Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Sat June 1st – The first baby in thirty-four years is born  on the island at 6:30 a.m. to Kira Hubner and Dustin Heineman. There’s a mystery dinner theater at Put in Bay Yacht Club

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Diary Sun., June 2nd – It’s an absolutely gorgeous day at Put in Bay, but very quiet in terms of tourists and boaters at docks. Was it because of the forecasted rain by the weatherman??

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Mon., June 3rd – The Put in Bay Village Council meets. One of the topics is noise pollution. Members of the Finley Fire Dept. are at the Put in Bay fire station doing annual pump test and maintenance on the fire trucks. The crew at Heineman Winery finishes up bottling 510 gallons of 100% all natural and tasty Catawba grape juice! Put in Bay Resort hosts its first large conference of the year with over 400 people attending according to owner Mark Mathys.

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Tues., June 4th – A group from Put in Bay heads to Pelee Island to meet Pelee Islanders interested in the flora, fauna, and ecology of all the Lake Erie Islands.

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Wed., June 5th – The Dairy Isle (former Dairy Queen) at the Keys opens for business. The building was closed all last season and has been remodeled with a new fresh look.

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Thurs., June 6th – Two-thirds of those answering summons in Put in Bay Mayor’s Court are women.

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Fri., June 7th –Put in Bay Graduation ceremonies take place on the plaza at Perry’s Monument. This is the first time in several years due to repairs being made there.

Sat., June 8th – The Lake Erie Islands Chapter of the Black Swamp Conservancy and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center sponsored a spider program with Dr. Richard Bradley at the Put in Bay Town Hall. Island Hardware has an open house for the Shops at Compass Pointe.

Sun., June 9th – The sailors in the Mills Trophy race head for home after a great weekend at Put in Bay. Fifty cars are in the antique car parade.

Mon., June 10th – Meetings on this Monday include the Put in Bay Village Council, the Put in Bay Chamber of Commerce at the Boathouse and the Put in Bay Village Planning Commission. Islanders love meetings!

Tues., June 11th – Bonnie Meyer Murray accompanies her mother, former island resident Dolores Meyer, to the island for a visit. Dolores had lunch at the Goat and remembers well when it was Cooper’s Restaurant. Midwest Living writer, Jess Hoffert, visited Put-in-Bay to do research for the magazine’s next island story! Thanks to The Keys, Put in Bay and Lake Erie Shores & Islands® Welcome Center fora great dinner. Former island resident Charlie “Tuna” Ontko celebrates his 75th birthday with friends and family at a party in Port Clinton

Wed., June 12th – Round House manager Paula Garsteck, Round House owner Anita McCann and Suzie Chrysler from the Misty Bay Boutique check out “man-kinis” on the internet in hopes of finding something for the Round House dancers to wear at the Drag Queen Contest coming up in a few days.

Jun. 13th – A casting call for CBS’s reality TV show Survivor takes place at Mr. Ed’s Mist pool bar and later at Mojito Bay. More than 200 wanting in for the $1,000,000 top prize had a very short time on camera to convince producers they should be on the show.

Fri., June 14th – Seniors are doing stretch and strength training in the morning at the Put in Bay Senior Center. Those who attend say it great fun and really good for you.

Sat., June 15th – The annual Put in Bay Pooch Parade takes place in DeRivera Park. The Lake Erie Islands Browns Backers are holding their Rib-Burn Off at the Sandbar

Sun., June 16th – It’s Founder’s Day in DeRivera Park. What a gorgeous day! Diane Nemec and Glen Cammerata, Rich and Noreen Hahn, and John and Jean Chervenak host the Antique Car pre-parade. ThePost-Parade was at Put-in-Bay Condos at South Shore on the lake behind the old Skyway. A 36’ sailboat runs aground at Sugar Island. The Put in Bay High School Classes of 2014, 2015 & 2016 fire up the grill at the Lake Erie Islands Mens Softball League games at the ball diamond and serve delicious hot dogs and more! All proceeds benefit their Senior class trips There are some really unusual cloud formations over the islands during the day. At the Round House Bar, the 5th Annual Drag Queen Contest is taking place. The Put in Bay Vol. Fire Dept. hosts the Ottawa County Fire & EMS Chiefs Meeting. The Middle Bass Island Nature Camp kids are kayaking in Squaw Harbor with Kayak the Bay, Ltd. They learn to paddle in the harbor and around Gibraltar. Dave Ehlert portrayed Abe Lincoln in a program of historical drama, humor, and education at the library. The Put-in-Bay Community Swim Sail Classes start.

