Ten Ways To Work At Put-in-Bay

Work At Put-in-Bay And You May Never Leave!

Work at Put-in-Bay! Now that the 2019 season in the Lake Erie Islands and Put-in-Bay is just 5 months away it’s time to plan if you want to work at Put-in-Bay! Summer workers are like a colony of ants working together for one common goal: to create an amazing season for the island guests. With jobs galore including, but not limited to, working on a ferry, sharing your talents on a stage, or making delicious concoctions for visitors, The Lake Erie Islands are unique and special in their employment choices. Not only are the best jobs going to make you money for college and possibly become your career, but some of the people you encounter will become forever friends and you’ll have experiences like nothing the mainland could deliver. Work a seasonal job on a Lake Erie Island and you’ll never be the same. Trust Us!

Work At Put-in-Bay As A Ferry Captain

In this job, you’re instantly loved and you’ll learn how to handle both rough and calm days on Lake Erie. You even get to wear really nice shirts! If you choose to become a Captain, you will work for hours to learn the rules of the water and have every weather app on your phone. Whether it’s working for The Jet Express, Miller Boat Line, The Boardwalk Water Taxi Service, or operate your own Charter Service this is a job for water lovers! Take a look online at some of the career choices associated with the Put-in-Bay Ferry!

Work At Put-in-Bay As A Dockmaster

Speaking of the water and boats, if you love them, but get seasick, maybe you’ll want to choose the job of helping those boats dock safely. You will learn how to tie crazy awesome knots and must have good “boat side” manner. I’ve never done this job myself, but my friends (and big brother Davey) did work on those docks and told me all about it. They had information on boats of every shape, size, and name. They became friends with many of the boat owners, which allowed them perks such as free boating excursions. Dock Masters also have plenty of money for college and beyond. For more information on this type of employment visit the Put-in-Bay Docks Page or Put-in-Bay Marina Page.

Be a Put-in-Bay Bartender

When speaking of expenses for higher learning, let’s not forget about the bars that need tending. I was a bartender once upon a looooong time ago at the World Famous Beer Barrel Saloon. That summer I had the most amazing clothing because I could afford it, all while paying for my tuition. Yes, you make great tips working in Put-in-Bay Bars. However, you must learn to put up with interesting people and work the longest hours ever. HINT: get the best shoes money can buy or else you’ll have achy feet and legs every night. The best part of my experience working there was the lifelong friends I made. Hop over to Kelleys or Middle Bass Islands, too. They have some neat bars there as well!

Operate a Put-in-Bay Bed & Breakfast!

Open a Put-in-Bay Bed & Breakfast. This experience has continued to surprise and delight me! Not only do you get to offer a classy experience to summer visitors, but you can also make friends with many of them who come back year after year. It’s truly humbling to clean toilets, make up their beds with extra special care and create a space of relaxation for them. If you love to clean, love people and want to offer a restful place for visitors, we highly recommend this job! It gives you a sense of great pride!

Work At Put-in-Bay As A Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Intern

Another job that gives back is the one where you get to do all sorts of outdoorsy things for the islands. If you haven’t yet met Samantha, please do. Soft-spoken and with a kind smile, she’s often seen at the weekly Artisans Fair or the Nature Center. She’s a kind soul who gets to help in all aspects of the Conservancy. Making signs, helping hands-on with weeding and constantly promoting land conservation, are just part of the duties that an intern here does. If you’re lucky, maybe YOU can work at Put-in-Bay in this position in one of the most popular Put-in-Bay Attractions.

Put-in-Bay Grocery & General Store

They work in AC, get the first pick of all the fresh produce and get to rearrange rows of canned goods. Seriously, this would be FUN!
However, I’ve also noticed those women and men stand on their feet for long hours so that you and I can buy our necessary items. (Thank them the next time you visit.) I also see them having tons of fun with the customers, chatting and getting to know everyone by name, even all the summer workers! If it weren’t for our Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island General Stores, we’d have empty island cupboards.

Work At Put-in-Bay As A Chef

We have delicious food all over the islands at great Put-in-Bay Restaurants thanks to these creative folks. From a full lobster dinner at The Boardwalk to a delectable hamburger at Mossbacks, both on Put-in-Bay, the chefs of the islands enjoy playing with food and prepare it lovingly for you and me. Thank goodness for people like this. (I love to eat out!) Experienced chefs are in high demand at all Put-in-Bay Restaurants and a great way to work at Put-in-Bay. The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau and Put-in-Bay Ohio websites often feature help wanted ads for chefs and can assist you in finding that perfect culinary job!

Put-in-Bay Waiter/Waitress

In order to get your food, you must have a multi-tasking, high-energy human to deliver it to you! I’ve done this work, as have many in my family before me. It is a belief of mine that everyone – and I mean, EVERYONE – should do this job at least for a day. This job is hard. However, the benefits are pretty amazing, too. Some of my most favorite memories are of the summer as a morning waitress at The Snack House or serving lunches at The Goat and other great Put-in-Bay Restaurants. I met people from all over the world and made great tips, too! The hours are long and the season short but if you really want to work at Put-in-Bay this is one position that you will have no problem finding open!

Perform as an entertainer at Put-in-Bay!

Some of us are born with musical talent. Pat Dailey, Bob Gatewood, Ray Fogg, and Jamison Smith are just a few of the artistic entertaining people of Put-in-Bay. You can make a living at this folks! With a wide variety of Put-in-Bay Bars, there is a home for every type of musical act. But, be prepared for hours and hours of practice and commitment to your craft. If you enjoy being on stage and sharing your artistic flair with others, then this may be the job for you. Hundreds of thousands of people annually enjoy stops at the various Put-in-Bay Nightlife spots. Who knows, you might be discovered! I think we have more budding singers on the horizon, too. Just ask Chad Hughes to sing a tune for you. I recall when his father, Greg opened up for Pat Dailey in The Beer Barrel.

Write as a Columnist for The Put-in-Bay Gazette

I wish I could say a Put-in-Bay Gazette Press Pass will get you backstage into your favorite musical venues, but sadly, it doesn’t. Wait, I THINK I could ask the above artists for a backstage pass? (Indigo Girls WILL allow me backstage someday… wait a minute! Maybe the upcoming Put-in-Bay Kid Rock Concert?) Working on a Lake Erie Island DOES change you. It spoils and ruins you. And, we highly recommend it.

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