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Put-in-Bay Tour Train

Put-in-Bay Tour Train Particulars

Tour Put-in-Bay in the most entertaining way conceivable with the Put-in-Bay Tour Train. This colorful and festive train travels throughout the island, viewing all the finest attractions.

The open-air tram makes it effortless to take in those Lake Erie breezes and bright summer days on this one-hour narrated tour.

Purchase tokens for the Put-in-Bay Tour Train at the bus terminal downtown.

It is located at the corner of Delaware and Toledo Avenue, right in the middle of downtown making it simple to catch breakfast or lunch at one of many Put-in-Bay Restaurants.

Tasty alternatives include the Boathouse Biergarten and Pasquale’s. You can also get a meal to enjoy on the trip from the Put-in-Bay Subway.

The train is towed by a Jeep made in nearby Toledo, Ohio. During the tour, the guide communicates their wealth of knowledge.

Discover all about the history of Put-in-Bay and the diverse points of attraction you pass by. Ideal for first-timers to Put-in-Bay or dedicated lovers of the island.

Put-in-Bay Tour Train Scheduled Stops

The train stops at numerous famous attractions during the tour, including:

• Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument
• Lake Erie Island Nature and Wildlife Museum
• Heineman’s Winery
• Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center

It’s all about the expedition, not where you arrive, or so they declare. The excursion attendant thoroughly explains Put-in-Bay’s important role in the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie.

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and his undersized unit of troops voyaged from Put-in-Bay harbor to defeat the British forces during this conflict.

This was an actual turning point for the War of 1812. Before Perry’s triumph, national morale was at an all-time low.

Thanks to his and his troops’ courage, the American citizens had hope again, and we ultimately defeated the British.

Put-in-Bay Tour Train And Put-in-Bay Attractions

Heineman’s Winery is the most senior Winery in Put-in-Bay. It is likewise the sole island winery to engage in “vine-to-wine” techniques. This means they only market wine they create using grapes from their island vineyards. Buy wine at their gift store to appreciate with dinner after the tour.

Heinmans is remarkable because they were the only Winery to endure Prohibition. This was a result of the Crystal Cave discovered on their land. Home to the largest geode on the earth, the Winery changed from winemaking to tour guides and passed the time during that aggravating nuisance of Prohibition.

Put-in-Bay is an ecological marvel. The Lake Erie Island Nature and Wildlife Museum offers a complete program of special activities devoted to the genuine magnificence of this island. Subjects incorporate Frog Pond Search, Tree Identification, and Monarch Butterflies.

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center offer visitors so many entertaining items to do under one roof that it is mind-boggling! From mini golf to a Butterfly House, consuming the entire day here is effortless. Make sure to see Perry’s Cave, another representation of the fascinating topography of the island.

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is a testament to the accord between countries and a milestone for Put-in-Bay. This 352 feet Doric Column is the first thing individuals see while traveling to the island. Simply one more item that makes this island so unique! All of these popular locations can be seen on the Put-in-Bay Tour Train.

185 Toledo Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Things To Do At Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay offers visitors a wide variety of action-packed & educational activities, some of which have a small fee to attend. Plan your must-see list by clicking below!

Activities For Kids & Adults Alike

You'll enjoy a wide variety of watersports, fishing, museums, and cool things to do, like exploring caves and climbing rock walls!

Explore Island History

There is so much to learn about Put-in-Bay's History & its important role in the War Of 1812. Our local museum is a great place to begin! Click the link below to learn more about the island.

Spending more than a day in Put-in-Bay?

Did you know a crucial battle in the War of 1812 was fought along the shorelines of South Bass Island? Read along and discover the island's rich history!

Perrys International Peace Memorial

Towering over 300 Ft Tall visitors are welcomed to the base of the monument where an elevator whisks you to an observation platform with stunning views!

Stunning Views From Atop The Monument

Breathtaking views await those who journey to the top of the Perrys International Peace Memorial. Detroit, Canada & Cedar Point can be seen on a clear day!

Learn All About Put-in-Bay

Everything you need to know to plan & enjoy a fantastic trip to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island! Information on how to get here, where to stay, eat, and what to see! when you get here!

Plan Your Trip With The Official Put-in-Bay Visitors Bureau!

We work hard to provide you with all the information you need for an absolutely GREAT vacation! Don't see what you're looking for? Ask Us!

Danielle C.

My spouse and I vacationed at Put-In-Bay only after we dropped our boys off at college! Our timing was perfect! The crazy summer days were over though the site was still brimming with action! Everyone we met, attendants and visitors alike, were tremendously pleasant! The entertainment at the pubs and eateries was incredible! Great food and drink and TONS OF FUN! Loved the put in bay tour train.

Nan C.

This was an excellent weekend getaway for the two of us. It was just a 3-hour trip from western Pennsylvania. The Island is very quaint, with a good bit of eateries and things to do at Put-in-Bay to spend a long weekend. put in bay tour train was fun, but Golf carts are the favored mode of transport. We stayed three evenings the first weekend in October (Thursday thru Sunday). There were many things to see and do and many bars and restaurants. My favorite restaurants were the Reel Bar, Lesters Taco Shop, the Old Forge (the truffle fries are amazing), and Mossbacks (try the Lake Erie Walleye And Perch.) But we noticed few beaches, so I wonder if I would enjoy the Island as much in the middle of the summer.

