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Put-in-Bay News July 2013 Whats Happening On The Island!

Put-in-Bay News Reports the Put-in-Bay Restaurants Goat vs. Fishbowl Soup & Wine Contest On Wednesday, July 10th at 8 p.m.; you will have the opportunity to choose which island restaurant, The Goat Soup, and Whiskey or The Fishbowl, has the best soup. For $12, you will be able to sample ten different soups and six wines and then vote for your favorites.

If you’re not a wine drinker, you can sample the soups for a reduced rate and purchase your beverage of choice. The competition will take place at the Fish Bowl. The crews from both establishments are excited about this blind taste test competition, and it’s coming down to a battle between Chef John and the kitchen magicians at The Goat. Everyone is welcome to come and cast their vote! So come on down!

Put-in-Bay News July 2013 Reports Jake Market finished his musical composition, “Noting’ 1812,” which will be played by the Central Ohio Symphony concert at the Monument on July 6th. Did you know Billy Sullivan, a Herman, and the Hermits band member, has occasionally sat in with Bob Gatewood and the Calabash band when they appear at the Beer Barrel Saloon? Bob says everyone loves it when they sing, “Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely daughter.”

Dave and Kathy Holscott from Mitchell Rd. are again enjoying their summer in Alaska this year. It’s hot in Alaska so far this season, and one of the downsides is the massive amount of mosquitoes that Alaskans commonly call the state bird. We wonder if they are as thick as Mayflies. Speaking of Mayflies, the new LED lights in the renovated flower basket light poles around the village park are not attracting the pesky critters as in past years. Maybe LED lights are the wave of the future when lighting the village at night. They also are much less expensive to operate than conventional bulbs, too.

Former island resident Dolores Meyer visited Put-in-Bay this past month with her daughter, Bonnie. Among those she saw were nieces Kerry Burris and Sue Seaberg. Vicky Wigle from Kayak the Bay told us about the DiSalvatore family, who took a kayak tour with guide Jane Davenport this past month. The DiSalvatores were on the Royal Caribbean cruise that caught on fire and was canceled.

They decided to head for South Bass Island. After some rain and windy days, they finally got out on the water and ended up on Middle Bass at J.F. Walleye’s, where they enjoyed a poolside lunch. Their 80-year-old Dad and Mom met them over there via the Sonny S. Jane did a great job and also got her tan back.

Peter Huston says he’s expecting many of the family descendants of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry to attend some of the Battle
of Lake Erie Bicentennial events this coming September.

Technology is coming to Put-in-Bay. Ellen Ballas told Put-in-Bay News July 2013 that everyone interested in the swim/sail classes should
sign up for free text alerts at www.rainedout.com. The program’s name is PIBCSS (Put-in-Bay Community Swim/Sail). All weather-related PIBCSS class changes, important news, and info will be given through “rained out.” Swimmers and Sailors with cell phones
can also sign up, too.

The cover of the July/August 2013 issue of “Lake Erie Living” magazine had a wonderful cover photo taken
here at Put-in-Bay. Perry quarters with Commodore Perry’s image and Perry’s Monument on them are popping up everywhere.
They have been spotted in Bedford Hills, New York, Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi. Kit Miniclier, who used to write a column for the Gazette, found one in Sante Fe, New Mexico. He wondered why it says Ohio on the quarter and not Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay News Reports Aa the June regular meeting, the Lake Erie Island’s American Legion, Post 542, elected officers for the upcoming 2013-2014 year. The newly elected Commander for the Post will be Ed Hubner, a Put-in-Bay resident and active supporter of many island activities and organizations. Re-elected Vice Commander is Cliff Fulton, and the Adjutant is Bernie Meyers.

Post Chaplain is Mother Mary Staley, and Service Officer is Bob Ramsbottom. Two newly elected officers for their given positions are Tom Cooper as Finance Officer and Sergeant-at-Arms Denny Naylon. Continuing with his charge as Post Historian is Bill Martens. Bob Bahney and Joey Wolf will join the Past Commander and all elected officers on the Executive Board. Proper officers’ induction will occur at the July 18th meeting, held off Put-in-Bay at the Middle Bass Town Hall for the first time.

