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Butterfly House

The Butterfly House Particulars

The Butterfly House is very impressive. Every trip to Put-in-Bay should incorporate a visit here. This tranquil oasis in the middle of Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is full of gorgeous butterflies, dense foliage, and relaxing music.

Tourists can walk along beautiful trails full of plants and discover secret corridors. In 2004, this 4000 sq foot aviary opened to ave reviews and is home to over 50 species of butterflies worldwide.

Maintain an eye out for the spectacular Mosaic from Central America, the Dead Leaf Butterfly from Southwest Asia, and Rose Swallowtail from Southeast Asia. The Dead Leaf Butterfly is a gorgeous gradient of blues and oranges on the top but appears to be a dead leaf underneath.

It frequently sits stationary in the trees with its “stem” feeling the branches. It is almost impossible to see at times!

Additional Butterfly Species at the Butterfly House

• Great Eggfly
• Lacewing
• Queen Owl Butterfly
• Common Blue Morpho
• Constantine’s Swallowtail
• Scarlet Mormon
• Green Peacock Swallowtail

You can explore their website before your visit, and it includes a comprehensive Butterfly chart where you can learn to identify these lovely creatures before your visit. But witnessing these enchanted animals up close and personal is an adventure you will never want to overlook.

Grow your butterfly wisdom by checking out the butterfly models encased in glass. There are many amazing things to see in the Aviary and Butterfly House Gift Shop. The gift shop is full of amusing items. This includes gifts for your garden, crystal butterfly figurines, and jewelry. Children can select from educational and fun gifts galore. They also sell plenty of Put-in-Bay keepsakes.

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is located on Catawba Avenue, about fifteen minutes from downtown Put-in-Bay if you are walking. We suggest you rent a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart to get around to see all of the attractions at Put-in-Bay. This is the heart of all family fun on South Bass Island. It is open daily during the season and incorporates special pricing for groups and excursions and packages to make seeing all their attractions inexpensive.

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center Attractions
• Perry’s Cave
DanDee’s Snack Shack
War Of 18 Holes Miniature Golf
Antique Car Museum (free)
Fort Amazen
Rock Climbing Wall
• The Butterfly House
Gemstone Mining

The entire complex is constructed around Perry’s Cave, an ecological phenomenon. This limestone cave was utilized to provide water to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s battalions during the Battle of Lake Erie. Commodore Perry is credited for the finding of the cave in 1813.

The underground cave is quite rare; its water levels rise and fall with the tides of Lake Erie. While it hasn’t been officially discovered, there is believed to be a subterranean link between the lake and the cave. Conducted tours last between 15-20 minutes.

It is easy to spend an entire day here. DanDee’s Snack Shack provides plenty of delicious food for nourishment to keep moving and having fun. Other dining options are nearby, including Joes Bar And The Goat Soup and Whiskey.

No matter how long you plan to stay on Put-in-Bay, a trip to The Butterfly and Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center will undoubtedly be on everyone’s itinerary. Expend a few hours here, the whole day, or return for multiple visits. There’s always something fun to do here!

979 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Colette C.

A Little Pricy, But well worth it. We took in the butterfly house on an active day on the island. It was a worthy experience. The admission may seem a little high for less than an hour in the warm greenhouse that maintains these butterflies from around the world--but the time passes nicely as you admire the color combinations and perhaps try to catch them in photos. The connected gift shop is all items butterfly--the inventory is tremendous. Close to all of the put-in-bay hotels

Danny D.

Gorgeous Atmosphere! We did the Butterfly House as part of the combo ticket at family fun center perrys cave where you could pick three out of four activities to do for a flat rate. This was our last activity, and it was super relaxing and cool to observe all of the butterflies in the conservatory fly everywhere! There were so many types, and they gave us a handbook to help identify the various ones, which was fun. It's not a really big place, so I was thankful that there were few individuals in there with us, but we had lots of space to walk around and still be comfortable. It is relatively humid, so I recommend taking water or only spending a short time there. The ladies in the gift shop were super friendly and enthusiastic about answering guests' questions.

