The Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center on Meechen Rd. is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have family, kids, and grandkids, whether residents or visitors, you will want to make the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center one of your stops at Put-in-Bay Ohio.Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center Picture

Our new exhibits that were funded through an ODNR Division of Wildlife grant for $10K include a European Honey Bee Observation Hive & Display that provides a close-up view of pollinators at work helping visitors understand what goes on in a hive and help them lose their fear of bees. David Duncan will build and install a demonstration beehive that will fit above existing display cases on the southeast wall of the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center. Identifying What Insects and Birds are Pollinators: We will have four hanging interpretive murals on the outside southeast-facing wall of our nature center, behind our butterfly garden. This will allow visitors to identify the pollinators that are actively using our gardens such as the different species of bees, butterflies, moths, and birds. Monarch Butterflies.

How They are Pollinators, Life Cycle Display. Our third exhibit at the wildlife center will be a great asset where we will have an interactive monarch butterfly display showing how butterflies are pollinators and presenting the majestic monarch butterfly’s life cycle inside of the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center.

Wild Tuesday Programs- The 2017 Wild Tuesdays will kick off on Tuesday, June 13th and end on August, 15th 1-3PM at the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center. We have snakes, owls, fish, monarchs, invasive animals, bees, and many others on our list of speakers for this year.

Nature Camp at Put-in-Bay Ohio Do not forget about Nature Camp at the Bay! Pollinators are the hardest working creatures in the garden, and on mid-summer days they are found in large amounts of flowers and fruits at the Wildlife Center and around the Lake Erie Islands. This year we will learn all about bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles, and other pollinators while practicing safe ways with a beekeeper to watch them work. We will examine the “pollinator evidence” at the South Bass Island Light House and a variety of other places around the Lake Erie islands, and sample edible flowers and fruits on the islands. The older campers will get to kayak for the day, and camp out one night (9-10 Put-in-Bay Island and 11-14 Kelleys Island).

For questions about camp contact Jackie Taylor at 419.285.3037. We have registration forms on our website and at the Wildlife Center. Feel free to mail the forms in or bring them to us at the Wildlife Center.

Fundraiser Pig Roast at the Goat on August 9th SAVE THE DATE!!! For Our 6th Annual Pig Roast AT THE GOAT August 9th at 6 PM LIVE MUSIC – GOOD TIME – FOR A GREAT CAUSE!

Meet the Staff of Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center

JACKIE TAYLOR is from Monclova, Ohio she has lived at Put-in-Bay since 2012 working for OSU’s Stone Laboratory and the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center. Her education is in Ecotourism and Adventure Travel with a focus in Environmental Education from Hocking College. She has worked with various nonprofit organizations as an Ecotourist Environmental Leader, teaching environmental education to youths and adults. She has experienced Oregon working for the Youth Conservation Corps where she had an initiative in creating an integrated trail system through eastern Oregon as well as educating the local youth population in environmental stewardship. She enjoys kayaking and has guided in the State of Washington on the Puget Sound, Big Pine Key Kayak Adventures in the Florida Keys and the Lake Erie Islands. She taught Ecology at Peconic Dunes County Park on Long Island, New York for Cornell University and partnered with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) monitoring the box turtle populations in the County Park.

With these experiences, she made a decision to stay on Put-in-Bay Island and has since been working at the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center as Education Director. The larger projects Jackie has been organizing are the interpretive and outreach programs at Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center , Directing Put-in-Bay Nature Camps, a variety of outreach programs for visitors such as our popular Wild Tuesday’s, monarch butterfly tagging (8 successfully have made it to Mexico!), and many events that have helped the Wildlife Center continue to grow.

RENEE MARKET has an education in Natural Resources from Hocking College and has always had a passion for the outdoors. She started her career with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at East Harbor State Park, Middle Bass State Park, and South Bass State Park. She then worked for OSU’s Stone Laboratory before accepting a position with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as a Park Services Specialist. She has a passion for reptiles and is usually seen handling different species for nature programs. Originally from Toledo, Ohio Renee has spent most of her life on Lake Erie. She enjoys fishing, painting, birding, and kayaking. She volunteers for several different organizations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Cherry Street Mission, and S.A.F.E Animal Shelters.

Since 2015 she has been working in St. Augustine Florida, enhancing and creating nature programs for Anastasia State Park. She has worked with the National Aquarium of Baltimore, The Pittsburgh Zoo and The St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park to rehabilitate and release sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and alligators. She loved Florida and the experiences she had but is excited to call Ohio and Lake Erie home once again. She will be working at the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center as a manager and is excited to be a part of a team that shares her passion for education and conservation.

AMY HUSTON is excited to provide and support environmental education to motivate islander and visitor care for the Lake Erie ecosystem. She attended Stone Laboratory Summer Classes in the 1990s: Ornithology, Geology, Limnology, Oceanography, and Aquatic Plants. She educated elementary students at Put-in-Bay School from 1984 to 2017. She leads sixth graders to record spring data for the Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center  Phenology Garden. Amy advised the Put-in-Bay School Environmental Club from 2011-2015 and administered the school recycling program. She led students to cooperate with Put-in-Bay conservation organizations on litter clean up, tree surveys, tree planting, and organic seed sales. In 1995 Amy wrote and self-published The Caves of Put-in-Bay book. When the main building of the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society was completed, Amy authored the script for its Visitor Welcome Film, A Look Back. She served as Publicity Co-Chair of the Put-in-Bay Ohio Bicentennial Celebration in 2001-2003. Amy was the maker of Underground Railroad Exhibit Sandusky Maritime Museum in 2003. She wrote the Underground Railroad Film to go with the Sandusky Maritime Museum exhibit in 2014.