If you cannot ascend steps, this is not the place for you, as there are 44 to get down and return up. It's stunning down there but wet and chilly, a continuous 50 degrees all year round. The woman who was our guide was extra charming and even took several pics for us as a family at the end of the expedition.

Ben H.

Such a fun place. So many things to do for kids of all ages. The biggest surprise was the Gemstone Mining. I was able to do some mining while waiting for my hubby. My favorite thing by far was the Butterfly House. I was like a child in the confectionary store. So lovely. The employees were very acquainted. Worth a stop.

Ella F.

This is a fun tourist activity center with enough to entertain the clan for the day. You can see the antique vehicles for free. There is a cave expedition that is about 20 minutes. It's a little cave that's been harvested, but it's still a delightful adventure, especially if you haven't been in a cavern before. The stairs are vertical, so you will want to be right on your feet. Suitable for kids. There is also a Gemstone Mining sluice box, climbing tower, butterfly house, and maze. Snacks are available at the stand. The gift shop at the cavern and butterfly house. They have Public bathrooms.

Barry D.

Get a bag of dirt sifter Gemstone Mining for gems; it's a great exercise with the kids. Also, the War of 18 holes Putt-Putt is fun. There's one hole in the second half where you're thought to hit your ball in the water, and it goes into the log for a hole-in-one. They also have some ancient collectible cars, and they sell beverages at a suitable price

Linda M.

The butterfly house is my favorite place. I was utterly mesmerized to see the butterflies soaring. The put-in-bay caves are a must place to visit. Maze, Gemstone Mining are the other exciting draws. We love stopping there.