2019 Predictions for the New Year at Put-in-Bay

It’s that time of year when everyone makes resolutions for the coming new years. We’re not going to make any resolutions; we’re going to
make New Year’s predictions instead. So, here is a list of some of our predictions for 2019.

A Busy Tourist Season

The first prediction for 2019 is a busy 2019 tourist season, but not a record setter. The one hope is for better weather in the spring to make
up the losses suffered early in the season last year. Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts are expected to be busy this season.

Plenty of Water

We predict the Put-in-Bay Utility will be back on track and be making enough water. In 2018, mismanagement and turmoil took its toll
and had officials on edge at times trying to supply enough water on busy weekends. Things are indeed looking more positive with the change of personnel made as last season was coming to an end.

Village Administrator

Anne Auger will remain as acting Village Administrator. She stepped into the position after Glenn Bastings was let go. Her years of experience working for the Village at various jobs in several departments has been evident since she’s taken over. She also makes a delicious punch for holiday parties. That alone should qualify her for the job.

High Water Level

The water level in Lake Erie will remain high. This makes the island subject to flooding. High water storms also can have a negative economic
impact when the ferries can’t run and tourists can’t get to the island. Keep your fingers crossed for no nor’easters.

Going for Fifty!

Mike “Mad Dog” Adams begins his 40th Year entertaining at the Round House. We predict he’ll be announcing he’ll be going for 50.
No More Legal Issues The new Ohio Attorney General will not be indicting anymore Put-in-Bay officials. The investigations and indictments that made the headlines in 2018 will be thing of the past.

Winter Weather

We’re not sure about all of 2018, but this winter from mid-January through the end of February will be a good one for cold and ice. With
the number of fish in the lake, watch for some great ice fishing.

“Favorite” July Weekend Since we are fresh from the holiday season, we come to the most difficult of predictions to make – one concerning everyone’s “favorite holiday at the end of July. A task force has been working to get the prime summer weekend back to normal. The last few years have seen the weekend just get worse and worse and we are optimistic the group’s work will at least begin to mitigate the negative public relations and economic impact for the island this weekend has become. a good resolution might be not to mention the name of nor promote that similar holiday in July It is definitely time for a change. The weekend last July was both a business and a public relations
nightmare. What was once a positive thing for everyone, has now turned sour. Let’s resolve to do everything we can to get back to normal.

Plenty of Island Events

We predict many of the islands’ most popular summer events will be back and going strong for 2019. A ton of events are already scheduled.
A very good web site which has a lot of detail about the most popular Put-in-Bay events can be found here

Happy New Year!

Check back here at the end of the year and see if all these predictions come true or not. In the
meantime, Happy New Year to All!