Put-in-Bay Diary -Sun., Dec. 1st – The vines on North Bass are loaded with grapes waiting to picked and made into ice wine.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., Dec. 2nd – The Village Council approved the hiring of Zack Lamour for the islands’ new full-time police officer.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Dec. 3rd – The annual Christmas Bazaar takes place at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Wed., Dec. 4th – Dave and Kathy Holscott invite guests in for a little holiday party at their home on Mitchell Rd.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs, Dec. 5th – Workers are digging up the street at the corner of Bayview and Catawba Ave. Tim Niese, Jr., opens a new Winter Bar in the Grand Islander Hotel next to Cameo Pizza.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Fri., Dec. 6th – It’s the annual Ladies Night at the Hardware Store.

Sat., Dec. 7th – It’s not a happy scene at the Put-in-Bay bars. The Ohio State football team loses to Michigan State University.

Sun., Dec. 8th – Due to icy conditions, there were only four ferryboats off the island rather than the scheduled six.

Mon., Dec. 9th – The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce meeting is canceled. The Put-in-Bay Panther basketball team wins its game on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.

Tues., Dec. 10th – Tuesday, December 10th, was the day Billy Market started his winter vacation…..the last ferry of the season left the Lime Kiln Dock at noon. To celebrate, fireworks were set off as the Miller ferry entered the harbor for the last time in 2013. The Lake Erie Islands Chapter of the Black Swamp Conservancy held its annual potluck at the South Bass Island Lighthouse.

Wed., Dec. 11th – There’s light snow and you could watch the lake making ice in the Bay until a little breeze started blowing the fragile ice out. The Miller Crew was busy winterizing the ferryboats.

Thurs., Dec. 12th – The Village of Put-in-Bay holds its employee party at one of its housing units near the post office. Cathy Van Liere hosts guests at her home in the evening.

Fri., Dec. 13th – The Put-in-Bay Junior Dramatic Society holds its second performance of “Livin’ da Life” at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall Theatre.

Sat., Dec. 14th – It’s great fun at Tipper’s annual Christmas party.

Sun., Dec. 15th – The Holiday Dessert Social takes place at the school gym. The highlight of the evening is Santa’s visit and passing out gifts to the island children.

Mon., Dec. 16th – The Put-in-Bay Girl Scout Troop #11235 holds a bridging ceremony for the girls who are becoming Cadettes.
Ma Werty saw two people on the ice and two four-wheelers on the beach. Brian Woischke and Travis Kowalski first on ice at Stone Cove. Ava Heineman and Joe Blumensaadt had fun in the snow on their mini-snowmobiles. The Village Council has its monthly meeting one week later than normal.

Tues., Dec. 17th – The school’s annual holiday concert took place with music teacher Gay Pippert-Ladd’s grades K – 4 students performing “Littlest Reindeer” and grades 5 – 8 students performing “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown.”

Wed., Dec. 18th – The Senior Center’s Christmas Potluck Brunch takes place. Kelly Mohn had Brussels sprouts for the
first time and loved them!! There was a Christmas theme for the euchre party at Tippers.

Thurs., Dec. 19th – Scott and Caroline Jackson have a Tom & Jerry Party for island friends at their abode on Chapman

Fri., Dec. 20th – School lets out early for Christmas vacation. A tug breaks ice to bring a barge full of stone for the village
dock project into Put-in-Bay harbor. Karen Wilhelm has guests to her home to see her Snow Village display she and her sister,
Sharon Gray, set up for the holidays. A group from the Senior Center heads out to judge Christmas lights on Put-in-Bay,

Sat., Dec. 21st – Due to low visibility and rain, there are no flights off the islands.

Sun., Dec 22nd – Flights off Put-in-Bay are delayed in the early morning but resume about 10:30 a.m. The Browns
Backers meet at Tipper’s.

Mon., Dec 23rd – Workers are busy removing the bottom of the utility pole from the ground that was hit by a vehicle at Perry’s Cave and working on getting the site ready for a new phone pole.

Tues., Dec. 24th – St. John at The Bay held its Christmas Eve worship in the early afternoon at Mother of Sorrows Church. The Catholic Christmas Mass followed a couple hours later. Heidi Ladd spotted a coyote chasing a squirrel through her
yard. The squirrel survived. Heidi and her daughter, Macy, tried to lure the coyote out of hiding by doing their very best small dog and kitty cat imitations out the window in hopes of getting his picture. Jake Market played piano at St. Paul’s Christmas Eve service in the evening.

Wed., Dec. 25th – Bobbi Kowalski praises postmaster JR Domer for getting her young son, Beckett, weighed for his 11-month weigh in on Christmas Day. Beckett weighed in at 23 pounds even. John Dodge spends Christmas Day working on his malfunctioning hot tub. Billy Market celebrates this quiet day in OSU Elf union suit pajamas. Tim Niese, Jr. decides to open the Winter Bar next to Cameo Pizza in the evening with Andy Mohn bartending.

Thurs., Dec. 26th – It’s a nice day with temperatures just below freezing during the night and day.

Fri., Dec. 27th – Work starts on setting up and decorating the Town Hall for the New Year’s Dance.

Sat., Dec. 28th – It’s Saturday and workers are busy working on the Village Dock rebuilding project. Mother Mary Staley from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church starts her day off by taking pictures of the sunrise and going to the post office to mail
Christmas cards.

Sun., Dec. 29th – Relatively mild temperatures overnight and during the day aren’t being conducive to making good ice for ice fishing. There’s ice out there, but you don’t want to be out on it if you cherish your life. The Duggan-Steidl family traverses the reef to Buckeye Island off East Point. Dee Dee was born and raised on the island and has lived here all her life, but this was her very first time to Buckeye Island. She can now cross that off her bucket list.

Mon., Dec. 30th – Mike Steidl is busy proofreading the last issue of the Put-in-Bay Gazette for 2013.

Tues., Dec. 31st – There are dinner specials at Tipper’s for those who want dinner out. The New Year’s Dance at the Town Hall benefits the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. and the Town Hall Renovation