Tues., June 18th – At the Dairy Isle, a new commercial for the Put in Bay Jet Express is being filmed, Among the island extras are John and Carol Rees, Ed and Paula Hubner, Kira, Kate and Elora Hubner and Eli Heineman, Roberta and Harper Scarpelli and Aiden and Melanie Solkiewicz. Wiley the Wolf from Great Wolf Lodge was at Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center in the afternoon. The Put in Bay Arts Council showed the movie, “The Sandlott,” in the downtown park.

Wed., June 19th – Press House Joe Suttmann was guest bartender at Tony’s Garage. Down at the Dairy Isle, there was an Ice Cream Social fundraiser to benefit Put in Bay Community Swim Sail Program.

Thurs., June 20th – All four Jet Express passenger ferries are together in the Bay being filmed for a new Jet Express commercial. Hooligans celebrates its 5th anniversary with an evening party.

Fri., June 21st – The annual Put in Bay Community Swim Sail Spaghetti Dinner Benefit & Raffle takes place at Put in Bay Yacht Club. Lots of people enjoy a wonderful spaghetti dinner. And as usual, the dessert table is filled with yummy treats.

Put in Bay Diary Sat., June 22nd – What a busy day! There was a happy hour gathering at the Duck Inn French Quarter on the West Shore. The membership’s opening party is held at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society. Karen Frederick celebrates her 50th birthday with a party for friends at her home at the Put in Bay Airport. J.F. Walleye’s hosts its annual Summer Solstice Party on Middle Bass Island. The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center with the Middle Bass School Board sponsors a Nature Camp Family Program at the Middle Bass Town Hall with Chad Bender, author of the delightful book on frogs, Ribbit! Roman Sapecki was asked to design the entrance of the Middle Bass Island Town Hal and presented his design at the Annual Meeting there. The 5th Annual “Return of the Mayfly” is part of Lake Erie Ecology Education Day at Perry’s Monument.

Put in Bay Diary June 2013 Sun., June 23rd – Cara Nicholson from Frosty Bar celebrates her 30th birthday. We were happy to see Art Boyles back on the island leading the antique car parade in his Car 54 police car. Art has apparently recovered from the surgery he had in Florida earlier this spring.

Mon., June 24th – Zimmerman Paint Contractors from Fremont are on the island painting all the village’s crosswalks and curbs. Wow! It’s too bad they can’t look this bright and fresh all the time.

Tues., June 25th – The topic of the Wild Tuesday program at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is Slimy Salamanders. The island has native salamanders. Susan Market from Bayview Gifts & Apparel presents a fashion at the Silver Sails luncheon at the Yacht Club. We’ll have some pictures in next month’s edition. A severe storm blows in bringing down branches and limbs all over the island, plus blows a transformer near Dustin Heineman’s home causing a power outage for about an hour in parts of Put in Bay Island. Mr. Puppet puts on a great show featuring a blend of comedy, marionettes, hand puppets and ventriloquism at the Put in Bay Library.

Wed., June 26th – It’s photo day for the Put-in-Bay Community Swim Sail Program’s swimming classes.

Thurs., June 27th – The PIBEC Put-in-Bay Employees Care) offers a tour of Perry’s Monument for island employees to learn about Put in Bay island’s famous history and all of the exciting things happening this year to celebrate the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie!

Fri., June 28th – Put in Bay Pyrates Fest weekend begins. Afternoon lighting, thunder and rain squalls role though the island area.

Sat., June 29th – The winner at the Pyrate Fest for best costume was Jerome Karn from Strongsville. Kudos to Ty Winchester and his helpers for a great family fun affair. The Crew’s Nest had a wine tasting and dinner evening. There’s a fireworks show off the end of Fox’s Dock.

Sun., June 30th -Jody Frimel from Pinky’s Pond coordinates with Lisa Brohl from the Black Swamp Conservancy a bathing beach clean-up and weeding. A “Yard Sail” at the Put in Bay Yacht Club raises money for the Community Swim/Sail Program. Any unsold items were donated to the Resale Shop to benefit the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum. There’s a group at the Put in Bay Town Hall working on making clothes for the Bicentennial’s Regency Ball