Melinda M.

We stopped at the visitor's Bureau in Port Clinton and purchased our fun packs. The tourist center supplied coupons for the attractions, which must be exchanged at each site. It contained round-trip tickets to Put in Bay and access to several Island interests. Visits were at the Dollar House Estate and Put in Bay Winery, Perry's Cave, Crystal Cave, Heineman Winery, Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center, and the final stop at Perry's Monument and visitor's center. A bus dropped us off at the train, taking us to all the other destinations. It provided hop-on-hop-off service, but you could not return once you departed the stop. The drivers were knowledgeable about the Island and its history, making the ride more enjoyable. The trains come every 20 to 30 minutes to allow you time to explore each stop. Very enlightening and an excellent way to get around the Island. Also saw a put-in-bay bus

Cliff B.

Our tour company booked the Put-In-Bay Tour Train for the day. We were touring on a motor coach excursion with 30 people. After the quick ferry ride, we were quickly greeted by Sue, the Put-in-Bay Tour Train driver. She was one of the better tour leaders we've had. She had a great sense of humor, was well-versed about the Island, worked well with our Tour Manager, and was very helpful. The tour itinerary provided the correct allowed time at each stop. Put-in-Bay Tour Train is a terrific way to get an outline of the Island and visit some attractions.

James P.

An excellent way to get an overview of the Island, The Put-in-Bay Tour Train is a perfect way to get a synopsis of the Island. The train runs about every 30 minutes. It allows passengers to hop on and off at their designed stops. We rode the entire route (about 1 hour) to see what was on the Island and, on the second time around, got off at two additional stops to see the attractions and check out mementos. The train operators are accommodating. We had our puppy with us, and the driver let the dog on without questions. For those first-time visitors to Put-In-Bay, taking the Tour Train is an excellent way to see the Island and understand where things are. put-in-bay attraction packages are for sale and a good option.

Alfonese B.

Full of Amazing Facts & History Definitely, a MUST when seeing the Island. Lots of Awesome information and history. It goes everywhere you desire on the Island. You can get off and on at your own pace at the different stops. Even if you lease a golf cart, taking the "Tour Train" first to explore the Island is more pleasing. The tour takes approximately an hour if you don't get off at one of the stops. If you do choose to get off, the train arrives every 30 minutes for you to return to the next stop—some great narrators are polite, respectful and have lots of details.

Larry F.

Excellent option to tour Put-in-Bay! We were on a ladies' trip and debated about renting a golf cart or taking the Put-in-Bay Tour Train. We settled on the train and were glad that we did. The excursion guides were very acquainted with the Island. They halted at many attractions, and you could get on and off when you liked. Very reasonably priced. The last procession is at 5:30, so you must get to the Island early if you want a full day.

Harold C.

Put-in-Bay Tour Train is the BEST VALUE in all of Put-in-Bay Friends, and I spent a wonderful day in Put-in-Bay, but I should have had a program in advance. Halfway through the day found the Tour Train. I wish we had learned this and made it our FIRST visit. Fantastic tour and you are shown areas you might otherwise not encounter. You can get a sticker to get off at specific stops and catch another tour train to travel on (they run every 30 minutes or so in summer). Your FIRST activity is to ride the tour train and pick up a Put-in-Bay map if you are unfamiliar with every place on PIB. And the expense was very affordable. Next time I visit PIB, the Tour Train will be my first move. put in bay tour train is one of the fun things to do in put-in-bay for couples

Alcia D.

A speedy way to get an overview of the Island We had restricted time on the Island, and this was an excellent way to get a good overview. The driver is well-educated about the Island and very cordial. You can get off the put in bay tour train at numerous locations. The next pickup was 1 hour after the drop-off. A little rough but better than anticipated. I would retake it. It takes about 1 hour for the entire tour of the Island on the Put-in-Bay Tour Train

Julie S.

We did not want to attempt trying to rent a golf cart, because they were all sold out. Besides, the traffic was nuts anyway. So we brought the tour train. It was a pleasant occasion and a fun way to visit the Island. The driver narrates the tour, giving insights into what you see. Good "bang for the buck"! I'd recommend the Put-in-Bay Tour Train.

Helen D.

Very informative! We visited Put-in-Bay with the family for our summer getaway, and this was the first time on the put in bay tour train. It is a guided tour with much information about life on the Island. There are many facts about the Island and quite a bit of narrative in the one-hour tour. We recommend journeying this way.

Beth Ann M.

We explored the Island via golf cart but had to cut the visit short due to the rain. I want to try this trip again to see what we missed. It was an incredible adventure, and I can cross off one more thing from my bucket list, going into Crystal Cave, the largest geode in the world. Next time we want to try the Put-in-Bay Tour Train. It looked cool!

Shanna S.

Our Put-in-Bay Tour Train tour attendant, Chip, was very enlightening, politeness & we enjoyed his sharing his wisdom about the Island with us. This was an excellent way to gain so much information about the Island. I recommend this.