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Put-in-Bay News May 2015 What Happened You Missed?

Put-in-Bay News May 2015 Reports that Potential National Park Service cutbacks at Perry’s Victory Memorial have Ohio members of Congress fighting back. A group of Ohio legislators has urged the National Park Service to maintain Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial as a stand-alone site amid concerns about the future management of the Put-in-Bay attraction. They are concerned about a National Park Service internal review which could result in eliminating a full-time site supervisor and relocating its management to the River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe.

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat, U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, and Rob Portman, a Republican, and U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) sent a letter recently which Put-in-Bay news obtained to the park service urging it to maintain the island memorial “as a stand-alone National Park with a full-time, on-site superintendent, appropriate staff, and effective programming.” Perry’s Monument is Ohio’s second-most visited NPS site, with nearly 130,000 visitors annually.

Hey Ladies! Come to our next Magical Divas event and create your summer 2015 Vision Board. Kinda’ like scrapbooking, but you get to SEE your future. Kinda like a bucket list, but instead of a list of words, you get to SEE things that you want to manifest in your life. Using old magazines, you cut out pictures and words and then glue them onto a piece of cardboard or poster board. Then, you place the completed Vision Board in a spot you’ll see each day.

It’s so amazing to watch what you’ve placed on that board come to fruition! Bring a Glue stick, scissors, and a piece of poster board/ cardboard. And if you’d like to bring a small snack and/or wine, that’s great! I will supply tea, old magazine, and space. This night will be FUN, magical, and filled with POSITIVITY! Where and when: Freshwater Retreat, 1331 Langram, May 6th at 6 p.m. Everyone welcome!

Put-in-Bay News May 2015 Makes National News!

Put-in-Bay ranked among “Most Incredible” Islands —Put-in-Bay News has learned that the island was ranked among the top ten “Most Incredible” islands on the travel website “Impulcity” in March. The other ten islands listed were Daufuskie Island, Shelter Island, New York; Tangier Island, Virginia; Bald Head Island, North Carolina; Matinicus Isle, Maine; Smith Island, Maryland; Monhegan Island, Maine; Fire Island, New York; Mackinac Island, Michigan; and Catalina Island, California. Middle Bass was not on the list.

Put-in-Bay News watched with curiosity a recent news program reporting on parents who had been reported to the police for not supervising their children who were playing in a park about a mile from their urban home. The children were a ten-year-old boy and his six-year-old sister. We’re not quite sure about the story’s outcome, but family services were getting involved, and there was a discussion about “free-range” kids whose parents let them out of their sight and roam around their communities.

With this in mind, we drove past the Put-in-Bay Village Docks across from De Rivera Park. We spotted two little girls who both appeared to be less than ten years old. The question of when parents let their kids start to venture out here on their own at Put-in-Bay came up. We remember when we sent our young son to the Island General Store for the first time.

Our kids always walked to school (even when it was uphill both ways and when the wind blew more than five miles per hour). We know of youngsters who were dropped off on the island by their bass-fishing father and told not to leave the confines of De Rivera Park. We know of parents who wouldn’t let their teenagers go uptown on a Saturday night. We know of other teenagers who would go uptown on a Saturday night to people-watch.

So Put-in-Bay News asks our readers if parents have any steadfast rules about when a child can first leave their home or cottage on their own to walk or bike around islands. When can they go swimming in the lake for the first time? Are there totally off-limits places? How long can a child or young teenager be away from home on the island? What happens when kids get into mischief while out and about and unsupervised?

These are exciting questions each family must decide for themselves. All-in-all, we concluded Put-in-Bay is a pretty darn safe place for youngsters. We’re not saying kids don’t get in trouble when unsupervised, but we’ll gladly take Put-in-Bay over the mainland!


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