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Put-in-Bay Diary December 2010

Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed Dec.1st  Liz Knauer and Kelly Neise hold a party at Liz’s home on Concord Ave. The theme is Christmas Kisses & Holiday Wishes.” Snow is sticking to the ground.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Thurs., Dec. 2nd – The first contingent of Put-in-Bay people, Kelly and Marty Faris and Kendra and Jeff Koehler, arrive on Mackinac Island for the Put-in-Bay Panther vs. Mackinac Island Lakers basketball weekend.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Fri., Dec. 3rd – About 100 people from Put-in-Bay arrive on Mackinac Island on the Arnold Lines’ M/V Huron. The first evening of basketball takes place.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Dec. 4th – A very large group from Put-in-Bay makes history at the Grand Hotel. They are given a fabulous 2-hour tour of the facility by Jason St. Onge, the Mackinac Islander in charge of all the painting there.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Sun., Dec. 5th – Put-in-Bay Ferry runs a late ferry so those who went to Mackinac could return to the island.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., Dec. 6th – The harsh winter weather cuts ferry service to the island to two boats in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Tues., Dec. 7th – Island youngsters are delivering fruit baskets to island seniors from the Put-in-Bay PTA and Recreation Committee. The Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball Team is back on the mainland, and while in Fremont bowl at Joan and Roger Rhoad’s Plaza Lanes, they enjoy bowling and Cameo pizza.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Wed., Dec. 8th – The annual Christmas Bazaar takes place at the South Bass Island Lighthouse.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Dec. 9th – Billy Market posts on Facebook – “Get your cars off the island.” The ferry runs only three more days.

Fri., Dec. 10th – This is the first time this season that the township snowplows have been out to plow the island roads in the morning. The EMS, Police, and fire department enjoy a prime rib dinner at the Senior Center. Chef John is the cook. The “William Market” left Cleveland this morning and headed back to Put-in-Bay. She was at Great Lakes Shipyard for several weeks for inspection, painting, and refurbishing.

Sat.. Dec. 11th – It’s like a busy day in the summer filled with activities. There’s Ma Ma Claus, the wreath laying at the cemetery, Tipper’s Christmas party, and the student play at the Town Hall. Over on Catawba Island, there was a 90th birthday celebration for Clarence Crowe.

Sun., Dec. 12th – Islanders wake up to snowfall, and Between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m., the M/V William Market makes its way into Put-in-Bay harbor to tie up for the season. Fireworks are shot off as she approaches Miller’s downtown dock. The Put-in-Bay Recreation Committee holds its Dickens’ Dinner at the school gym. The dinner is catered by the Butler Did It. Santa distributes gifts to all the youngsters.

Mon., Dec. 13th – With temps in the teens and winds blowing a steady 30 miles per hour, it’s no wonder Billy Market pulled the plug on ferry service for the season. It’s Ladies’ Night at Island Hardware. Put-in-Bay Village Council meets and discusses signage, among other things.

Tues., Dec. 14th – The LEIC-BSC 10th Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting were held at the South Bass Island Lighthouse. Cocktails were at 6 p.m., with prime rib dinner at 7 p.m. It’s still cold and windy1

Wed., Dec. 15th – The bay is completely ice covered, and thankfully the sub-zero wind chill temps have backed off. Village Council meets to discuss the budget for 2011.

Thurs., Dec. 16th – It is the first day of service for Joe Kostura’s airboat

Fri., Dec. 17th – The Ladies Tea and Cookie Exchange takes place at the Skyway.

Sat., Dec. 18th – If you looked over the lake, you found some rough ice surrounding the islands. With the latest weather report, it looks like ice fishing will soon begin in earnest.

Sun., Dec. 19th – Ice guide Glen Stevens tells us they’re reporting up to seven inches of ice, and a few shanties have already been put on the ice out by the State Park. Miller Boat Line holds its Christmas party at the  Skyway.

Mon. Dec. 20th – The first ice boater of the season, Patrick Myers, takes sail on the ice in the bay. Paul Ladd checked out the ice off the bathing beach and found four inches of clear blue ice. That’s great for ice boating and skating. The staff from the Monument enjoyed a holiday lunch at the Skyway and exchanged “fantasy” gifts.

Tues., Dec. 21st – The Village Council holds a public hearing at 8:30 a.m. concerning rezoning the wooded lot next to Tony’s Place. The Skyway is the place to be in the evening! The annual Christmas party takes place with Joe Foutts entertaining. Happy Birthday, Joe! Jeremy “Jer Bear” Harlen (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1996) is the bartender extraordinaire!

Wed., Dec. 22nd -Put-in-Bay School lets out for the Christmas Holiday at lunchtime. The annual Christmas Party at the Island General Store is in full swing in the afternoon. Among the many who were in and out during the afternoon were Linda Rence, Dusty Dykeman and her granddaughter Chelsea Mays, Debbie Harlan, Donna Glisman, Frieda Baer, Laura Kleinhanz, Don Ruggiero, and Judy Kania.

Thurs., Dec. 23rd – Mel Jump and Kelly Niese are busy at the airport terminal, passing out all the freight being flown in. They want to remind everyone they will be there from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday during the winter to pass out freight. Make sure they have your telephone number so they can contact you.

Fri., Dec. 24th – Computer wiz Larry Knaser bartends at Tipper’s.

Sat., Dec. 25th – Billy Market invites everyone to a Christmas Ale keg party this night at Mojito Bay!!!

Sun., Dec. 26th – Ray Traverso can’t eat another Christmas cookie because he’s enjoyed it so much. Joe Kostura is busy all day making trips on the airboat back and forth from the Lime Kiln to the Catawba Dock. The ice is pretty smooth and makes for good going.

Dec., 26th – Ice guides Rob LaPlante and Glen Stevens take their first customers of the season out on the ice CALL GLEN

Mon., Dec. 27th – Suzette Luecke (Put-in-Bay School Class of 1984) is on the first airboat off the island after visiting family and friends for the holidays.

Tues., Dec. 28th – Matt Fuchs can thank David Dress and Jeff Zucker for getting the heat back on in his house after arriving back on the island and finding the furnace not working.

Wed., Dec. 29th – There are three ice fishing shanties in the bay.

Thurs., Dec. 30th – Charlie Thwaite is out ice fishing for the second day in a row. It’s raining a bit.

Fri., Dec. 31st – Todd and Jennifer Blumensaadt hold a New Year’s Eve party in their barn


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