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Subway At Put-in-Bay

Everyone treasures Subway. Found in the lobby of the Commodore Motel and right next door to the Edgewater Hotel, Subway at Put-in-Bay is quick, convenient, and as always, tasty.

Subway Particulars

The scent of mouthwatering, fresh-baked bread is constantly the telltale sign a Subway restaurant is nearby. The Commodore is in the middle of downtown Put-in-Bay on Catawba Avenue and features a large sign for Subway on its front, making it uncomplicated.

Subway is consistently the ideal combination of nutrition and good value. They assemble the finest sandwich for late-night diners and a picnic lunch in the park or State Park. Subway is always a favorite among Put-in-Bay travelers. Their well-known sandwiches, like the BMT Sub, pack a robust flavor punch, while masterpieces like the Turkey Sub consistently fulfill your needs.

Breakfast is served every day, and there’s continually also a value-based menu available. They make sure to deliver a wide range of healthy alternatives like the mouthwatering Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Subway salads are as pleasing as their submarines! Go the personalized path, constructing your own sub with an extensive sampling of fresh deli meats, veggies, and sauces.

Subway Catering

Put-in-Bay’s Subway also furnishes catering services for a complete host of different occasions. For big groups, they make it effortless with their party submarine and sandwich platters, desserts, and drinks. Try out a box lunch from Subway the next time you depart for a fishing charter. A submarine, a bag of chips, and a cookie make the ideal delicacy to enjoy after landing that trophy perch on Lake Erie!


Subway Late Night!

We all know Put-in-Bay tourists treasure the nightlife. This Subway site is available late. Stop by after a day at the Blue Marlin Bar And Grill or partying at one of the many downtown Put-in-Bay bars and pubs.

Things To Do And See Near Subway

The Blue Marlin Pool Bar is just a few minutes away, so when your submarine craving hits, Subway is there to help. The Blue Marlin Pool Bar is the ideal place to begin your day on Put-in-Bay. Voted the best swim-up bar on Put-in-Bay, you’ll enjoy the best DJ’s playing every weekend during the summers. Blue Marlin is the place to be seen on the island. With a swim-up bar, 40-person jacuzzi, and fast efficient bartenders, consuming the entire day here is effortless.

Once the sun sets, head to one of the island’s famous bars! You are a mere step away from Mojito Bay, where you can sink your toes in the sand and enjoy a made-to-order Mojito! This island favorite is always jumping! The Round House Bar is the oldest bar on the island, featuring live bands all summer. The Red Moon Speakeasy next to the Roundhouse Br is a great escape if you seek a more laid-back and secluded pub. Some of the best local entertainers are at the Reel Bar on Catawba Ave.

Another great late-night food option is the new Lesters Taco Shop on the main strip in front of the Edgewater Hotel. Authentic Tacos, Burritos, and sides are available until 3 AM. You will also find the island’s best Pizza at the same location as the Put-in-Bay Pizza Company. They deliver and offer great made-from-scratch pizzas!

272 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

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Alva F

Eat Fresh-Well, what can you express about Subway? The sandwich was very reasonable, the service was amazing, and the restaurant was spotless. I did order a cookie, and instead of giving me the ones sitting out, the man told me to hold on a beat and gave me one new and warm from the cooker!

Rick N.

Most affordable Place to Eat on the Island-I am relatively certain this is the most inexpensive place to dine on the island even though a 6-inch sub was over $10. The service was fast, and I grabbed a banana at the nearby grocery store and then was able to dine on a park bench overlooking the waterfront. All the different eateries were so pricey, and they wouldn't permit me to bring in my water bottle (I was staying for just the day, so I had nowhere to leave it), and everything was deep fried anyhow. If I desired any kind of vegetables on the island, Subway at Put-in-Bay appeared to be my best alternative. Everything was fresh and fast, and it didn't irritate my belly.

Harold J.

What you would anticipate from Subway -but open till 3 am! The meals were precisely the same as it is at any different Subway - not a lot to say about that. The site was a bit weird - at the entrance of a hotel, it kind of seemed like an afterthought. It was a lifesaver to find out they were available till 3 am! This was excellent and affordable drunken food. Lovely to have at least one chain eatery to enjoy on the island. Right behind the beer barrel saloon

Michelle M.