Past Commander, Dave Frederick, notes the leadership and management capabilities of every one of the officers, both new and old, and commends them for their dedication and service to Veterans’ Affairs. He feels confident in their success, and the
positive future of the American Legion on the Lake Erie Islands, Post 542.

Phoebe Borman from Chapman Rd. was on a cruise to Norway this past month. The number of Canada Geese this year
around the harbor is unbelievable. Susan Thwaite counted ninety birds just scanning her range of view one day and took a picture that had seventy-five of them on the water in front of the Crew’s Nest.

Speaking of numbers, the number of Mayflies (June Bugs, Canadian Soldiers) seems to be large this season. We’ve had them on our clothes, in the house, in the car, on the house, and squashed in the streets. They may be annoying, but fortunately, they don’t bite.

We’re all talking about the Bicentennial Celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie. Did you know back in 1963, islanders were all excited about the Put-in-Bay News of the 150th-anniversary celebration of the battle? Ask old-timers if they remember the Sesquicentennial celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Hank Polcyn from the Monument stopped by the other day with a copy of the July/August issue of Discover Magazine. It was an excellent article about Gibraltar Island being a “Hot Science Destination.” Did you see the dog up for adoption in the tent on Founder’s Day? Well, thanks to former island residents Dave and Donna Stepanek, Mike Steidl became the “coolest dad ever”.

He adopted the dog for his wife, Dee Dee, and four children, Talii, Doug, Lyla, and Bealy, who immediately fell in love with the one-and-a-half-year-old “Buckeye.” We know Buckeye will enjoy his new home. The Stepaneks have been finding homes for rescue dogs for the last few years and are always looking for good homes for them. If you are interested in a rescue dog, you can contact them at Put-in-Bay News.

If you like vodka, you’ll love “Taste the Rainbow Monday” at Hooligans. See how many of the six different Smirnoff flavored vodka flavors you can drink. Don’t forget to have a designated driver when you head home.

The Put-in-Bay Garden Club Pride award was given to Dave and Patty Nuttal, who have incorporated many eclectic pieces
into their gardens at home across from the Goat on Catawba Ave. Most have some fascinating history and blend well into their lovely yard.

Jamie Kowalski Birkett (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1995) and Shaena Kowalski (PIBHS Class of 2004) were on the island the first week in June. Jamie now lives in California, and Shaena, now talking with a Southern accent, lives in Georgia, where she wants to
study dental hygiene.

The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society will be holding its annual fundraising auction next month on Saturday, August 10th. The annual fundraiser is an essential source for funding the museum. As in the past, the museum asked Put-in-Bay News to let everyone know they are looking for some large item donations such as boats, cars, trailers, airplanes, restaurant meals, overnight stays, golf carts, and other exciting items which might be good for the auction.

The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. If you’d like to donate something, please call the museum at (419) 285-2804. On the evening of Friday, August 9th, there will a preview of the auction items. Hors-d’oeuvres will be served, plus there will be a cash bar. The auction will take place the next day. Plan to attend this worthwhile affair and follow Put-in-Bay News for more information.

PUT-IN-BAY, OHIO- Marine life artist and environmentalist Wyland will appear at Put-in-Bay’s Wyland Art Gallery during the July
4 holiday weekend, in an art showcase expected to be the highlight of the gallery’s 2013 summer season. He will be on hand to debut his latest images and meet art lovers from 2-6 p.m. Friday, July 5, and from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, July 6, at the 495 Catawba Ave. gallery.

During Wyland’s appearance in the “Year of the Original,” as he defines it, the artist plans to introduce a unique series of museum-framed original drawings on acid-free paper, as well as brilliant paintings and sculptures. He will create new pieces each day as show attendees watch and offer insights into his ongoing conservation initiatives. There is a twofold reason for celebration during Wyland’s Put-in-Bay visit.

According to Put-in-Bay News, This year marks the 35th anniversary of Wyland Galleries, and July 9 is Wyland’s birthday – a birth date he shares with actor Tom Hanks. Meet Wyland July 5- 6, view his latest images, and help him celebrate his birthday at his Put-in-Bay gallery on Lake Erie. Tom Hanks probably won’t be around, but attendees will find various star-quality art. The gallery is open throughout the season featuring images by Wyland and other leading American artists. For more information, call (419) 285-2233


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