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Haunted Spirits At Put-in-Bay! Have You Seen The Ghosts?

A new book, Haunted Spirits in Put-in-Bay, was recently released at a launch party on Saturday, May 27th, at Topsy Turvey’s. The author, William G. Krejci, signed copies, which were available for $19.95. The book was released worldwide on Memorial Day and is now available everywhere for purchase.Haunted Spirits At Put-in-Bay Picture

Haunted Spirits Put-in-Bay tells the stories of more than fifteen locations on South Bass Island in Lake Erie that are attached to some rather hair-raising ghostly tales. For example, visitors to the South Bass Island Lighthouse occasionally see the ghost of Sam Anderson, the assistant lighthouse keeper who committed suicide by hurling himself into the turbulent waters of Lake Erie during an 1898 smallpox outbreak.

Doors open and close of their own accord, and items are tossed about by a spirit named Benny at the Put-in-Bay Brewery and Distillery. Once a famous stage actor, T.B. Alexander moved to Put-in-Bay, Ohio, married the granddaughter of abolitionist John Brown of Harper’s Ferry fame, and became one of the island’s most noted mayors. It’s said that his ghost still lingers in the historic barroom of T & J’s Smokehouse.

These stories and many more are brought to light in this ghostly tour of Put-in-Bay Island. The book’s author, William G. Krejci, spends much of his time debunking urban legends of northern Ohio and works as a seasonal park ranger at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

In 2015, he released Buried Beneath Cleveland: Lost Cemeteries of Cuyahoga County, which tells the stories of over fifty displaced cemeteries throughout the greater Cleveland area. He is also the author of the Jack Sullivan Mysteries and has been a guest speaker at many historical societies, libraries, bookstores, and civic groups. In his free time, he plays guitar and sings in an Irish band. He also co-authors an upcoming book about Cleveland’s notorious Franklin Castle. Regarded as the most haunted house in Ohio, this house is also Krejci’s winter address.


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