Awesome Lunch for a picnic Take your favored custom-made sandwich from Subway at Put-in-Bay (or salad in a bun) and appreciate the beautiful views of Deviera Park and the waterfront, South Bass State Park, or Oak Harbor State Park. All the views are complimentary! Shadiness and restrooms at all three spots! The best sandwich you can make for an inexpensive lunch!

Paul P.

Reasonable Alternative In Put In Bay-My wife and I enjoyed a foot-long oven-roast chicken sub to split for Lunch on one of our days in Put-in-Bay. The sandwich was well constructed, and the bread was fresh, as were the veggies. I like Subway at Put-in-Bay iced tea, and it was good here too. This is a practical, healthy dining alternative in Put-in-Bay.

Linus F.

What you would expect-The service was Speedy, especially being a Wildly Happening Subway by a Very Popular bar. It's set back a ways from the "Main Strip" but is great for a FAST meal. We took our sandwiches to the nearby playground where it was peaceful and we could "People Watch."

Rosie G.

Healthful fast meals-This Subway delivers the standard Subway menu in an immaculate, efficient, and pleasant environment. If you like to keep your calorie total and cost down, as well as not expend too much time obtaining eats, it's a nice alternative that's frequently less congested than other nearby choices on south bass island.

Shelby P.

Turkey Tuna and Meatball Subs! Awesome spot to have a one-foot-long sandwich. I particularly liked the one with tuna fish and the one with turkey. And you get to select all those additional toppings and sauces, salads, and other stuff. They also have dollar-off coupons, and then you can get a deal for your meal at Put-in-Bay Subway!

Jeffery N.

Unfailingly delicious salads and subs-This is my go-to location when I require dinner on the fly and desire fresh, made-my-way sandwiches and salads. Put-in-Bay Subay has fresh bread and flavorful meat and veggie alternatives that make for a very pleasurable fast breakfast, lunches, and periodic dinners. Affordable compared to other put in bay restaurants and tasty. Located downtown putinbay

Melinda M.

Convenient, Late-night, Lifesaver!-I deem the requirement to mention that this particular Subway is in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in on our most recent visit. Don't hope for anything unique besides that it is open late. I typically wouldn't even eat at a chain eatery on a trip, but, being in our foyer, it was a convenient, late-night lifesaver.

Richard N.

Convenient and Cost-conscious-Gourmet, well, no! But Timely, yes! Cost-conscious - yes! And the capability to select and pick from numerous such choices of fillings and fresh toppings makes it effortless to please a family or a group here. My spouse and I generally split a tuna submarine and may even have some leftovers, but my teen-aged lads have been known to do a satisfactory job on a Subway foot-long sub of preference from time to time!

Travis T.

For Lunch or Breakfast-Put-in-Bay Subway is a fast food eatery for breakfast or Lunch. You have a selection of different types of bread and a lot of condiments to choose from. It's your option if you like a bunch of calories or fewer calories, as some of the fares are not really for weight watchers. There are enough likable edibles if you like to manage your calorie infusion. Most bread can be warmed up in their ovens.

Amber T.

Quick, pleasant service! I Stopped in Put-in-Bay Subway for a pair of sub sandwiches, and the location was pretty happening, but they moved the line through fast. I overlooked asking for tomato's and the man putting the sandwiches together overheard me mention that, and he put a couple in a sack for me. That sort of small extra kindness is very valued. Hell of a value, too - two massive club subs for $13 total - sweet!

John B.

Fine food and great service. We arrived here in mid-October, seeking an inexpensive establishment to dine in. The chow was good, and the service was cordial. It was challenging to locate Subway at Put-in-Bay, but we ended up parking out on the principal roadway and strolling past some other bars and restaurants to get there.

Idalia G.

First Subway At Put-in-Bay visits this morning at 6 am. Amazing couple toiling in there! Needed coffee, came out with it, and a blueberry muffin! An excellent way to begin the day!! Will undoubtedly be back!

Jessandra F.

I dropped in for a sandwich on my yearly Put-in-Bay stay. Both the team members were very cordial. The place was very clean, and the food containers were wrapped, which I admired! I adore that they are open 24 hrs on weekends and after the bars close on weekdays and include breakfast alternatives. It's in a suitable place downtown. I will certainly stop by again next time I'm on the island! One time for sure I was glad there was a subway near me