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Put-in-Bay Great Lakes Rally To Be Held At Put-in-Bay

The Put-in-Bay Great Lakes Rally will be held in conjunction with the All Hands on Deck movement taking place around the Great Lakes. A walking rally will be held at Put-in-Bay on Monday, July 3rd, at 10 a.m. The walk begins at the Village beach and the walk will go around DeRivera Park in downtown Put-in-Bay. The Great Lakes Rally will have people focus on the need to protect Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.

Anyone interested in showing their support for Lake Erie and the Great Lakes and keep funding for the Great Lakes Initiative is welcome to attend. The walk will begin at the Bathing Beach at the end of Delaware Ave and will go around the sidewalk of DeRivera Park. Bring an American flag, Ohio flag, Don’t Give Up the Ship Flag, or Blue Flag.

Lake Erie is essential to the environment, economy, and everyone’s way of life. The walk is a way to come together in a unique, unified expression of concern on behalf of this precious resource that needs continuing attention and support, funding, regulations, and research to sustain long-term vitality. Lake Erie and the Great Lakes are in trouble. The 2018 Federal budget proposes to eliminate funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

The Initiative Restoration Program is solving problems: toxic algae, the Asian carp, invasive species, and a host of other issues related to the health of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes. Lake Erie cannot afford to lose this funding and the efforts to make the lakes a better place. The walking rally hopes to call attention to the need to address the funding issues for Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.

It is hoped that people will contact US representatives and US senators to request – to plead with them — to keep funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. A Blue Marble will be handed out during the walk. The marble will remind people of the blue waters of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes and to keep the waters of the Great Lakes as blue as the Blue Marble. Blue marbles are coming from the former Blue Marble gift shop in Berlin Heights, Ohio. They are Ohio made. If you are interested in volunteering a the Put-in-Bay Great Lakes Rally, call Lisa Brohl at 419-366-2087


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