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Jane Coats Wildflower Trail

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Particulars

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail is a half-mile circle on South Bass Island’s southern end. With beautiful wildflowers everyplace you glance and migrating birds piping in the trees, this park is a concealed treasure of Put-in-Bay.

The colors are the most dynamic in April and May, but the Trail is enjoyable all summer. The Jane Coats Wildflower Trail connects three acres of the woodsy area bordering the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods.

This part of the island is shielded from additional growth thanks to a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund in 2007 and reserves from a confidential benefactor.

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy sustains both the Trail and the wooded areas. Recruits can often be seen cleaning the Trail and grooming the locations. This is actually a work of passion for islanders as they comprehend the significance of maintaining the untouched magnificence of this island.

Anointed for Jane Coates, a cherished island artist, this Trail commemorates her love of the island’s rugged area.

The wooded Trail mixes Blue Ash, Sugar Maple, Basswood, Common Hackberry, and Black Cherry. Wildflowers like Jack in the Pulpit, Dutchman’s Breeches, and Blue Phlox are current in the spring.

There are even Wild Hyacinths and Appendaged Waterleaf. The Dutchman’s Breeches cover the spring ground with precious white blooms.

This is an excellent place to watch birds, walk in the woods, enjoy wildlife, and enjoy this tranquil break.

 Lake Erie Islands Wildlife

Are you interested in learning more about the birds of Lake Erie? Travelers visiting Jane Coates Wildflower Trail can frequently see numerous examples of South Bass Island wildlife. Migrating birds travel through this zone, presenting bird watchers with new species to spot.

Tom Bartlett assembles an extensive checklist of migrating and local birds with data from the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, Kelleys Island Audubon, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, and his years’ spent bird banding on the Lake Erie Islands.

Species Of Birds

• Horned Larks, Tree Swallows, Clay Colored Sparrows, Scarlet Tanagers, Western Meadowlarks, Eastern Bluebirds,  and Worm Eating Warblers can all be frequelty seen.

The wooded preserves of South Bass Island are also home to numerous species of amphibians and reptiles. The wet woods supply many animals with essential feeding, breeding, and overwintering spots. The provisional breeding grounds found here in spring are known as vernal pools. The Blandings Turtle, American Toad, and Salamanders can be observed throughout the island.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Nearby Points Of Interest

The island’s southern tip can feel the world’s away from the bust and vibrant downtown Put-in-Bay. With beautiful pathways and wooded areas, this is ideal for those looking for relaxation and tranquility. Once you stroll along the course, several dining options are nearby to refuel.

With an extensive drink menu and savory, hearty food, the backyard at Big Mans Burrito Stand is a great place to unwind. The Beer Barrel Saloon has long been an island choice. Goat Soup and Whiskey are up the street alongside The Chocolate Cafe. For a more peaceful and quiet setting, check out one of the island’s newest hot spots and SJ’s Hideaway.

The Blue Marlin Bar & Grill is a popular place to enjoy a laid-back poolside dining experience. This is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or a friend’s date night.


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Bryan G.

Nice quick trail hike. We aimed to wander the pathways in the parks around the island and drove past the entry three times before discovering it; the island map wasn't precise. Ask somebody how to get there, drive slow, and keep your eyes peeled; it's easy to overlook. There is a little spot to park a few golf buggies by the park entryway for free, but no area to park an automobile. It's an effortless, flat, 1-mile circle in a heavily wooded location whose paths have been mulched to 1 person wide. No flowers bloomed in September, but occasional trees are distinctly labeled. No bugs either in September! A few ice fishing houses are stored either in the park or in the same woods adjoining the park.

Johnny F.

An enjoyable walk through the woods. If you're in the mood for a pleasant, peaceful stroll through the woods, you'll appreciate the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail. You'll spend about 30 minutes wandering on a woodchip, meandering path through a tiny, woodsy location. We walked the trail in July on a delightful, breezy day and did not experience too many mosquitoes. Due to the period of the year, we also encountered a few wildflowers. We saw some plants with three leaves, and although I'm no professional in identifying poison ivy, I navigated well on the trail without taking home any inflammations as keepsakes. Delightful and serene - YES! Filled with lots of exciting things to see.

Geo F.

Remote but a quick hike and a pleasant trail. Jane Coats Wildflower Trail is a great spot to stretch your legs. The path is only roughly 1 mile. Lots of green areas and shaded on a hot day. It was created in memory of a schoolteacher. I wish they had a few labels on blossoms and trees. Read the map or ask somebody how to reach there-we overlooked the entryway twice. It is free, an excellent perk, and a good location to park golf carts. Never saw a place to park your automobile, though. Recommended!

Kelvin M.

The inconspicuous place for beach views. Jane Coats Wildflower Trail is a lovely little preserve. Numerous birds and butterflies. At least three places where one can discover a little private beach area and sit quietly by the water. It is a work in progress. They are still mulching the trail. The trail jane coates wildflower great stop!

Noonie D.

Lovely wooded trail with blooms during the season. The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail at Put-in-Bay is delightful, somewhat distinct from the downtown pubs and yacht docks along the waterfront. It is a quiet expanse with hardwood trees and plant life on one of the better-elevated areas of the island. Less than a 1/2 mile from the south end of Miller Ferry dock, this pathway delivers a fantastic start or end to a day trip's visit to Put-in-Bay.

Lilly M.

Owning a house at Put in Bay for 50 years, ever since I was a kid, and rarely does anything there surprise me. I was newly surprised to stumble upon the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail. At first glimpse, it is nothing more than a trail through the weeds until you notice wildflowers and the lake from very distinct vantage points than the regular car, golf cart, or bike ride. It also gives entrance to Buckeye Point, which is a real treat if you are okay wading through a little bit of water to get there. I recommend jane coats wildflower trail as an "oasis from bars and shops" while seeing Put in Bay.

Paula F.

A good walk in the woods-nice little walk thru Jane Coats Wildflower Trail. Gorgeous weather this time of year, but not many birds. Did see a wonderful blue heron in a tree, having a snooze

Amanda F.

Island magnificence...naturally! If you want serenity in the woods, Jane Coats Wildflower Trail is where to escape it all. Stroll back, sit on the bench, observe the birds, or appreciate the wildflowers

Shelby L.

Lovely garden. It's one of the newer parks on the island. My daughter and I did some geocaching at Jane Coats Wildflower Trail. They did an excellent job on it.

Ursula D.

Jane Coates Wildlife Trail is one of six footpath loops on the island—a pleasingly sustained, comfortable flat trail in the wooded locations. Splendid during a hot sunny day, it is an excellent reprieve.

Deanna D.

Delightful trail jane coates wildflower hike. It is via the woods (we were expecting more of a field. Jane Coats Wildflower Trail feels like you are walking g through someone's rear yard at times. The trail is well-marked.