Google Visits Put-in-Bay With Video Crew 

On September 14th, a video crew from Rootwood Films of New York City has requested Google Visits Put-in-Bay at the invitation of Megabits Island Internet or Mi2 ( Google provides Megabits with cloud services that automate control of their new LTE radio system operating the “Citizens Broadband Radio Service” or CBRS. Google was looking for CBRS customers like Megabits to highlight in a
promotional video. Megabits responded by describing the “unique island setting” of Put-in-Bay and was selected as one of the three companies in the United States that Google will use in the video. Last year you may remember we reported that Put-in-Bay Was To Receive Upgraded Internet Speeds & Services.

The FCC gave Google authorization to begin initial commercial deployment of CBRS nationally on September 16. Megabits have awaited this authorization for months as this means it can now provide high-speed Internet connectivity to South Bass and Middle Bass Island homeowners who currently have little or no Internet access. Megabits is one of the first companies in the nation to use CBRS LTE technology that can penetrate more of the dense foliage on the Islands. With this news, Megabits is now busy seeking residential subscribers and installing year-round wireless Internet service in homes all over South Bass and Middle Bass

Google Visits Put-in-Bay And Interviews Locals

Among those interviewed during the Google video crew’s visit was Anita McCann in a temporary video studio set up in the Red Moon speakeasy. Tip Boyles had a video taken at the front desk of the Park Hotel, and Round House bartenders were captured during a Mike “Mad Dog” Adams performance. The Megabits team was filmed performing equipment maintenance at the Bay Lodging Resort tower. Megabits have had great community and business support since its inception. The video crew traveled around the Island to record activities at many businesses, including Put-in-Bay Restaurants The Boardwalk, The Keys, The Crews Nest, Mojito Bay, Miller Boat Line, and the Jet Express. The two-day visit ended with Trey Sheehan providing a boat ride to Middle Bass and Ballast Islands, which included taking aerial drone shots following the boat and an incredible sunset. Ohio’s Put-in-Bay will benefit significantly from this new and improved service.