Kelvin M.

Stunning butterflies! The Butterfly House garden is lush, and the butterflies are gorgeous! This is a splendid place to spend an hour or more. Worth the price of admission.

Michelle M.

As advertised, there are butterflies everywhere! The location is essentially a greenhouse where the temperature is hot and humid, the flora is abundant, and butterflies rule the world. There is a rock fountain in the back, which can be a staging area for family pictures assuming your kids are well-behaved and everyone has the heat tolerance to avoid the temptation to hop in the water. Butterflies can and will light on you, but you are asked not to handle them. Most are from Costa Rica and are fun to watch darting about.

Zac L.

Butterflies are cool at the Butterfly House. My wife wanted to go here, and I'm pleased we did. It was amazingly comforting to sit and watch them all fly around. Very nice gardens and a fountain. The gift shop was very nice, and we left with a few new charms.

Loren L.

Great Butterfly House! Excellent large gift shop! Part of Perry's Cave Family Fun Center collection of attractions. The house has a medium-sized garden site with a seating zone and a gazebo. You can also see a hatching area for new butterflies in between the house and the store. The gift store seems more significant and could rival the real butterfly exhibit. It was manageable for kids and strollers on the primary trail around the greenhouse. You can buy a ticket or do the Combo - 3 of 5 attractions (Perry's Cave, The Butterfly House, War of 18 Holes Mini-golf, The Rock Wall, & Fort Amazen - a maze for kid

Linda K.

Resting in the butterfly house. A very soothing time can be had at the aviary. Seating in many points inside. Observing the many colors of butterflies sipping from blossoms and resting creates a restful atmosphere. Easy to get to from the put-in-bay hotels

Harold C.

Great exercise for youthful children. The butterfly house is a sizeable enclosed conservatory with plants, trees, and butterflies flying around. Our eight-year-old son adored trying to hold the butterflies and appreciated observing them. A pretty place with neat butterflies, but adults and older kids would get bored after about an hour. I would recommend wearing bright-colored shirts, even shirts with flowers so that the butterflies are more attracted to you. One of our favorite put-in-bay excursions

Benjamin G.

New butterflies! I have always appreciated visiting the butterfly house. I was thrilled to see some very different ones this time. I found out that the butterflies slow down toward the end of the day, so go a little later in the daytime.

Keith M.

Some of the most colorful butterflies I have ever seen as an adult were at this place. Since their life span can be from a few days to just a few weeks, I heard they obtain butterflies in cocoons weekly by the hundreds from Malaysia and Costa Rica to keep this place flourishing. Fantastic experience.

Gavin M.

My family and my buddy's family all had a wonderful experience here at the Butterfly House. It was beautiful. We had numerous butterflies land on our hands/clothing/hats and had some excellent photographs of the same as well. If you allow yourself to feel like a child again, you will be able to enjoy it as an adult.

Joline D.

Touristy but VERY Relaxed. So like others, I assumed this would be a lame tourist lure. Much to my pleasure, I thought it was great! Butterflies everywhere, all types. Pleasant and calm inside. Neat. The attendants were pleasant and enlightened us on some exciting butterfly facts. I'd go back in a flash.

Mikail B.

Bunches of Butterflies! This is a great place with over 1000 butterflies. Many that we had never seen before. They were everyplace! The Butterfly House was a vast establishment with a fantastic gift shop out front. The gift shop had a ton of information and great things to buy about butterflies. We took many photographs of the butterflies and our grandchildren sitting on the butterfly stools.

Armando C.

A delightful surprise My spouse and I visited recently and were pleasantly amazed by the quantity and assortment of butterflies in the greenhouse. The butterflies were highly engaged, and we had several lands on us. The enclosure was hot in the heat of the day, but the experience was worth the sweat, and the gift shop's Air conditioning was heavenly. The gift shop is also beautiful, with many cute gifts and scenery items. Also to be noticed are the comfy chairs on the porch. The best pictures of our trip were taken at the Butterfly House.