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Work At Put-in-Bay and Have Great Memories Forever!


Every season, including the upcoming 2023 seasons, many summer jobs are available to work at Put-in-Bay. College students who want to experience life on an island and earn money for school expenses, take heed! College students have the skills needed for most of the work, but there are some jobs that require some special training. Besides working and earning money, you’ll have the opportunity to meet visitors and co-workers worldwide. The skills learned while working a summer job on the island are invaluable for that journey through life. Here’s a list of some of the hundreds of available jobs.



Waiter and waitress jobs are among the most prolific on the island. Eating out is a favorite thing to do on the islands. Not only must the food be good, but all the friendly, hardworking waiters and waitresses are equally important in making the Put-in-Bay Restaurants experience pleasant and favorable. Whether you like serving breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night fare, numerous shifts are available.  


Work At Put-In-Bay As A Dockmaster

 One of the most fun outdoor jobs on the island is that of dockmaster. There are hundreds of docks at Put-in-Bay and the owners hire dockmasters to help boaters dock their boats. Some of the dockmasters earn big tips doing this job, plus being around boats and boaters is the perfect job. You can also put some of those knots you learned as a Boy Scout to good use.


Work At Put-in-Bay As A Bartender

Do you know how to make drinks, the difference between white and red wine, and pour a draft beer? The job for you might be a bartender at one of the Put-In-Bay Bars! If you can hustle, know what fun is, and still work hard, you may have found your calling. There are indoor bars and outdoor tiki and pool bars, biergartens, and wineries. Take your pick. Tips are excellent!


Ferryboat Workers

Working for a ferryboat company is fun and lets you work outdoors and by or on the water. This could be your job if you can take tickets, toss lines, direct cars, do odd jobs, and more. If you want to be the captain who runs the boat, it won’t happen the first year, but you can work towards the time required on a ferry to obtain a ferryboat captain’s license. There’s nothing like working on a boat. The Jet Express, Miller Boat Line, plus the harbor water taxi service are always looking for qualified people.


Lifeguards and Swimming Instructors

The island has several if you’re into swimming pools and Put-in-Bay swim-up bars. Some have lifeguards, and the island even has a program for teaching young people how to swim and sail. There’s nothing like a great tan while teaching the youngest among us how to swim. Sorry, but these are not positions where you can glue yourself to your cell phone. 


Work At Put-in-Bay Volunteer Jobs

Are you a volunteer? Volunteers make plenty of friends while doing something above and beyond the call of the all-mighty dollar. There are all kinds of events on the islands. Help with a Pyrate Fest, Wine Festival, Hog Roast, Gambling Night, Harbor Illumination, Oktoberfest or many more that make Put-in-Bay a fun place to spend time. Volunteers are also needed to run the Resale Shop at the museum.


Work At Put-in-Bay Rentals

Plenty of bike, Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals, moped, kayak, and jet ski rentals exist. Some jobs are indoors, and some are outdoors, but in all cases, you’ll be dealing with island visitors from all over the world who are here to enjoy an island experience. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the items you rent. Picture yourself driving a golf cart or out kayaking.



If you like getting behind the wheel, there are taxi, bus, and tour train drivers needed.  The jobs require more than just a driver’s license, but if you meet the requirements, the tips are very good, plus you’ll end up knowing the island like the back of your hand.

Work in the Dark

There are 33 caves on South Bass Island, but only two of them are open to the public. They are among the most popular Put-in-Bay Attractions on the island. Crystal Cave at Heineman Winery and Perry Cave across the road is visited by tourists from all over the U.S. and the world. For more than 150 years, cave tour guides have shown off the wonders of underground Put-in-Bay. If you’re a night owl, the perfect job for you might be cleaning up. Once a business shuts down for the day, everything must be returned to start the next day.

 Work At Put-in-Bay As A Chef

Great food is plentiful at all the great Put-in-Bay Restaurants. Everything from fast food burgers to lobster dinners satisfies the palettes of island visitors. If you think food service and food prep are your forte, working in a busy kitchen is your chance to hone your culinary skills. There’s nothing better than having a customer peek his head in the kitchen and tell the chef how great the meal was.

 Intern Positions

You can even work at Put-in-Bay and get college credit. The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center has a great internship program for those interested in animals, insects, creatures, and all that green stuff that covers the earth. If you have an affinity for the environment, this is hands-on at its best. Another internship is at the Put-in-Bay Gazette. If you like to write, learn about the newspaper business, and start a portfolio for your career in journalism, this is a great opportunity.

For those interested in the tourism and hospitality industry, the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau might have a position you like. Meeting visitors worldwide, helping with events, and working with others to promote the islands can open up an entirely new world for you.



 Where there are bars, there’s often the need for security or bouncers, as they used to be called in the old days. Make your trips to the gym or those karate lessons pay off; plus, more importantly, if you know verbal jiu-jitsu, here’s a really great job for honing your skills. This is people-watching at its best, plus you’re making money while earning money.


Work At Put-in-Bay In Housekeeping

There are numerous Put-in-Bay Hotels, B&B, and cottages on the island, and every one needs to be turned over for the next guests. Housekeeping jobs are multiple. One of the best things about these jobs is that Saturdays aren’t big turnover days and allow staff to join in all the weekend fun the island offers. So if you can make a bed, vacuum, and use a dust cloth, this could be your job.

 Miscellaneous Jobs 

There are many, many other jobs found on the island. You can work at a bakery, be a ranger at Perry Monument, a deckhand, a shop clerk, a maintenance worker, a lawn cutter or a landscaper, a merry-go-round operator, a pizza maker, an ice cream scooper, and many more. 


So if you’re looking for a job this summer at Put-in-Bay, there are multiple ways to find one. You can find island businesses online with a section about employment opportunities. Just follow the instructions to send your online application. Many island employers attend job fairs at various colleges around the state. Watch for notices. The Put-in-Bay Gazette also has a help-wanted section with plenty of exciting island jobs.  


Let’s hope you find an island job this season. We look forward to seeing you here!

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