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Island News January 2013

Put-in-Bay News January 2013- Play tryouts! Tryouts for the Arts Council’s spring play will be held at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall on Monday, Jan. 14th, Tuesday the 15th, Thursday the 17th, and Friday the 18th. The play will be The Wizard of Oz and is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in April.

Joe Foutts, who says the play will be the island’s most significant production to date, will be on hand for the tryouts and says there are plenty of parts, including speaking/non-speaking and singing/non-singing. Lots of performers are needed, including children for the Munchkins. Also needed are individuals to help with the backstage production. For more info, call, text, or voicemail Joe at (419) 341-2943.

Got ice? The good news is you either love it or hate it. Yes, we are talking about the ice on Lake Erie, which has been hit or miss the last few seasons. The Put-in-Bay fishermen are chomping to pull their shanties onto the ice and filling their freezers with walleye and perch.

They are the die-hard ones who don’t hesitate to go out ice fishing even if the A/C in their ice car is on the fritz. (Remember, every ice car can be an island car, but not every island car can be an ice car.) Others like the winter’s Ice-O-Lation, but enjoyed the open winter last year when the ferry boats ran most of the season. They liked the savings on transportation to and from the mainland and the ferry’s flexibility. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice.

The lake freezes or doesn’t freeze, and nothing man can do will change Mother Nature. So, as we go to press, there’s some thin ice in the bay because of low temperatures on Wednesday night, the third of January, but extended weather forecasts for the first two weeks in January, don’t look good for those who want to get out on the ice.

Projected temperatures just aren’t there, but long-term forecasts have been known to change. When the ice does come in, we’re looking forward to the Snowmobile and ATV racing at the Middle Bass Marina planned for this winter.

Put-in-Bay News reports Ohio to keep mayor’s court at Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island Gov. John Kasich recently signed a bill that removes mayor’s courts in several Ohio small towns, including a much-loathed speed trap in the Cleveland area, Lindale, but spared courts on Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island. State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, and State Sen. Mark Wagoner, R-Toledo, worked to ensure courts on the two islands were excluded from any final bill.

Legislators have been trying to eliminate mayors’ courts in Ohio for years, but the part-time courts on the islands have been spared from extinction because of their unique situations. Put-in-Bay’s mayor court has had a magistrate for many years, and the mayor isn’t involved in handing out justice. Some think Put-in-Bay’s mayor court is a money maker for the village, but it’s lucky to break even financially.

3rd Annual Stein Hospice Island Days-Enjoy island fun in downtown Sandusky on Jan. 4, 5, and 6 and show your support for Stein
Hospice. The weekend includes a stellar lineup of musicians, island fare, a silent auction, and more. Tickets will be sold at the door.
Mark your calendar for Friday – concert by Colin Dussault’s Blues Project, Daly’s Pub, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., $5; Saturday – afternoon concert by Wally and the Beavs, Cabana Jacks, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., $10; Happy Hour at the Sandusky State Theatre, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., with Boardwalk Lobster Bisque, Village Pump Brandy Alexanders and other food and drink vendors, plus a silent auction.

Sunday: brunch and Bloody Mary bar with Alex Bevan, JBistro, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., $5 (brunch not included. Reservations recommended, call 419-502-2280). Discount hotel rooms are available both nights at the Quality Inn, 1935 Cleveland Road, Sandusky. Call 1-800-654-3364, mention Island Days, and pay just $49 per night. The island weekend began three years ago through the efforts of Tina Brown, an island native, Sandusky resident, former owner of Tina B. Florals, and Stein Hospice supporter. All proceeds benefit  Stein Hospice.

With Christmas news over, islanders won’t celebrate Santa’s holiday again until Christmas in July. Christmas in July has become the busiest and most controversial weekend of the island’s visitor season. Something new has appeared on one of the most popular island internet websites. Its 2013 Put-in-Bay calendar of events is “Put-in-Bay’s 12 Days of Christmas in July,” which covers two weekends from July 18th through July 29th. Oh! Joy to the World (and Put-in-Bay)!

Put-in-Bay’s Quiz Bowl team had a 6-2 record, took second place in their league division, and was invited to a tournament in Columbus on Jan. 19th. Good going! Jeff Niese was opening a roll of quarters at the carry-out on Saturday, Dec. 15th, and heard a strange clink as the quarters hit the countertop.

He thought he had found an old silver quarter, but better yet, he discovered a quarter with two tail sides and no head side. Jeff and those who saw it were excited about his find, but a quick trip to the internet news said the coins are only worth about $3 to $10 and are novelty items not produced at a U.S. Mint.

Put-in-Bay News Reports that a few islanders took advantage of the holiday season to spend time off the island. Michele, Ava Heineman Jennifer, and Joe Blumensaadt went to the Big Apple to see Christmas Story on Broadway. Dave Washtock from Erie Island Carts was in Hawaii. The Krueger family spent Christmas in Austria, visiting Joe and Louis Suttmann along with Jack and Lorraine Zimmerman from the airport.

Also spending time in Europe were Nick and Simona Michael from Ahoy B&B. Among their stops were London, Prague, and Slovakia. The Eric Booker Family was still on their motor-home trip out west over the holidays, but one of their last visits was at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, before making it home on the last weekend of the year. Marsha Parker was in Cincinnati visiting Charlie and Moo Moo Biederman. Kathy Sopko from the Wisteria Inn spent Christmas in Colorado with her son TJ and daughter-in-law Erica.

The Put-in-Bay School Board voted to end the half-day kindergarten option beginning in FY 2014. In recent years parents had the opportunity to send their kids to either half-day or full-day classes.

Heineman Winery bottled some more of the Lake Erie Watersnake Noiret in December, and they were sold out within days. A portion of the sales price goes to help fund island parks. Heidi and Chris Ladd bought each other a new septic tank for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget to recycle your Christmas trees by putting them out by the road so those using the ice this winter can pick them up and mark trails. If they can’t be recycled that way, they can also become mulch, compost, or wildlife habitat. Speaking of ice, the Put-in-Bay VFD has serviced all their ice rescue gear and is ready to go if needed.

Cheryl Massie Cupach reported seeing a bumper sticker on the mainland read, “The University of Put-in-Bay • Intoxication Education.” If you know anything about the missing “40th Birthday Trophy,” which was circulated on the island for years, please let Joan Wertenbach know. Any info would be helpful. Happy Birthday, Dad, January 26th! Love, Ella & Lukas


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