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Whether you know Richard Warren as the giant pumpkin grower, the costumed pirate at the Pyratefest, or the Great Lakes Tobacconist, you’ll be interested in this story about his latest Put-in-Bay cigars project – Historic Put-in-Bay Cigars. Richard has assembled a collection of five different island-related Put-in-Bay Cigars, Island Airlines, Miller Ferry, Niagara, Monument, and Heineman Winery, which can be bought individually or in an attractive wooden gift box of eight for $60. You can also buy just the box.

The cigars, personally blended by Richard, are rolled by Kilner Boutique Factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Island Airline is the largest of the cigars. It’s a 6” full-bodied cigar with five different tobaccos from Peru, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. The Miller Ferry is a mid-body cigar made with a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Niagara is a mild to medium-bodied cigar made with Dominican and Brazilian tobaccos.

Last year Richard introduced Monument to celebrate the 100 birthday of the opening of the Monument. It’s ABOVE: This season’s perfect Father’s Day gift is this selection of island-themed cigars and their Put-in-Bay box. The various Put-in-Bay Cigars are “Island Airlines,” “Miller Ferry,” “Niagara,” “Monument,” and “Heineman Winery.” a mild, 100% Dominican cigar. The last cigar is the Heineman Winery. Cigar Connoisseurs know it as a petite pyramid that lasts about 20 minutes.

Richard says the blend was made to go well with sweet wines. This cigar is available at Heineman Winery and other locations, too. The other cigars can be purchased at Joe’s Bar, the Miller Marina, and at the Park Driver Thru by the Boathouse. If you’ve got a cigar-smoking father, this might be a great Father’s Day gift. That’s coming up on June 19th this year.

If you’ve got questions or need more information about these island cigars, you can call Richard at (419) 366- 5681. And as for pumpkin growing this year, Richard is already working on a couple that will be harvested from his island garden just before Oktoberfest. He’s also growing a giant tomato, so we’re looking to report later this summer just how big an island tomato can be.


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