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Put-in-Bay Ohio News January 2018 What You Missed!

Put-in-Bay Ohio News January 2018 As we start the New Year, there are a few things of interest we want to report about. It will be nice to have the  Perry Peace Memorial Monument open to visitors this coming season. It won’t be until the renovation of the lower plaza will close the Monument again, so take advantage of going to the top while you can.

If you pay attention to anniversaries in Put-in-Bay Ohio News, 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the Colonial fire where Tipper’s and the Beer Barrel now are located. There is an increase in Miller ferry boat vehicle prices for 2018. Fares for cars and pickup trucks will be $1 higher each way. Passenger fares will increase 50¢ each way. This is the first increase in prices for several years. Eric Engel is the new Put-in-Bay Township Trustee. He replaces Dale Burris who was a trustee for more than 40 years. Eric was the chairman of the Port Authority which will now be temporarily be headed by Rick Ziebarth.

Dan Savage at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society tells us there will be a special “island photography” display this season. It will feature, among other things, the yard-long panoramic photos by island photographer Otto Herbster. Other photographers will be featured, too. If you are planning on camping at the State Park on Middle Bass Island, you will find new camping spots on the higher ground east of the Lonz Winery. They are in a beautiful area overlooking South Bass Island and should be much more popular with Middle Bass campers.

This year, there will be one of the popular North Bass Island tours sponsored by the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society. The theme this year will be “Bass Vegas.” Look for an opportunity to renew your wedding vows at the North Bass Chapel. If you’re looking for a secluded rental, ODNR officials have announced they will be renting the “Lodge” on North Bass.

This will be something to watch, since getting to North Bass isn’t easy. Vacationers either fly in or take a private boat. There is no scheduled ferry service. The Lodge has been newly renovated and can accommodate 12 people. This tranquil retreat features hunting and fishing opportunities on this secluded island in Lake Erie. Perhaps we will see Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals there soon!

Put-in-Bay Ohio News is pleased to report the Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion with all those sports cars that race around the Put-in-Bay Airport has been rescheduled from the end of August to the end of September. The new date is from Monday, Sept. 24th thru Wednesday, Sept. 26th. according to a source at Put-in-Bay Ohio News.

If you have been having your trash hauled off by any service other than Lake Disposal, you’ll want to know that as of the end of 2017, Lake Disposal is the only company picking up trash on the island, and you will have to call them to get pick up service. Chris Joyce from the Put-in-Bay Senior Center tells us that her husband, Tony, has taken a new position at the water treatment plant in Marblehead and they will be moving to the mainland.

Chris says things won’t change at the Senior Center because she will be able to commute to the island. If you’re interested in Pelee Island happenings, you’ll be glad to know their new ferry will be put into service this year, plus the Pelee Island Heritage Center at West Dock has a new look. One question we have been getting frequently at Put-in-Bay Ohio News is from everyone is waiting to see what will come of the Attorney General’s investigation which saw Bureau of Criminal agents storming the island with search warrants.

Michigan Public Radio will air programs on the recent Great Lakes Island Summit on Beaver Island. Steve Poe, Peter Huston, Lisa, and Russ Brohl were interviewed by Rebecca Williams about their participation there and also the islands we call home. It will air Tuesday, January 2nd., 2018, on Michigan Radio (91.7 FM in Ann Arbor/104.1 in West Michigan) at 8:50 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. on that day, and on Interlochen Public Radio at 7:30 a.m. in northern Michigan. There will also be a conversation about the coalition on their talk show, Stateside, that day at 3 p.m. and 10 p.m.

When it came to judging the Christmas lights on the island this holiday season, there was a bit of a change. The island seniors from the Put-in-Bay Senior Center decided they didn’t want to do it, so the fun was turned over to the Island Girl Scouts. The girls did all the judging with no help from their leaders.

They picked Joey Wolf for 1st place, the Jeff Niese family for 2nd place, and Bill and Lois Jellison for 3rd Place. Honorable mentions went to Tim and Janette Luecke, the Tom Cooper family, John, and Paula Ladd, and Mark and Lily at condos. The Put-in-Bay Girl Scouts enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at the Reel Bar and loved Judging all the Christmas lights! It was not an easy task as so many places had amazing decor! Thank you to Put-in-Bay Recreation Committee for the prize money and for sponsoring this fun event.

A few months ago Put-in-Bay Ohio News Reported on Oktoberfest weekend a recreational boat hit the reef near Buckeye Island on
the northeast tip of South Bass. Everyone was rescued, but the boat owner apparently did not have the tow insurance nor the
cash to have it towed to the mainland.

Nothing happened and the boat, now several weeks later, is still washed up on the shore. To salvage the totaled boat will cost thousands of dollars, much more than it is worth, so no one wants it.  The Coast Guard wanted to make sure there was no gasoline or oil leaking from the boat but didn’t get over to the island to check it out.

If there’s gasoline or oil leaking into the lake, there’s a big problem for the boat’s owner, but if that is not the case, the boat may soon become the responsibility of the state. Capt. Russ Brohl went out to the boat and checked it out, but wasn’t 100% sure if there were still pollutants leaking from the craft.

He reported that someone has removed the carburetors from the engine and others have reported there may be a few items to salvage, but no one is quite sure if it’s legal to strip the boat for salvage. The Park District is concerned the boat will break up and debris will wash up on their shoreline. It sounds like the boat might be there for a while. Stay tuned to see what happens next!


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